fake movie trailers


Invader Zim The Movie: To Save A Life


Well now ALL my nerd friends have to see this. It’s a Troper’s paradise.

For Bob Odenkirk’s Latest Meta Late Night Bit, He Makes a Movie Where He Trades Places with Stephen Colbert

For every Bob Odenkirk late night appearance, it isn’t satisfactory enough to just do a straightforward panel interview. 

The co-creator of Mr. Show has to sneak in some mischief in some way, shape, or form and Odenkirk opted for taking the idea of “trading places” and adding a Mr. Show-With Bob & David twist to it while on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Watch it here.

Last two weeks I was busy with making this - totally fake - movie trailer for a school project. This was so much fun! Used, of course, lots of ref for the backgrounds since that’s one of my weak points. The main idea of the project was that the class could come up with possible storylines, after watching the trailer.

Music is a cropped and slightly remixed version of Ludovico Einaudi’s beautiful Primavera.


This is some real good shit.

Appreciation Post for My Fellow Volunteers

It’s been a really long seventeen years, but this community is the most loyal, clever, passionate, well-read, and PATIENT group of fans I have ever been a part of. We’ve dealt with the shitty movie adaptation, fake (?) trailers, false promises of better sequel adaptations, unanswered questions, and ten long years of waiting, and despite it all we’re still reading and re-reading, solving mysteries, getting tattoos, and saying “the world is quiet here” on the slight chance someone might overhear and understand. We’re Valiantly Faithful Devotees


anyone know where one would download the fourth season of gilmore girls if one were perhaps hypothetically theoretically attempting to make a fake movie trailer


I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I made this video, this is one of my favorites so far. I had to come up with a fake movie trailer about anything I wanted, so I did one about vampires with a twist. This was so much fun to shoot and put together. 

bonus: there are a ton of outtakes after the trailer ends


What If…  Monty Python and the Holy Grail was released in 2013 as an epic blockbuster?


The Secret World Fan Movie Trailer

Nifty. I’d pay good money to see the real deal


Abominable Snowman || Another really good Sterek movie trailer (x)