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Real Frank Rants or Fake Frank Rants?
requested by Anonymus

yeah so i have a gta cow chop au up on ao3 and i have just now gotten to telling tumblr about it, whoops. but i made a thing for it. im gonna just leave a link for ya here. its called Abate

i have forgotten how to be gentle, i think, or else i’m a different kind of gentle now. the kind of gentle that can kill. the kind of gentle that asks to be killed.

i’m the kind of gentle that begs everything that’s listening for death but it doesn’t come, or it does but then i wake up not knowing where i am, my bedroom or yours, or the bottom of the ocean and it’s not fair, do you hear me, it’s not fair to want something so bad and only get to taste it—

i think i’m the poorly-executed drawing on the fridge of the universe and god’s too sadistic to take it down. saying look at this, look at what you did, look at what you are, look at it forever.

i crawl into your bed because it’s the closest i can get to dying anymore. i crawl into your bed for all the romantic gestures like gentle choking, gentle bruising,

i think you know that.

how i use you for pain and not pleasure, or sometimes both, sometimes, if i want it to really hurt. if i think i deserve it. you say i’m too young to feel this way and i say i’ll get older, i say when i grow up i want to be a corpse six feet under so you can walk over my body, dirt in my eyes, seeing nothing.

i think i have forgotten how to be gentle. i think i’m sorry.

—  e.k.t., “leave bruises or just leave” (@slaughtervoid, @p-ercolating)

FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE: a trope you love dating sarah cooper by siera maley (friends to lovers and fake dating)

“I’m a better person. Before I fell for Katie, I thought the same way I’m sure plenty of you all do. I thought gay guys were shopping buddies and I thought gay girls had it easy. But I happen to know that my friend Jake hates shopping, and these past few months have been the hardest of my life. Being gay isn’t easy. Being bi isn’t easy. I wasn’t exactly loved by everyone before I came out, but I didn’t know that I could be hated by as many people as I’ve felt hated by since. And I didn’t do anything! I just loved another girl”

Unknown really reminds me of Nagito Komaeda from Super Dangan Ronpa 2
They both talked about paradise and despair the same way lmaoo

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Craig came from a big town and built his crew in an even bigger town. They were strong and he was even stronger. The power and control were all in his boxing ring. When things went south, he would’ve done anything for the loyal three crew members that remained; even make a whole new name for himself, and identity for his new but slightly used crew, Fake Attack. He promised he would never put his crew through that transition again, and he’ll knock out anybody willing to make them.