fake old

not to sound fake deep but people are transparent and actions speak louder than words so no matter how much u talk about character development if ur behaviour doesn’t follow ur still the same old fake ass bitch stop wasting ur breath u ain’t fooling anyone u buffoon

Dear Rick and Morty crew, all I want from an Atlantis episode is some confirmation that these cryptids made it off the Citadel fine. 


911? Yes Hello I’d like to report a robbery. A Rookie Cop Rick just stole my heart and the only way to get it back is to ship him with Stan Pines. 

I’m gonna affectionately name this: Cops and Robbers AU.

Im tired of all the negative ass hoes trying to act like EXO releasing Power is somehow beneath them or that they expected some sort of emotional masterpiece. It’s a FUN song, the MV is basically a PARODY of their OWN fucking concept, and the song just makes you smile and giggle along, like thats literally IT. And THANK GOODNESS for that, I was getting bored of the same old tumblr aesthetic music video and same old fake deep songs…THIS is why I got into kpop, THIS is what I was looking for….pure, unabashed…FUN