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As requested by @gjoriin, here is stuff I love about Pidge :D

  • loves her family unconditionally!!!!!!
  • rambles when worried
  • also rambles when excited
  • really didn’t want to cut her hair off
  • the more tense the situation/less sleep she’s gotten, the less tolerance she has for Lance’s shit
  • loves video games
  • always wants to learn new things & know how everything works 
  • can?? think in binary code?????? how
  • tilts her head and/or readjusts her glasses when nervous
  • reprogrammed and adopted a fighting drone
  • also named it
  • gets annoyed when people touch her stuff without permission
  • carries a picture of Matt with her
  • *team does something stupid* *ignores them completely and keeps doing her own thing*
  • has allergies & used to hate the outdoors because of that
  • despite that she appreciates pretty nature surroundings
  • *glasses glint*
  • came up with the plan to steal money from a fountain to buy that one video game
  • cries openly
  • talks to her lion and modifies it with castle tech
  • is?? actually totally comfortable in dresses????
  • seems to really get along with the mice
  • has a diary
  • easily gets sweaty hands
  • built trash robots of her friends when she was lost in space - probably because she missed them
  • makes puns and waits for people to get them
  • hates peanuts but loves peanut butter cookies
  • curse her short arms
  • so small,, gets blown away easily,,, needs to be protected,,,,
  • can be unexpectedly clumsy
  • continued doing her job even when she heard how Shiro got tortured over the intercoms
  • *gets forced to leave her laptop* *whines and pouts*
  • tried to learn Altean and actually was successful to some degree
  • “aww you’ve got a cute little bayard” *electrocutes Lance* “yeah, it’s pretty cute”
  • made it into the garrison with a fake identity
  • can hack into pretty much everything, anywhere, even while talking
  • is sarcastic at times but is genuine about her feelings just as often, if not more
  • smart af
  • agreed to stay with the team despite her family being more important to her than anything else
  • fell asleep in front of her laptop
  • is self-confident and knows exactly what she’s capable of
  • but was still worried about not being the right paladin for the green lion
  • has the smuggest grin
  • sees tech: ☆*・゜゚・*٩(*▿*)۶*・゜゚・*☆

CONCLUSION: Pide is adorable,,,, I l o v e her

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  • donald trump: barack obama wasn't born in america
  • republicans: show us the birth certificate!
  • fake news: hillary clinton is running a sex shop from a pizzeria in DC
  • republicans: lets go investigate now!
  • james comey: we may or may not have new emails from hillary clinton
  • republicans: put her in jail!
  • CIA: we have definitive proof that russia interfered with the election
  • republicans: what? y'all wild. you can't believe everything you hear.

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People easily forget that this is showbiz. Celebs, especially the most ''desired'' ones will always be asked about their love life. There's no way that just because Harry is now with the Azoffs this will stop. Its very unlikely for him to not be seen/date a girl ever again until he comes out. Once he comes out & has a partner (Louis) this might stop, but even then bc the 'hotshot' he's made to be there might be bullshit quotes in tabloids, while in interviews they'll question him about Louis...

Disclaimer: this is the only ask I am going to reply about the topic because I don’t want to spend my time talking about Harry’s team nor Harry’s het image nor anything they want me to talk about to perpetuate their narratives.  I’m going to focus to what I like from this promo/Harry’s image only, so feel free to indirect and insult in asks & tags because my opinion is different from yours but this is the only time I am going to discuss this topic anyway.

I use this ask to say that people forget a lot of things when it comes to this promo because they were so sure he wouldn’t be asked anything but his music and he was totally free to blacklist topics like who he’s dating….. lol as IF.

Apart from the fact that he signed with a Sony label and this should tell you all about what kind of marketing they usually do around their megastars, people also forget that: 

1. this is Sony wet dream coming true: Harry Styles™ having a deal with them, making a solo album, a solo single, a SOLO image all for them to sell, groom and get money from without the rest of the band around. they won the jackpot here. they are going to do what they feel it’s necessary and he’s going to play by the rule as any other singer who wants a career. The other band members had to do the same, the context was different for each of them (way different) and the goals were different too, but they all play by the rules. Harry is not excluded because now he can be himself and be authentic, like some people like to think for weeks now, he might only want his music to talk but this will never happen unfortunately.  (I think he knows this too) 

2. He has a manager who organised a fake hack of  more than 80 pictures of Kendall Jenner sitting on Harry’s lap and pretending to kiss him (+800 sets of pap pics in two days) for months and months, not once but twice, every time she needed something to promote, blaming the fans for doing it when it was clearly staged and even used Harry’s mother to make it look more ‘real’. And the story about Kendall comes back every two months when needed, even if she’s dating someone else now. He also sold his own girlfriend to TMZ by making her hold hand with Harry and pretend to be a mystery woman to get him coverage about another man magazine and the launch party and once they were satisfied with the attention it got, they issued a denial through the same magazine so they got coverage from that as well. Like, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that he’s in the closet and his team is doing what they have to do in order to sell the product. Het narratives sells, tabloids want that, especially from someone like Harry who has a very well known reputation unfortunately. Maybe they won’t perpetuate it in the same way Modest did (i don’t think so, but you know, it’s still Sony so never say never) and they’ll surely give him more space to talk about his music like they are already doing, but the ‘im single and ready to date’ will never go away until he comes out. and it’s not going to happen now that he’s about to launch his solo career, let’s be real.

