fake medical condition

Imagine The Foxhole Court As An Anime

Idk if this has already been stated, but like I just read these books and they are like prime anime material because:

  • Sports 
  • Real world setting with slight alterations (ie, fake sports drugs and medical conditions) things that come across so much better in anime then live action or movies. It’s just easier to grasp. 
  • Lovable characters TO THE MAX. Like literally, every con for years to come would be flooded with cosplaying foxes. 
  • The general population thinking this is just a typical sports anime and then, OH SHIT. Nevermind. 
  • Consent. Anime needs more of it. The world needs more of it, but I’ve specifically seen more than enough mildly rape-y anime in my time. 
  • Sneaky gays. Like you don’t even have to pander or weigh everything down with fan-service because all that shit is actually gonna happen. It’s canon bitches. And totally not the main focus, which is nice. 
  • Some episodes are Dark™ and full of bloody torture and heartbreaking backstories and actual murder and others are just really angsty and drama-filled about winning games and shit. 
  • You cannot adequately explain it to anyone without it sounding stupid so you just end up watching the first episode a million times with people.
  • The Wymack is done with your shit moments. 
  • Just imagine The Ravens and their lacrosse cult and underground lair and the strange mob boss hierarchy of professional sports. 
  • Nicky bouncing around from frame to frame and trying so hard while Andrew just blows smoke in his face and Aaron shakes his head angrily and Neil just says, “I’m fine” and then he hangs his head in shame
  • The freeze frames to allow Kevin to provide exposition about Exy 
  • Coed sports. I repeat. This sport has girls. Pretty ones, that could also kick your ass. 
  • Andrew Minyard, my smol angry son, (and his resting bitch face) just belongs in an anime, okay. I mean look at this:

prediction for our Hell Timeline’s near future: furries are added to the DSM. once the furries are medicalized, there’s no reason to believe we won’t end up with trufurs. furmedicalists. self-dx discourse, but for fursonas. “fake furries appropriating my medical condition is fursecution.” this post is dated 12 March 2017 and if this comes to pass I would like credit for calling it, thanks