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GOM, Kagami, Takao, Kasamatsu & Kiyoshi watching a horror movie with their s/o, expecting them to be clingy and generally all over them because she’ll be scared but instead s/o is having the time of her life, commenting how fake the movie was and that she could do better the killer’s job and she started giving examples lol

I just watched the new “Poltergeist” today and I was literally laughing the entire time. This post is me.

Kuroko: Surprised that he had read her so wrongly, Kuroko is only a bit disappointed when his girlfriend doesn’t cling to him throughout the entirety of the movie. That disappointment is made up, however, by the fact that she’s having the time of her life laughing at the idiotic decisions of the protagonists and explaining how she could’ve done so much better. At least the movie wasn’t a complete waste of money.

Kagami: Having not expected her to be so excited over the scary movie, Kagami is taken aback each time his girlfriend snorts at the television screen. She’s pointing out the obvious jump scares before they even happen, ruining the surprise and making the movie seem less terrifying than he had expected. He’s actually glad she’s doing that, making him feel less tense, but his nerves instantly kick back in when she starts suggesting ways to make the movie scarier.

Kiyoshi: Flinching as the fake blood covers the movie screen, Kiyoshi is mildly disgusted and scared by the gore being displayed. Peering through his 3D glasses toward his girlfriend, he notices her bored expression and nudges her shoulder in curiosity. Quietly, she explains that the blood, guts, and gore of the film seemed to look way too fake for her satisfaction. “Wouldn’t it have looked so much better if they used the real deal?” Kiyoshi can only laugh nervously at her suggestion.

Kise: The laughter of his girlfriend is filling his room as shrieks of terror filter through the speakers of his computer, but Kise has no time to notice how much she was enjoying the movie. He was too focused on hiding his own eyes behind his fingers, only peering through the spaces every so often when the movie went silent. He’d expected to be cuddling with his girlfriend by now, but it seemed like he’d have to wait for the movie to end before he could latch onto her successfully.

Kasamatsu: His fists are tense, his muscles flexing and relaxing in an attempt to sooth him as he keeps his eyes fixated on the movie screen. Beside him, Kasamatsu’s girlfriend is focused on the movie as well, though she seemed much more at ease. Even as a surprise scare pops up and the entire theater screams, she’s still smiling as if she were watching Saturday morning cartoons. He doesn’t understand why she liked the movie, but he promised to endure it no matter what.

Aomine: It was disturbing the way she explained in detail how she could have done better as the antagonist of the movie, going so far as to describe the types of torture—both mental and physical—she would’ve used, but Aomine finds it to be one of those quirks he liked about her. It was a creepy quirk, but a likeable one nonetheless. “I guess this means I can’t be the one to break up with you, otherwise I know what’s coming,” he teases, earning himself a punch and a glare.

Midorima: The night had not gone as predicted for Midorima. His girlfriend was not hanging off of his arm in fear, he was not there to be her knight in shining armor, and she was definitely not scared of the paranormal movie. Instead, she was laughing, pointing out mistakes, and accurately foreseeing when and how scares would come up. For a moment, he thought she was crazy. How could anyone act so calmly when faced with something so terrifying?

Takao: Only for a brief second is he disappointed that she isn’t scared by the movie; he had really wanted to see her snuggled up to his side in an attempt to be saved from the scary scenes. However, his disappointed quickly fades to mirth as he joins her in giggling at the other people in the theater getting scared. When she starts suggesting ways to make the movie scarier and more realistic, Takao joins in, giving his own two cents.

Murasakibara: There was at least one advantage to having a fearless girlfriend when it came to horror films and that was the fact that Murasakibara could make her hold onto the bag of popcorn instead. He didn’t really mind that she didn’t find the movie scary, he was just annoyed that he’d spill a handful of popcorn every time he jumped from his seat. When she starts telling him how the killer could’ve been better, he nods and only half listens to what she’s saying.

Akashi: Even from the beginning, Akashi had a feeling that the scary movie would have little effect on you, but it was worth a shot. When you start to pick apart and criticize the movie instead of scream at it, he challenges you to think of ways to make it better. Ideas come easily and soon he’s regretting even asking you to do that as you start spouting off terrifying ideas for movies that would make even a grown man cry.