fake novel meme

FAKE MOVIE MEME – A Portrait of Night Time

                                                     america’s sweetheart is gone. 

the news of marlowe king’s ( tessa thompson ) mystery-heavy disappearance has surely been a shock to many.   a talented actress on the peak of what is one hell of a career has gone missing without a trace.   an appointment for a production not acknowledged and people got worried.   inquired and asked around, could not get into touch with the woman who soon was declared missing.   all belongings still reside in her vast abode, the lavish requirements for a person leading their existence in the limelight of a new hollywood era, and no clues as to her current whereabouts or unknown fate.    worry struck and knew no boundaries with fans and those individuals, personally involved in the secretive life of a young star. 

investigation picks up and john spencer ( idris elba ), the leading detective in the case, soon finds himself in a dead end, equipped with little to go on.   witness reports are sparse and with gradually simmering credibility.   the pressure of media and public rises and the witch hunt was on, suspects were taken in and soon released at rapid speed, though nothing ever lead anywhere.   straws he reached out to grasp, in vain hope of the eventual success to ensue, crept further and further the more he tried.   though eventually, it was lady luck who seemed to show him her gracious mercy.   enter ryan jeong ( steven yeun ), an investigative journalist, a little bit of an eccentric and hobby detective, who might just shed some new light onto the mystery surrounding marlowe king, who might have had more secrets than anybody could have thought. 

fake novel meme — arthurian legend + ANGELS


Evrard de Brecons, third son to Sir Ganelon of the Fierce Countenance, has always been his family’s great disappointment. No faerie-women ever came to him begging to rescue their daughters; when he gave aid to old women at the road-side, they invariably advised him to keep away from root vegetables, not how to find a sleeping princess. He never stayed in a vanishing castle, nor beheaded large green men, nor fought the Saracens in a glorious battle, nor glimpsed Avalon through the mist.

His life thus far has been so ordinary that his father has begun dropping hints about the priesthood. (It doesn’t take anything special to get religion, after all.) Ever the dutiful son, Evrard is practicing praying in the family chapel when there is a sound like a group of troubadours falling off a cart. He is suddenly blinded by a flood of light and a thunderous voice proclaiming, Be Not Afraid!

…this is how Evrard de Brecons ends up braining an angel with a candlestick.

The angel–Boslenus, the name is Boslenus–uses his long white robe to staunch his bloody nose and says (a little resentfully) that Evrard has been chosen to undertake a dangerous quest. Namely, to retake the Holy Grail from an evil sorcerer and bring it to its proper place in the halls of the castle Corbenic.

Evrard laughs, and tells the angel that he must have the wrong de Brecons brother.

(Boslenus does not have a sense of humor.)

Suddenly, Evrard finds himself being dragged across the countryside by an angel who seems to have his own motives for their questing. They pick up increasingly strange company in their travels–Morien, a Moorish squire who seeks his father, the great Sir Aglovale; Anselma, a princess cursed to turn into a bear after sunset; and Roderick, a bard with a voice that could rust plate armor.

There are certain things his father and brothers failed to mention about quests, Evrard realizes. Most of them have to do with how much time you spend cold and wet, listening to Morien and Ansemla fight about who gets the last cake.

The rest of his questions are about angels, and whether you’re allowed to kiss them.