fake is the new real

Venus in the Houses

In the 1st: The Knight

You wear your heart on your sleeve not in sensitivity, but with bravery. You come as you are; always ready to fight for what you love.

In the 2nd: Dionysus

The melody in your heart oozes out of you as a siren song, taking pleasure in all you feel in your heart. You let the richness take over your very being.

In the 3rd: The Hummingbird

Ever-flitting, ever-flying; so envied and admired. You move impossibly fast, it takes focus to see your wings oh but we hear the beautiful music they make as you pass us by with your jeweled feathers.

In the 4th: The Envelope

Your lover is your letter, you the envelope. You carry them safely to their destination, recognizing precious words and beauty as the truth. Oh but how easily battered you can be, please bubble-wrap your loving heart.

In the 5th: The Leather Jacket

You wear your heart as a coat, whether worn or new or real or fake. You exist as a symbol of yourself you create out of your own fabric. Expression is your savior, savor it.

In the 6th: The Furrowed Brow

The worrier, the servant, the loyal. You do not let it all show, you stand poised and sure but that one little crease, that only little wrinkle expresses it all. You do not have to stand impossibly tall, sit down. It’s okay.

In the 7th: The Nymph

Either fairy or seductress, you walk lightly and nervously about. You are sweet, whispered nothings in the sunset fields; whether they mean something or not…

In the 8th: The Taxidermist

You sculpt around you in stillness and a resistance to trust and to allowing the world to move around you. Your taboo necromancy is intense and even scary, but if they looked beneath they’d see that you simply create out of what is before you.

In the 9th: The Wanderer

The free spirit full of self-destructive flightiness, unwilling to fully let go for what else is out there? You feel yourself on the precipice, not sure whether to let go and fall down down down into the wind or continue to resist.

In the 10th: The Willow

The wise beauty of movement and stillness wrapped together in harmony with all around you. That surprising snap and wit lurking in your calming vines, it haunts and provides all at once.

In the 11th: The Amphibian

Master of water and land, you can go in and out with ease, but can’t quite seem to choose which you truly want. Perhaps the company around you is enough, but maybe if you dive down deeper or climb up higher you’ll find something better than you recognize.

In the 12th: The Saved

They fall into the hot spring in the middle of the night with you, sipping wine and sharing kisses and admissions of vulnerability that drift into the night. But don’t let them drown, for they so easily can if they are not wary.


Wyatt ‘I HATE ROLEPLAY’ Logan [except ‘Undercover Lovers’ with Lucy]


I was sitting on the couch, watching TV, when I had an epiphany that led me to this conclusion.

Undertaker IS behind the Blue Sect arc, or at the very least, is responsible for bringing back the real!Ciel. In the first screenshot I took, I remembered that, back when this chapter was first released, that everyone, including myself, thought he was referring to Vincent. But no, he was referring to the Real!Ciel.

Therefore, I can come to another conclusion and say that the Real!Ciel was supposed to inherit his father’s title- which is only logical. Why would you give the title to the sickly twin who may or may not live to adulthood, much less be able to deal with the dangers of being the Queen’s Guard Dog.

Now, this may or may not be his real reason, but I think that the real!Ciel is after revenge. His brother left him to die, stole the title he was to inherit, along with all the money and property. Most of this does seem petty, but that could have just been extra offenses added onto the main one: leaving him to die.


So people say these are the titles for season 4 of Star Wars Rebels. If you cant read them I’ll tell you.
Day One
The Administrator
Aggressive Negotiations
Crisis On Cloud City
ThenHammer Of Ryloth
Vaders Castle
Temple Of The Whills
Turning Point
Walked Asullt
Cave Of Evil
Last Of The Jedi Now I’m my opinion these titles are to good to be true. Like they sound so awsome but a bit to awsome. If anyone can prove od disprove these titled let me know.

i woke up this morning and my brain was immediately like:

DESMOND IS AN ANDROID.  And it proceeded to lay out the how of it while I tried to grapple my way to full consciousness:

