fake microphone

hc; jeonghan

head·ca·non /noun/

-to note a particular belief which has not been used in the universe of whatever program or story they follow, but seems to make sense to that particular individual

jeonghan headcanons-

- carries around a backpack with water, bandaids, pain meds, ice packs, so basically a mom

- smells like fresh linen and citrus

- gets the autographs of his friends on his phone case bc it’s ‘cool’

- squeals whenever he sees a small animal

- wears like 15 wristbands

- treats balance balls as more of a toy than a piece of workout equipment

- sings at inappropriate times

- loves the taste of strawberries

- in result, he tastes very sweet. like strawberries and vanilla yum

- has read the harry potter series 4 times

- collects something from every trip he takes and keeps a box of all of the things

- likes purple hair bands the best

- loves the feeling of fuzzy blankets; collects and names them

- feels guilty paying in coins and constantly apologizes

- has fake microphones that he sings into when he thinks he’s home alone. seungcheol now blackmails him

- likes sweetarts a lot and always has a bag

- drums his fingers on the steering wheel when he drives

- smiles at you bc you’re just so beautiful and he isn’t afraid to say it

- voted most likely to think he’s being cool when he’s really not

- will cuddle you all day even if you both need to get up to work

So this is part 2 of my fanfic for Syo and Nagi’s sleepover~ Here’s part 1 if you wanna read that! Happy birthday Shadowed~


“Then… I dare you to impersonate Eiichi!” Nagi looked surprised. Then he turned around and started laughing. “Seriously!? You could’ve asked me to do anything, and yet you ask me to impersonate Eiichi?”Syo frowned. “Just do it already!.” “Fine… iiiiiii, that’s truly iiiiiii!” Nagi made a big show of pretending to adjust his glasses. Syo leaned over, a laughing fit stopping him from saying anything.  Nagi poked Syo. “You ok there~? Oh I’ve got an idea! Let’s do karaoke!” Nagi went into his bag and took out a fake microphone. Why did he even have that with him? Then Nagi got out his phone, starting to mess with it. What he was doing, Syo wasn’t sure. “Hey Syo, what song do you wanna sing!!?” “Wait! I never agreed to this!!.” Nagi pouted. “If you don’t choose one, I’m going to make you sing Heavens Gate!” Syo backed up, then ran out the door of his dorm. “Eeeeeeh!? Come on, that’s not fair!” Nagi followed him out the door.

Switch To Nagi’s P.O.V.

Nagi walked around the dorm, trying to find where Syo had gone. He somehow found himself in the kitchen, where the rest of Starish was. “What are you all doing?” Starish looked up at him, not very surprised to see Nagi there. He had been showed up earlier and surprised them already. “Today is someone who we care about’s birthday!” Natsuki said, a big smile on his face. Nagi looked around, finding Syo there too - helping make the cake. “Who’s birthday is it?” Otoya smiled “It’s (your name here)’s birthday! More than anything, we want (preferred pronoun here) to be happy today!” Nagi smiled. He went into the kitchen and next to Syo. “Can I help?” Syo looked surprised, but then handed Nagi an apron. “Sure!”

Time skip

“Happy Birthday (your name)!” You were very surprised (as well as overwhelmed) when everyone in Starish, as well as Nagi Mikado came in with a huge birthday cake! You watched as they sang you happy birthday, smiling and clapping at the end. “Thank you everyone!” You say, and then run over. They all smile at you. “Of course, how could we ignore a day like today?” Syo smiled at you. The rest of the night was spent laughing and eating cake. You had to be honest, it was the best birthday you’d had in awhile.

the signs at a family dinner

aries: uncle that shows their nephew what porn is
taurus: grandmother that smells like cream and yells at their kid for being a shitty parent
gemini: the forever crying baby
cancer: mom who smiles too much even when theyre being yelled at
leo: the kid who gets out a fake guitar and microphone and performs in front of the whole family
virgo: nephew who was taught what porn was by their uncle
libra: the eldest teen girl who is constantly whining about how annoying her siblings are
scorpio: emo child that laughs when their dad accidently sets the kitchen on fire
sagittarius: the dad who sets the kitchen on fire
capricorn: one of the kids walking around asking a million questions about everything and also complains when theyre told to sit at the kids table
aquarius: the one who gets in a political debate and flips the table over in anger
pisces: grandfather that constantly cracks jokes and tells stories about what it was like when “there was no technology and I actually had to go OUTSIDE for entertainment”