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This is worth watching, especially the part where he tells Alex Jones and WikiLeaks to “grow the fuck up.“


EXO Facebook #suhostears (via exomyface)

Yo, the quality ain’t the best but this was a request and it was getting overdue so I just wanted to post it up. Hopefully it’s ok XD

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The Professor (Part 4)

The Professor Masterlist ~ Previous Part

…Life brought you the end of college. Before you knew it, there was only a week left till your college graduation. Your college experience had been a series of ups and downs. Amy had pranked you one time, convincing you that Professor Evans was thinking of getting married – she’d gone to great lengths of creating a series of fake Facebook posts, pretending that he’d said “It’ll happen soon, I know it!” – in regards to a fake engagement.

It was nerve-wracking, the last 6 months. You kinda knew what you wanted to do; either something to do with researching information/managing information or a writer/editor. You had your targets set, you knew how you wanted to lead the rest of your life. Amy wanted to do something similar, so it was good that you could have your best friend close by. The pressure could be felt; how much you were pushing yourself to do well. Your only problem was, it was hard to find a job.

You and Amy had searched on multiple occasions for a job for the two of you, but ended up empty-handed. You felt helpless, and it really was out of your hands. After a month of looking, Amy suggested you both go to Professor Evans for help. Thankfully, he had an idea. 

“A close friend of mine has an office, and they manage historic information, edit it if it’s wrong. Is that the sorta thing you’re looking for?”

“Yeah, it is,” you replied with a nod.

“Okay, I’ll uh, swing by the office tonight and put a word in for both of you, sound good?”

“Thank you so much Professor, you have no idea how much you’ve helped us, we really appreciate this,” you told him.

“Don’t mention it, it was the least I could do for my best students,” he said, smiling, with a wink.

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yeah, i got too much time on my hands.

Im open to requests for any others.

Ill make links for the other fake facebook posts I made later..

Oh yeah, ‘slattered’ is a typo. It’s suppose to say flattered. Sorry

facebook post 1 : http://tinyglassearl.tumblr.com/post/118653715003/so-after-reading-a-few-facebook-posts-ive

facebook post 2 : http://tinyglassearl.tumblr.com/post/119991735308/yeah-i-made-another-one


in July of 2016, 18 y/o David Sonboly shot nine to death inside and around a McDonald’s in Munich. he then committed suicide via gunshot to the head.

Sonboly had earlier created a fake Facebook profile where he posted that free food would be given out at the restaurant on the day of the shooting with the hope of luring more people to the location.

when authorities searched his residence, they found that he had extensively researched mass shootings and was particularly fascinated by the 2011 Norway attacks perpetrated by Anders Breivik and the Winnenden school shooting committed by Tim Kretschmer. Sonboly owned the book “Why Kids Kill" written by Peter Langman, a popular resource among those interested in true crime. in addition to being a well-known speaker and author on the subject of mass shootings, Langman runs the site schoolshooters.info and occasionally conducts interviews of potential school shooters during which he assesses the individual’s level of risk.

David Sonboly had been treated for depression for two months in a psychiatric facility in 2015. he was reportedly frequently bullied by classmates and had been injured in an altercation with peers in 2012. according to acquaintances and various online profiles, Sonboly harbored hostility toward Turkish people, expressed admiration for Hitler (with whom he shared a birthday) and considered himself a member of the Aryan race.

(he mcfreakin’ lost it, folks)


EXO on Facebook #1 (via exomyface​)

Hi!! So I made a thing! I (as you all can tell I am an EXO fan XD) And I really like those funny “EXO Facebook” or “EXO Texting” posts but unfortunately most of the blogs for them are old and inactive and don’t post anymore. However adoringdo still makes EXO Facebook posts and she got me inspired to start my own blog for it :)

This is my first time making anything like this, so if the quality is super bad, I’m soorrrryyy, I’m learning as I go XD Making those was already so hard because the website to make it is extremely frustrating. Nonetheless, I will try to post frequently and hopefully get better as I make more XD

I would love feedback and any tips, advice, or requests you guys have! So, don’t be afraid to send me a message :) 

In addition to making EXO Facebook posts I would love to do other stuff too, so if you guys ever want anything please ask :) this is my first time running any kind of fan blog so I’m new to all of this XD but ready because it seems like a lot of fun :)

Hope you guys like it!   (✿ ♥‿♥)

(ugh the quality’s sooo bad I’m sorry)