fake macros

got7 as hogwarts students
  • mark: slytherin | once turned mrs. norris into a rat but nobody cld tell it was him who did it
  • jb: ravenclaw | was jinxed by an unknown slytherin to act cute for a whole day. hated it.
  • jackson: gryffindor | constantly flashing his muscles in quidditch games. gets distracted and falls off his broom several times. madam pomfrey hates him
  • jinyoung: slytherin | got house points for looking handsome
  • youngjae: hufflepuff | accidentally flew into dumbledore's office when he rode the broom for the first time
  • bambam: slytherin | once flirted with someone who was actually a metamorphagus pretending to be a girl
  • yugyeom: hufflepuff | attempted to turn jinyoung into a snake but the spell accidentally hit youngjae

i’m not even sorry this is what that scene looked like to me :P (gonna fic it)

*gets a whisper from a player asking for rp*

*clicks on character profile*

“Titles: Crazy Girl, Schizo, Lover of Bunnies and Bloodshed! She is a sweet girl with a hyper mischievous streak in her but watch out for her other personality (who she only refers to as “Void”). Void manifested after she was raped by a family member. She killed him and now will come out randomly or when threatened. She speaks the language of the Old Gods, is shrouded in shadows, and loves the sight and taste of blood.”