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How to make your falsies easier to apply AND thicker!
I use this trick on all my lashes~
1. You will need scissors, fake eyelashes and eyelash glue.
2. Cut approx 1cm off the inside of your lashes.
3. Apply glue to the shorter piece.
4. Glue the short piece to the outside edge of the long piece!
Your lashes should now be easier to apply and be extra thick on the ends! ♡

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Paint the Band of Your False Lashes!

False lashes can be tricky thing to apply,  one of my favourite tips for false lash application is to paint the band of false lashes to help disguise the band and help them blend in easier

Step 1. “Paint” the band of your false lashes with a “pot” liquid liner (not a felt tip or gel liner)

Step 2. Allow the liquid liner to dry, apply lash glue and allow it to become tacky

Step 3. Gently slide the false lashes onto the lashline

Step 4. Finish by applying liquid liner over the false lashes to help them blend in seamlessly

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