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Pliroy being nerds headcanons
  • JJ cries on every single emotional scene. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a back ground character, or if it was something stupid or something not really sad in the first place. JJ can bawl over Hachiko then cry over Olaf from Frozen.
  • Yurio thinks he is stupid.
  • But when JJ is sobbing over nothing and everything, his head on Yurio’s lap, he can’t help but run his fingers through his hair and play with them, telling him that he is an idiot with the most calm and sweet voice.
  • JJ loves it so much he sometimes fakes his tears.
  • Obsessed Potterhead!JJ and a very proud Gryffindor on top of that, pleading his boyfriend to take the Harry Potter sorting hat test. Yurio doesn’t want to, but he ends up doing it anyway. From the little knowledge he has, he thinks he’ll end up on Slytherin.
  • Surprise, he gets in Hufflepuff.
  • Once JJ explains the basics to him (while barely managing to hold his giggles back), Yurio doesn’t talk to him for the rest of the day cause “It's  his fault for making him take that damn test in the first place!”.
  • They are both FIRMLY TERRIFIED by horror movies but they watch them either way in a desperate attempt to play it cool in front of the other. After the movie ends though, they can’t move around the house unless they are glued to each other.
  • For example
    -JJ…….wait for me out of the bathroom.
    -You are on your own babe, remember that I love you.
    -Fuck you, you asshat, the fuck am I keeping you around if you can’t protect me from psychotic demonized little girls?
    -Sorry sweetie, I’ll never forget you, bye.
  • or something more domestic if you’d like…
    -But babe, you promised you’d be with me through good and bad!
    -Yeah, but did I fucking promise to save you from a zombie apocalypse?
  • While JJ loves reading books, he can’t concentrate at them for more than one hour so he ends up bothering Yurio who’s reading some deep, philosophical book….or comics.
  • JJ loves Disney. His favorite character is Hercules and his favorite song is “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan.
  • Yurio on the other hand, doesn’t really care about the studio as long as he enjoys the movie. His favorite character is Merida and his favorite song is “Hallelujah” from Shrek.
  • The amount of times JJ sang ‘‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’‘ for Yurio is way too damn high. The amount of times Yurio punched him for this is, is even higher.
  • Yurio has the most mainstream crush on Legolas from Lord Of The Rings and JJ is so done with that fact.
  • Yurio secretelly loves Anastasia and mumbles the lyrics of every song while he thinks JJ isn’t watching.
  • Surprisingly, Yurio is the one that insists they should watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on both Halloween and Christmas.
  • The character JJ thinks Yurio resembles the most is Tinker Bell so he gets him a costume and he gets a Peter Pan one.
  • Yurio looks so good on his costume though with the little wings and his hair up and the green dress is so short it makes him a mess.
  • (think of them as aged up if you don’t agree with their canon ages) They ended up having hot steamy sex in that Halloween party on Christophe’s house, with Yurio still on that tight, short dress.
Best Friend’s Sister I - The Perfect Woman

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr x Rob’s-sister!Reader

Summary: Ohmygod. Okay. The requester had anon-ed themselves, so I don’t know who it is, but their request took up 3 entire asks and if that doesn’t prove to you that this requester person is absolutely lovely then you’re totally wrong. Basically, Reader likes Richard, who is Rob’s best friend, and through the magic of Harry Potter, happy endings actually happen! 

Warnings: Harry Potter spoilers (in case you’re like Rob Benedict who actually hasn’t watched it apparently)

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(actually very accurate, totally 100% what happened)

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