fake karl



all computers go to heaven. 

fake movie meme . sufjan stevens - dear mr. supercomputer . (for vstahl)

→ S Y N T H E T I C: an Almost Human prequel 

THE YEAR IS 2044. Dorian (Michael Ealy) is one of the few DRNs left in the police force after the mass-decommissioning of his model. For his last case, he is partnered with cocky, ambitious rookie Alex Munroe (Sebastian Stan) to solve the attempted murder of a pro-decommission politician. As time runs out, all evidence points to another ‘bot as a suspect - something that could lead to the permanent decommissioning and disassembly of all DRNs.

Meanwhile, investigative reporter and robot rights activist Laura Zhao (Lucy Liu) tries to uncover the truth behind the scenes regarding the sudden incorporation of the MX’s into the police force. Who tried to kill the senator - and more importantly, are they trying to frame another DRN?


A Godzilla dvd bootleg.

I wonder where that cover picture is taken from.

But the ‘Special Features’ are probably the most interesting part:

  • Audio commentary with Director Pete Travis and stars Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes
  • Making-of 'Dredd’ behind the scenes with the cast and crew

The sudden change of language only reinforces it: Godzilla is the Law.

What we all feel now is the constant pressure to know enough, at all times, lest we be revealed as culturally illiterate. … What matters to us, awash in petabytes of data, is not necessarily having actually consumed this content firsthand but simply knowing that it exists — and having a position on it, being able to engage in the chatter about it. We come perilously close to performing a pastiche of knowledgeability that is really a new model of know-nothingness. … Whenever anyone, anywhere, mentions anything, we must pretend to know about it. Data has become our currency.