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headcanon: jake speaks in like, just a terrible TERRIBLE butchered fake british accent but it's absolutely real and he has no idea that he sounds ridiculous because that is how grandma jade spoke to him up until she died just to go the extra mile w her "everything in my life is a middle finger up at the condesce" schtick (it was poppop crockers idea and every now and then he jolts awake in a cold sweat and remembers that she really did it)

basically my headcanon but not bc its a grandma jade thing - jake canonically has a “speech impediment” although we are not informed what exactly that sounds like, other than that it makes “halley” sound like “harley”. which could reasonably sound like a fake british accent (haw-ley). its not a regional thing its just how his fuckin mouth makes noise

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If a white, black, or other non-Hawaiian person wanted to practice Hoʻomana, would you consider it cultural appropriation? Is it offensive?

Well, here in Hawaii, we have ALOT of non Hawaiians that grow up here, and they later become very interested in the culture and lifestyle, and some people that are non Hawaiian, learn to speak our language and our culture, if they treat our culture and lifestyle with the same respect and love that we Hawaiians do, then by all means, we aren’t trying to keep the aloha from you. We just want you to take care of it. There are white people that speak more Hawaiian than some Hawaiians and that’s okay because they love the language and culture so much and they know how to use it; with love. There are African Americans that sing and dance our songs and hula and I’ve become very close friends with a few; they are native people too, and they do it beautifully.

If they have lived her their whole lives and show aloha and respect for what we are then we consider them Hawaiian too. We are always about showing love, that’s what it means to be Hawaiian.

It becomes cultural appropriation when: they misinterpret our culture or mock it, wearing fake grass skirts and fake lei and coconut bras.

It becomes cultural appropriation when we mention hula and they wiggle their arms out to the side like a squid, that is NOT hula and that is NOT okay.

It becomes cultural appropriation when they decide to get our tattoos, our tattoos are sacred markings that represent us as a people, they represent our stills and trades, they are not a fashion statement, (it’s cause we make them look sexy af! ) but they are NOT for you to get just because they are nice.

It becomes cultural appropriation when things are not they way they should be, if you are making fun or using our culture in a way in which you don’t understand or THINK you understand then that is wrong.

Our culture is not a themed “luau” night.

Our culture is deep and sacred to us, it is not to be taken lightly. Just like how you wouldn’t mock Christianity, we still deserve the same respect.

But, if you decide that you have a love for our culture, and you are serious about it, then we encourage you to come to Hawaii, check it out and see what it’s really like, and learn about it correctly from the correct people. We have classes about them at all the universities. Even community colleges. But if it’s not It for you, that’s okay, just don’t go around misinterpreting our culture. Lol.

Hope this helps. :)

Edit— Also, the reason why we encourage people learning about our culture, is that we would love it if more people were educated about so that they can spread the right things about what we really are. They more people educating others who don’t know the better for us. Just as long as they are sharing the right information. We just want the world to know that we are more than just a vacation spot. We are not over rated. We are CULTURE AND TRADITION AND ALOHA!

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Thoughts on Moana?

My thoughts on Moana; is that, in scared that they will misrepresent our cultures. And that they don’t clump all of our unique and beautiful cultures together into one made up Polynesian culture. We all have differences.

I’m scared that people that are not of Polynesian decent will cosplay and dress up as the characters from the movie and try to draw on the tattoos of the characters. Those tattoos are not just for decoration, they have deep meaning like our genealogy and our history and stories. They are not meant to be duplicated just to cosplay or dress up. I’m scared that people will actually get the tattoos on themselves. I’m Polynesian and I don’t have those tattoos because it is not my place to have them. They are specifically for some people. It’s personal. Long ago we recorded everything in song and dance and tattoo. It’s all we have. We don’t want you to APPROPRIATE OUR CULTURE. STOP IT NOW. STOP

I’m scared that they will make fun of things that are important to us. Like what we wear, what we eat. We are all so sensitive because we have had bashings all of our history by people who don’t understand our ways. We don’t need it anymore.

I’m happy that we are getting some representation but I want it done right or not done at all. People already think horrible things about us. I hope they use this opportunity to educate the people that disrespect us. And yes wearing a coconut bra and fake grass skirt and fake lei is DISRESPECTFUL.

the signs as the random stuff inside my car
  • Aries: half-eaten toblerone in my glove box
  • Taurus: french fry from 6 months ago under my driver seat
  • Gemini: crumpled-up receipt stuffed into my cupholder
  • Cancer: half-empty starbucks cup on top of crumpled receipt
  • Leo: air freshener i bought 10,000 years ago
  • Virgo: about 5 dollars in change, also in the cupholder
  • Libra: manaphy plushie wedged under my back window
  • Scorpio: the 18 empty water bottles in the back seat
  • Sagittarius: box of comic books that i'm too lazy to bring in
  • Capricorn: my cheap knockoff prada sunglasses
  • Aquarius: herd of stuffed neopets from mcdonalds happy meals
  • Pisces: 7 fake leis crammed into the glove box

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I have a problem with the "faking death" scenario with the car crash. When faking someone's death, isn't it common sense to make it look like an accident so no one goes snooping around? And yet just from the scarce details in the tiny newspaper clip, it's obviously a murder. Cut breaks? Really? And even thirty years ago, people could tell the difference between a dummy and burnt organic corpse, so there had to be one. So the question is - who was the stiff in the car? Who killed him?

Oh wooowww, you’re right.

Unless they were trying to both fake Stan(ley/ford)’s death AND frame someone for murder, it doesn’t make sense to do something as blatant as cutting the brakes. You’re much better off sending the car off into a ravine and claiming the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Which leads me to several possibilities.

  • The Stans are just really bad at avoiding suspicion (UNLIKELY).
  • There REALLY TRULY ACTUALLY was some very-alive person driving that car who needed to die in Stan’s stead. If you have some random unsuspecting victim at the wheel, it’s not like you can tell them to just drive off the road and crash for fun. You’d have to do something like cutting the brakes.
  • It was a two birds with one stone deal—The Stans had someone they needed dead. Someone who knew too much or had threatened them in some way. So they killed him out of necessity, and passed the well-roasted body off as one of the Stans to boot.

This is terrifying.

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A dark assassin lurked in the shadows of the room, awaiting his prey to come into view, he was here to kill Hades's son.... Leigh. Leigh may of been around 8 but he was still hated among certain circles for his simple blood line. Leigh now came into view, dragging his big sister by her hands, he saw a baby panda which he wanted. "Come on Jeje!" He said excited. (Just cause there isn't enough angst in the world :D )

(Nooooooo my heart isn’t going to be able to handle this)

Jess laughed and she smiled at her younger brother affectionately before she grinned

“I’m walking as fast as i can Lei’ she fake-whined