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2019’s Top Memes

*slaps roof* Buddy, you can fit so many memes in this list.

  1. Area 51
  2. Inktober
  3. Moodboard
  4. Shit My Players Say
  5. CountryHumans
  6. Fake History
  7. Caturday
  8. Taylurking
  9. Cursed Image
  10. Spidersona
  11. Doge
  12. Studentlife
  13. Out of Context Discord
  14. Ship Dynamics
  15. Picrew
  16. Shaggy Meme
  17. Egoartweek
  18. Tag Yourself
  19. Birb
  20. TBT
  21. 100 Days of Productivity
  22. ASMR
  23. 20Biteen
  24. Yeet
  25. Gemsona
  26. Redraw Reigen
  27. Bowsette
  28. Alignment Chart
  29. Gijinka
  30. Twilight Renaissance

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DNA reveals origin of Stonehenge builders
Ancestors of the people who built Stonehenge travelled west across the Mediterranean to get to Britain.

So there’s been a study published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution on the genetic origin of the people whose descendants built Stonehenge in about 3000 BC, and it looks as if they came from Anatolia (modern Turkey) and the Mediterranean as part of a major Neolithic migration to northern Europe. They joined previous settlers, including Whitehawk Woman, who lived in Sussex about 5,600 years ago. There’s a picture of her reconstruction in the linked BBC article, but I’ll also put it below:


Cheddar Man,” who lived in Britain c. 7000 BC, looked like this:


Oh, and the paper suggests that this new wave of Neolithic migrants (again, whose descendants built Stonehenge, that favoured icon of nu-pagan and white-nationalist and right-wing English Heritage sorts everywhere) joined a European society that was visibly and extensively multicultural by about 6000 BC.

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if the fact that Stonehenge was built by the descendants of dark-skinned Middle Easterners and Mediterranean refugees who had immigrated to a diverse Britain probably isn’t going to get put on EDL websites any time soon, and this delights me.