 Again, his ‘approach’ to the topic will likely be different than when he was in 1D (mostly because they want to make him the male version of Adele so they need a slightly different narrative) and he will probably be more vague like he was in this pre-recorded interview, but the topic was still brought up and it was absolutely predictable. They know what sells and what doesn’t so don’t expect him to only talk about his music and his working process, also seeing how tabloids are focusing on this quote this morning, the questions about dating and exes won’t stop any time soon in my opinion.

Into the Lion’s Den


Hey! I was hoping I could have a Sam!Sister request where the Reader helps Charlie hack into Dick’s computer and they both get caught by Dick and Sam gets really worried and protective since the Reader is really shy and anxious and then he and Dean goes and saves them? Charlie and The Reader really hit it off since they both love Hermione Granger and comic con? Lots of angst and fluff?

Thank you so much to @thecoffeestudyblr for being super awesome and i hope you like it.

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Sitting in the cabin with both your brothers you started to get anxious, you three had been on the run for a while and it was hard on all or you. But it’s what you guys had to do to stay out of Dick’s radar. Suddenly you hear Sam’s laptop beep, Sam walks over to it.

“Huh, it’s from Frank.” 

“Franks still alive? I thought he’d be dead by now.” You say walking over to him,

“Winchesters,  if you’re reading this, I’m dead… or worse. This e-mail was sent because some prince is trying to hack into my hard drive right this second. So unless it’s you, you got trouble.” Sam looks up at you and Dean before continuing, “ My drive is full of compromising info. Your new aliases, hangouts, where you stored your car..”

“Baby, they know where Baby is.” Dean says giving you guys a scared look,

“Dean we have other things to worry about, like the fact that Dick now knows all of your guy’s information.” Grabbing the computer from Sam you start clicking around on it, 

“Really, just take it out of my hands why don’t you,” Sam says throwing a fit,

“Oh calm down, I’m trying to figure out where Frank’s drive is.” You say clicking on some more stuff,

“Really you can do that?” Sam asks you,

“Of course I can big brother, I’m amazing. Ah hah, found it! Oh, Frank’s drive is at Richard Roman Enterprises.” 

“Perfect It’s in the middle of the Death Star.” Dean grumbles 

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hey so i kind of dipped out for a few months and recently decided to explore tumblr again and i've just noticed a lot of...i suppose dislike ??? for harry styles. i've seen your posts about the song Kiwi and i totally understand the reasoning, you made valid points, completely justifiable. and the thing about the 'hard candy' term (educated me on the term) but like is that what's getting everyone fiery or is there more to the story? just genuinely curious and v v confused 🙃

The kiwi lyrics are just a part of it. I think a lot of people are upset with the overall rollout of solo harry. I’m not even sure where to start with this! The thing to understand is that not all of the people upset are upset about all of the same things. I’ve spoken to people upset about Harry coming across as very misogynistic but they think the people who think Harry queerbaited larries are being silly. So anyway here is a sort of list, although as I said, not everyone is upset about all or the same things.

1) queerbaiting- some people felt that the Louis tweet, the gender neutral pronouns in the first songs he released and the bee tattoo were queerbaiting because the minute it was too late to cancel pre-orders everything became super het during promo.

2) Tess Ward- he got a pr girlfriend and she fat shamed and insulted the middle class. She also was very annoying on social media, although tbh it would have been less annoying if fans had just ignored her. She wanted attention.

3) The late late show Kendall joke- there was a kendall slut shaming joke on lls with James corden and harry played along instead of standing up for her

4) lls mocking fans- when fans complained on social media about the slut shaming, the lls mocked fans. harry didn’t defend the fans.

5) monetizing everything- the fandom realized that he didn’t share anything about working on his album because everything was turned into something to sell.

6) Carolina- he wrote a song about a girl, put her name in it so the fans could find her, said she should be grateful

7) the stage dive- for some odd reason harry decided to stage dive on a girl and she was injured. On tv he joked that the girl was probably lying about her injuries.

8) who is harry styles- harry decided to be mysterious by changing his answers to questions from interview to interview, which just made him look like a liar.

9) the chameleon- harry has changed back and forth between images depending on who it was for, making it all seem like a lie. Is he a feminist? a misogynist? gay? het? anti-political? political? We don’t know.

10) the pedestal- harry’s promo was all about making him seem like he was already a rock legend. Came across very arrogant.

11) 1d who?- his promo at first was about distancing himself from the others, he was the “authentic” one. A lot of putting down Louis in particular. very odd

12) rolling stone- everything about rolling stone was a shitstorm of controversy.

13) ripped off- everything he has done has been ripped off of someone else. From his sound to his outfits, his choices in concert venues and his photo shoots

14) hack- another fake hack, fans blamed again for something they didn’t do.

15) grandpa on the internet- his lack of social media use. Also when he does tweet it is to thank industry people and not fans buying everything

16) tour #2 for HS1- he made a big deal about a small venue tour, people fought for tickets, then he announced the second tour

there is more, but you get the point. The biggest problem though has been how people who had problems were treated. You aren’t allowed to criticize harry or the azoffs. Anyone who did was banished and bullied. Really immature.

Anyway, there it is.