+ Rebecca starts building him a body so he can just download himself out of the animus soup that he’s stuck in
+  and he gets a hidden blade that works similarly to Wolverine’s claws which is cool
+ and when his skeleton of metal and various circuits is almost complete, Rebecca and Shaun are like: well he needs a real face.  They go find an artist that can make them a face for their new Desmond Bot
+ the real trouble is fake skin is expensive and they can’t manufacture their own, and all of their hoarded/stolen money goes into making a solid frame so they can’t afford to cover their new buddy in skin.  Instead they buy him a cool outfit so nobody knows he’s got nothing underneath
+ and Desmond wakes up in a robot body all like EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLY STRANGE TO ME
+ But then the first time he goes out into the field to kick ass, some abstergo/templar shit shoots him and it rips a hole in his hoodie and he’s like OH MY GOD, HAVE RESPECT FOR AESTHETIC but also, hey that tingles and he’s delighted by how this new robot body can’t feel pain while he proceeds to kick ass.
+ and then Rebecca/Shaun/Desmond develop a highly advanced fund-raising scheme (yeah they steal shit and defraud bad people probably) to get him more skin/upgrades so he can be more like a real boy.

The Lore of Filthy Frank

Part 0: Before Chin Chin

On June 15th 2008, a college student by the name of George “Joji” Miller started a YouTube channel under the username “DizastaMusic” where he posted vlogs of him and his friends’ quirky lifestyle through the years 2008 and 09. At this point in time, the universe was in a stable, normal state.

Part 0.5: Omniverse

Joji stopped posting videos after “Never trust a horse.” Sometime between the years 2009 and 2011, there was an apocalypse caused by the arrival of a dark deity, that deity being Chin Chin.

Note: In the alternate reality of the show, the universe is some kind of multiverse (dubbed the Omniverse by certain characters) where everything is divided into multiple universes known as “realms,” which in turn are divided into dimensions. Planet Earth alone was divided into many Realms, but most of it ended up on Realm 6.2, which is where the majority of the videos take place. In the Omniverse, there exists an element named Chromosomes, which is a measurement of time, currency, and sustenance.

When Chin Chin arrived, he infected Chromosomes throughout the Realms. Most humans died, went into hiding or found a way to flee the Omniverse altogether, which caused most Realms to become abandoned.

Pictured: Pink Guy, the most iconic Lycra entity.

Most of the humans who decided to stay within the Omniverse were infected by Chin Chin’s chromosomes and mutated, becoming a species known as Lycra People, weird beings who cannot generate their own Chromosomes. Since any living thing in the Omniverse requires Chromosomes to survive, most Lycra People prefer to stay close to some unmutated humans, since they can generate their own Chromosomes by performing the most cancerous acts possible. Since Chin Chin now rules the Omniverse, he requires all of the unmutated humans to sacrifice a certain amount of Chromosomes to him every day.

Part 1: Filth

Pictured: two unmutated humans, Filthy Frank (right) and Pookie (left).

The two unmutated humans that the series revolves around are Filthy Frank and Pookie. Filthy Frank has befriended many different Lycra People who feed off of the Chromosomes he produces by performing cancerous acts on the DizastaMusic channel, after George Miller handed over ownership of it to him in 2011 after Chin Chin entered the Omniverse. Pookie is a cringey internet rapper and weeaboo so he produces plenty of Chromosomes for himself as well.

Pictured: George Miller under his identity as PinkOmega cooking some dumplings.

As for the original owner of the DizastaMusic channel, George Miller has gone into hiding, posing as one of the Lycra People to get by. He continues to follow his passion for making music under the pseudonym PinkOmega.

After his entrance into the Omniverse, Chin Chin would disappear for 2000 Chromosomes (approx. 2 years in Earth time).

Pictured: the first appearance of Filthy Frank on the DizastaMusic channel in 2011.

Filthy Frank used the DizastaMusic channel inherited from George Miller to generate Chromosomes for himself and his Lycra People allies by posting videos of him doing cancerous things on YouTube. These videos provided a Chromosome gold mine and as a result, many Lycra People set out to hunt Frank down for the intense amount of Chromosomes he was generating daily.

Pictured: one of the many villainous Lycra People Frank encounters in the series, Weeaboo Jones, hailing from Realm 9.12.

Part 2: The Return of the Dark Lord/The First Sacrifice

Pictured: The Dark Lord Chin Chin in his first physical appearance in the series.

2000 Chromosomes after Frank inherited the DizastaMusic channel (2013 in our time), Chin Chin reappears and demands Frank for his daily sacrifice of Chromosomes. Since Frank missed a day, Chin Chin abducts one of Frank’s Lycra allies, Salamander Man, and demands a ludicrous amount of Chromosomes in return. This leads into the first Chin Chin Sacrifice, where Frank reached out to his viewers in our universe for them to perform cancerous acts and sacrifice personal belongings to sate the Dark Lord.

