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People claiming they’re fans of GITS yet doesn’t know that

1) The cast is diverse and not only Asian
2) “Motoko Kusanagi” is an alias
3) Motoko is ethically ambiguous

And yes this is all from the manga and anime.. You would think “fans” would know this

Jillian Precious Cinnamon Roll™ Holtzmann

  • smiles and waves to murderous ghosts like she just made a new friend
  • lights things on fire as part of her dance moves
  • kicks up her feet on the mayor’s desk like what up
  • smiles excitedly when told she’s being fake arrested
  • creates a ghost chipper as if a wood chipper is a weapon a person casually takes to a fight
  • reacts to a fist fight breaking out in front of her by moving away and sitting on the ground to play dead, probably
  • kisses ladies hands like a chivalrous knight in place of high-fives and handshakes
  • is a dumpster diver
  • makes loud honking noises when extremely emotional
  • gifts people with big unexpected surprises. like having the car you borrowed from your uncle painted without talking to you about it first
  • creates a bomb that can liquefy everyone from the inside out and leaves it lying around like it’s a paperweight
  • mounts a nuclear reactor to the top of a car
  • safety lights are for dudes
  • reacts to realizing she’s about to experience the most painful death conceivable of all time with :D

The crew didn’t dare touch Ray’s room. But there was a spare one next to it. And that’s where Jeremy sleeps. Well, at least attempts to. He swears to them he could hear an Xbox turning on and off at night. Or muffled sounds of a video game. And no one believed him. Until one night he records evidence; sounds from the computer in Ray’s room. “Let me out… Let me out!” playing over and over on a loop.

And Michael’s petrified. It’s Ray’s voice from an old prank video they recorded years ago when he and Gavin shut Ray in the closet of the old base.

The Lads want to perform a seance. Geoff want’s to move, right now immediately. Jack gets her way, and so they finally crack open their late friend’s room and begin packing his things. Nothing of Ray’s is to be left in the base.

Months go by until Jeremy is able to sleep peacefully again. And soon the crew forgets about the whole incident.

Until, that is, Gavin drops a quarter in the hallway and it rolls under the door into Ray’s room. And without thinking he busts into the room and is startled to see it completely empty. Completely, except for Ray’s purple Nintendo 64 sat upside-down in the corner of the room.

“Must'ved dropped it,” he thinks. And he reaches for it. But instead of taking it to Jack he’s lingering with the thought of bringing it to his room. His broke a long time ago, and Ray always kept things in working order.

So it sits in his room until the weekend when he’s free. He dusts it off and hooks it up with all his old wires. He clicks in Ocarina of Time, and bloody hell, it works!

But hold on, did Ray ever play Gavin’s game? There’s a profile in the load screen titled “Ray”, and he’s not going to lie, it’s a bit eerie. He wants to tell Michael, but what good would that do? He’ll just tell him to quit it and throw it out.

He enters the profile and it takes him to the naming screen. He hasn’t played for years, but he knows that’s not how it works. The cursor moves without Gavin touching the controller. And it types.


Ghost Stories

Description: Sherlock’s parents think he and John are a couple. They might be onto something.

Review: I love love loved this. I was planning on reading half of it before going to bed but I read it all in one sitting. Post s3 (Mary and the baby are gone, up to the reader’s imagination how) Christmas at Sherlock’s parents’ home. Bed sharing. Intimacy. Kissing. Really cute and sweet and I loved it. Would recommend for anyone wanting some fluff and stuff after TST.

Rating: Mature



here have a pile of things that i doodled before things started getting rough around my place … basically in summary i like making dumb aus 

once his passion, now his prison

There were a few people who really actually liked the Ghost Ray short story I posted and since I’m a sucker for compliments I decided to write a fic about it. This is part one, please enjoy!

“Fuckin’ kidding me aren’t you?” Gavin reached over and swiftly flicked off the power switch. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… on, just like he used to. His heart started to race when he made it to the load screen and saw that the “Ray” profile was still present. And again it brought him to the naming screen;


Gavin swallowed, mouth dry and oddly out of breath. “Alright alright this isn’t funny Lads,” he panicked. The TV glitched when he reached for the switch again. 

•its me•

Sweat started to form on his lanky hands. His skin is turned a pale white. He’s petrified. 


“This isn’t funny,” Gavin said more sternly. He finally threw the switch off, sparing no time unplugging every wire. A harsh kick sent the N64 under the bed.

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Remember when Zak was in that Lumber Liquidators commercial

Name: Undpassium

Species: trickster pokemon

Type: Normal/Dark and Ghost/Dark

Ability: Playing Dead - when attacked this pokemon becomes a ghost type

Entry: Undpassium are an unusual pokemon, when threaten they transformer to look more intimidating. these pokemon tend to live near urban areas where they are known to steal shiny items and dig into the garbage. 

“I’m the bomb and I’m ‘bout to blow up.” [x]

(2 of 6) of the Fake AH Crew poster I’m making~

The finished thing will also be made into a cover for an 8tracks playlist.

(Check out the others here!)

Once His Passion, Now His Prison - biqueuerious - Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 4/?
Fandom: Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus RPF, Grand Theft Auto V, Fake AH crew - Fandom
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Characters: Michael Jones, Gavin Free, Jeremy Dooley, Ray Narvaez Jr., Ryan Haywood, Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Meg Turney, Lindsay Tuggey Jones, Matt Bragg
Additional Tags: Fake AH Crew, Ghost Ray AU, Paranormal, Horror, Angst, Alternate Universe, Violence

Two years ago the most notorious gang in Los Santos lost one of their very own. Ray the sharpshooter, once untouchable nested on the city’s rooftops, meets his demise one evening on a simple mission. Mystery surrounds the assassination their crew mate. Nevertheless the Fakes press onward, hiring new faces and maintaining their title. It isn’t until a new recruit starts hearing voices from the sealed bedroom next door that the past is put into question. Soon enough, they’re discovering that some members have more answers than others.

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