fake liver


Before Jeffrey Dahmer joined the army, he was trained at Fort Sam Houston. Linda Swisher, his former teacher, claimed that “he was extremely anti-social. He could have been a serial rapist.” During one of his tests, Dahmer was tasked to extract a fake liver from a resuscitation dummy. Swisher recalled him eerily smiling and noticed an “icy stare” in his eyes while he was doing so. Once Dahmer was shipped off to West Germany to join the US army, many peculiar things were reported to have occurred, the most significant one being the disappearance of a German named Hans. Hans had been drinking with Dahmer, and was later found 30 miles from the base with his intestines pulled out. The man’s murder bore a striking resemblance to the killer’s future murders. Dahmer’s roommates also recalled him returning to the base covered in blood multiple times.