Note: In the original cut of the first video Chin Chin appears in, Frank reveals he holds another unmutated human captive in his cupboard to generate Chromosomes for him on the side. It’s unsure whether this fact is canon anymore however, as Frank deleted this version of the video and reuploaded it with the Chromosome slave edited out on the request of one of his friends, who was unhappy with his portrayal in the video.

Pictured: one of Filthy Frank’s fans sacrificing the legendary 1st Edition Holographic Charizard Pokemon Card, which goes for $150-$274 on eBay currently.

After submitting his fans’ sacrifices to Chin Chin and Salamander Man demonstrating his Ass Flute skills, Chin Chin lets him go and returns Frank to his normal schedule of daily Chromosome sacrifices, with an annual mass sacrifice from his fanbase that would go on in 2014 and 2015.

Part 3: The Third Sacrifice/The Rice Fields/The Fake Realm

After the demise of Dade, one of the two Chocolate Men, in 2014 (3000Ch) as well as the annual fanbase sacrifice of that year, when the time of the 2015 (4000Ch) sacrifice came, Frank delivered them too late. As a result, Chin Chin sends Frank to Realm 0: The Rice Fields and transports all of Frank’s Lycra allies to a fake realm, with a fake version of Frank (the Frank in the Rice Fields will now be addressed with real!Frank and the Frank running TVFilthyFrank will be addressed as fake!Frank). real!Frank was carrying Salamander Man’s flute when he was sent to the Rice Fields, and upon playing it, Salamander Man finds him and is now trapped in the Rice Fields along with him. Together, they begin journeying out of it and back towards home.

Meanwhile in the fake realm, fake!Frank continues posting videos to a new channel, TVFilthyFrank as normal. Most of real!Frank’s friends are convinced by his facade, but Pink Guy and Red Dick, two of real!Frank’s closest allies, know what’s going on.

Pictured: Pink Guy and Red Dick making gourmet Sriracha Shrimp during Meme Machine.

Pink Guy and Red Dick come to the realization that in order to lead real!Frank to the fake realm, they must use the scent of Red Dick’s Sriracha Shrimp. They begin cooking it, and as planned, real!Frank and Salamander Man detect the scent and understand their plan. Both of them trek towards the fake realm now.

In the end of fake!Frank’s latest video, “I HATE VEGANS,” a vegan Lycra Person he encounters detects that he isn’t the real Filthy Frank. fake!Frank initially denies this, but gives up and says that “there will be a war.”

Part 4: Where We Are Now/Chin Chin Sacrifice 2016

This war fake!Frank alludes to is the event that will happen when real!Frank finds his way to the fake realm and confronts fake!Frank and Chin Chin. As the 2016 Chin Chin Sacrifice hasn’t happened yet this year, I have reason to believe that this confrontation will be the 2016 (5000Ch) Chin Chin Sacrifice.

Inspired from “My understanding of Filthy Frank’s lore.” on /r/FilthyFrank

I just really want a cute girl who will hold my hand and go lay out in a field in the middle of the night and just look at the stars and talk about aliens with me. I want a girl I can spoil and tell her all the flaws she thinks she has are what makes her beautiful. I wanna laugh with her at 2am in the bed or on a spontaneous adventure. I wanna be there for her when she falls and help back up again. I want the good and the bad. I don’t want all this new fake relationship shit going around. I want a girl who’s real. Someone who knows it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but she can still laugh when things gets bad. I want to make her smile when things are bad. I wanna be able to help put that sparkle back in her eyes, because god knows she’s the reason it will be in mine. Is that too much to ask for?

It’s that time during the SU hiatus, again

1) People posting fake screenshots of “episode lists” or “new characters” etc. and claiming it’s real.

2) People taking small amounts of info from the trailers/footage provided and making complex Lord-of-the-Ring-like theories about what’s coming up in new episodes. Usually this includes characters acting OOC, ships being proclaimed “dead”, etc.

Young Gods

This is a song fic based on the song Young Gods by Halsey. I don’t own the song or Peter Pan.

Warnings: Sexual Themes, Language, Alcohol and Drug Mentions

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader



He says, “Ooh, baby girl, you know we’re gonna be legends

I’m a king and you’re a queen and we will stumble through heaven

If there’s a light at the end, it’s just the sun in your eyes

I know you wanna go to heaven, but you’re human tonight”

And I’ve been sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool

For a while now, drowning my thoughts out with the sounds

You knew the boy sitting on your window sill, his mischievous green eyes and straw colored hair, the green clothes, he was Peter Pan. You had seen him in your dreams but you never would’ve imagined that he was real. You slowly walked over to your window and opened it, letting him into your small, cramped room. As soon as he was in he looked at you, a smirk plastered across his entire face “Are you ready?” He asked. 

