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I just realized something..

We all know how Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill look alike, but no one ever realized that both Bucky Barnes and Luke Skywalker both have fake limbs.

One October morning in 1933, 21 year old Victor Licata retrieved an axe and fatally hacked his mother, father, sister and two brothers to death in their Florida home. It was also reported that he had attacked the family dog which had attempted to protect the family from Licata’s rampage. However, this was later argued to be a completely fabricated claim as friends and other relatives acknowledged the family did not own a pet.

When police arrived at the scene, they passed the family’s lifeless bodies before discovering Victor Licata cowering in the bathroom alongside a bloodied axe. At this point, it was recognised that his skin was drenched with the blood of his victims yet he had changed into clean clothes. While being questioned by police, Victor denied consciously killing his close relatives and instead confided that they had tried to cut off his arms and replace his limbs with fake ones. Therefore, in an act of self-defence, he had taken the ‘rubber axe’ from the porch and struck them with it.

Investigators found Licata so convinced and adamant of his version of events that they believed he had committed the crimes whilst in a totally unaware dream state. However, Victor’s divulsion that he had frequently enjoyed the consumption of moonshine and marijuana for 6 months up until the killing steered authorities down a different path, especially after he spoke of how he had been smoking weed with friends the night before the murders. Subsequently, the state of Licata’s mental health came into question.

Eventually diagnosed with “dementia praecox with homicidal tendencies”, which is a condition currently more renowned as “paranoid schizophrenia”, medical professionals deemed Licata unfit to stand trial for culpable homicide. Alternatively, he received a life sentence at a psychiatric institution, although 12 years later he managed to briefly escape. However, in 1950, Victor Licata hanged himself during his incarceration at the Florida State Hospital for the Insane. He was afterwards buried alongside his family. Perhaps the most disheartening aspect of this case is that, one year prior to the murders being committed, authorities had already intervened and tried to admit Victor for help at a mental facility, but he was allowed to remain at home after his parents insisted they were going to treat him themselves.

Imagine you go to bed with Loki and he drapes his arm over your waist. The next morning, you wake up with Loki’s arm still draped over your waist. You turn around to wish him a good morning, but the only thing on the bed with you is just an arm. An arm that was attached to Loki last night. You scream and scramble out of bed, horrified. Just when you’re about to run out the room, laughter comes from under the bed. Loki. He crawls out from underneath but cannot stop his laughter, clutching his stomach. Angry at his insensitive prank, you grab the fake limb from the bed and start to hit him with it while he continues laughing.

Mad max really was so darn good, objectively and to me personally; I was born with one arm, congenital below elbow amputee like in the movie (see awkward halloween photo below) and though I have prosthetic arms I wear I tend to go commando, fake-limb wise. And it was so so awesome that that part of Furiosa’s character was never mentioned or acknowledged; it was just something that she deals with and owns, like legitimately disabled people do every day. She didn’t need lauding from able-bodied people to prove how badass she was: she just WAS badass. As an amputee seeing this was awesome, and such a welcome change from the tired trend of being inspirational footage in life insurance commercials. Now I just have to find a sweet metal arm like she has.


It has been 21 years since the death of the Milwaukee cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer. Christopher Scarver beat Dahmer in the head with a 20in metal bar he stole from gym equipment then moved on to Anderson and did the same to him while the inmates were left irresponsibly unattended while on work duty. Scarver returned to his cell early and informed guards of the murders. Dahmer and Anderson were found dying in the prison gym where they were working and were rushed to the hospital. Dahmer died on the way to the hospital and Anderson was pronounced dead two days later.
Scarver told the New York Post that the prison guards knew of his hated of Dahmer and wanted him dead as well so they left the inmates alone. “They had something to do with what took place. Yes,” but for his own safety could not say much more.
Dahmer was known to make fake limbs out of his food and use ketchup packets as fake blood and placed them where people would be, which upset and unnerved other inmates- including Scarver. Scarver had no interaction with Jeffrey, keeping a safe distance from the serial killer until the fatal day on November 28, 1994.
Dahmer was in prison for 16 life sentences for the murder of 17 young men from 1978- 1991. Anderson received a life sentence with possibility of parole in 60 years for the murder of his wife Barbra E. Anderson. Scarver, already sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his supervisor Steve Lohman, received another 2 life sentences.

If the Crystal Gems went to Grade Schools and talked to kids.

This came from a conversation me and @pandorathefangirlqueen were having about Connie’s presidential campaign, and how she and the gems would tour together. And. Just.

Think of all the positivity. 

“Mom, mom, look! The orange one has stripe-skin, like me!”

(signing) “The green one that spits acid can’t talk! She’s uses drawings to talk! Can I spit acid like she does?”

“Miss Bob says she went through the same thing with someone that we went through with mom, dad! I hope I can be half as brave as her!”

“Amethyst is chubby and she likes tacos! She’s so short, too, and people think she’s pretty!”

“Garnet has different colored-eyes, like I do!”

“Peridot has fake limbs, and she hates taking them off! She says they’re a part of her, like mine are!”

“Pearl is so pretty and she’s so smart! Can I be as smart as Pearl?”

“Mrs. Maheswaran is missing an eye, and fingers, and she’s even got a fake foot! She says she’s proud of them. She said she thought I was really pretty, and the burns I got from the fire are just another part of me!”

“Garnet once took down three battalions of soldiers! I wanna be a fighter, just like she was.”

“Mr. Maheswaran grew up with moms and a dad. He’s just like me!”


The fluffiest fluff of old marrieds being old and married and still very much in love


When Bull returned Dorian was lounging across the loveseat, book in hand, half-rimmed spectacles perched on the end of his nose, his hair pulled back in a lazy bun, untamed tendrils of white and silver framing his face.

As soon as his eyes flicked from the pages to Bull’s badly concealed limp, he tutted, and slowly shifted on the loveseat, patting the space beside him and placing his hands against Bull’s back and hips as he led him down onto the plush cushions.

“I thought I told you not to overdo yourself,” Dorian chastised.

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