You didn’t know what to do, normally you were totally in control, you always had the answers and knew what to do but this was different. Would you leave everything behind for a boy you had met in your dreams? Granted you didn’t have much, your mom was an alcoholic, your dad was in jail, and you had dropped out of school to get a job so you’d have a place to live. You were speechless, you turned to hide your face from Peter.

The boy’s gaze softened and he walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you against his body as he whispered in your ear “Don’t you know love? We could be legends. I’m the king of Neverland and you’ll be my queen." 

Your breathing picked up slightly, you were getting nervous. You didn’t want to leave your mom, despite everything she had done you inexplicably loved her. "I don’t know,” you whispered “I don’t think she’d survive without me." 

Peter shook his head before resting his chin on the top of your head. "Oh y/n,” he sighed “You want a perfect world, you want heaven, but you’re human and what I’m offering you is the closest you’ll ever get." 

You hesitated before answering "I’ll do it,” you said quietly “I want to go.” You finished your sentence with much more confidence than you began it. This is what you wanted. You had been at rock bottom for way to long, you had been drowning in the bad thing son life and you had an escape. Not a fake one like drugs or alcohol but a real one, a new world. Peter was right, you wanted things to be perfect but it just couldn’t happen, you always ignored that though and put your mom first. It was time for things to change. She was an adult she should be able to take care of herself and you deserved to be happy. 

Peter smiled at you triumphantly “C'mon then, let’s fly,” he said before grabbing your hand and jumping out the window, pulling you with him.

But do you feel like a young god?

You know the two of us are just young gods

And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath

And they’re running, running, running again

Flying was the most amazing feeling you had ever experienced. You felt free and like you were on top of the world. When Peter had jumped out the window, you had clung to him, but now that you knew everything was alright, you had your head thrown back as you let out a laugh of pure joy. 

You looked up at Peter, a huge smile spread across your face “It’s like we’re gods,” you said in amazement. 

He nodded his head, a small smirk on his face “Young gods,” he corrected “We’ll never grow old where I’m taking you." 

You looked away from him to watch the world race by in a blur beneath the two of you. You would be forever young, have the life that was stolen from you for the rest of your days. You lost yourself in your thoughts as you stared down watching the people and cars pass by as you flew above them. 

He says, "Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges

I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon

There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs

And if you wanna go to heaven you, should fuck me tonight”

You had only been in Neverland a few months but there had been a pirate attack and somehow Peter ended up hurt. You had no idea how, you had thought he was too powerful to be hurt that bad by a mortal pirate. The two of you had grown extremely close over the months and something inside of you almost destroyed you when you saw him hurt like that. He got out though, he had healed almost immediately, and the two of you were back in his tree house.

He was fine now obviously but you were still shaken “I thought you were going to die Peter,” you said softly. 

He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close “You know I can’t die,” he said softly, his face buried in your hair. 

You nodded your head against his chest “I know,” you whispered “It’s just that-” you paused momentarily “I love you,” you said in the quietest whisper, you weren’t even sure he had heard you at first.

“Y/n…” he said softly, his voice almost sad “I’m the king of Neverland, everything about me is dangerous, even my tongue is a weapon." 

He was right. He was dangerous and cruel and evil but to you he was the boy who saved you. He saved you, he pulled you out of your miserable life and gave you a second chance. He was the best thing to ever happen to you. 

"I know,” you admitted, pulling back to look in his eyes “I love you. I want you.”

Pan closed his eyes trying to pull himself together “You could get cut on my edges,” he whispered “You could get hurt." 

You smiled softly at him "I don’t care,” you said, trying to pour your feelings into the words “Not after today.”

After waiting a few seconds with no response from Pan, you turned his face so you could meet his beautiful green eyes “You once said that Neverland was the closest I could get to heaven but being with you tonight would be even better than that,” you whispered. You had just barely finished your sentence before Peter slammed his lips against yours. 

But do you feel like a young god?

You know the two of us are just young gods

And we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath

And they’re running, running, running again

Being with Peter was better than flying. You felt complete and safe but also strong and invincible. The two of you together were amazing, you were so in sync with each other it was almost scary. 

It was everything you had ever dreamed; being in Neverland, with Peter while the lost boys ran around playing their silly little games, you truly felt on top of the world, like a young god.