fake documentary

allura: paladins, do you understand what it feels like to be completely betrayed? to know that someone you trusted had been lying to you and your community, from the very beginning? to have your hopes and dreams built up for years, only to be crushed in one move by someone you had once respected?

lance, thinking about that fake mermaid documentary from animal planet: yea i feel :/

Artists Wanted!

I’m helping a friend make a mockumentary (a fake, comedic documentary) about a fake cryptid that’s half deer and half crocodile- either the Crocodeer or the Deerodile (name hasn’t been decided yet)

Anyways! So there’s a scene where a man is talking about the creature and behind him is a wall full of drawings- but we need to fill that wall!

If you enjoy drawing and want to help out, draw what you think a half deer, half crocodile might look like and send it to me!

You can either submit it or email a picture to cryptozoologygirls@gmail.com!

Have fun and thanks so much!


Broduce 101 Prompts Masterpost


Person A and Person B:

Meringue, Princess CarryLongtime Fan, Language Woe, Borrowing ClothesHigh Heels, Church, Birthday, Shipping, Pizza, Pretend Couple, Broken Promise, Childhood Friends, Sweater Swap, Fanboy AU, HateBed, Amnesia 


Time Travel, MCM Teddy Bear Part 1, Part 2: Dance Battle, (Fake) Animal Documentary, Watching Anime, Spin-The-Bottle, Second Elimination, Rainy Day, Snowball FightPre-PD101 Videos, Handcuffs, “Mom“, Yongguk, Girls’ Uniform, Egg, Lipstick, Finals Week, Online GamingBaby, Sleepover, Beach, Privacy, Twin, Beach, Hang Out, Makeup


Vampire, TeacherABO, School, Guardian Angel, Spy, Magical, Soulmate, Superhuman School, Special OPs, Daycare, Merman, Street Racing, Disney, Produce 101 S1, AKB48Office

Person specific:

Sewoon: ABO AU, Kingdom AU, Ponyo Loves, Entertainment Company AU, Pizza Delivery Guy

Seonho: Ouran High School Host Club AU, High School Musical AU, Hyung Timesheet, Chick

Kenta: Yakuza, Cafe AU

Jaehwan: Serenade, Opposite AU

Jihoon: Winking Booth, Flawless Photos, Special Agent

Dongho: Gender Bender, Kitty Savior

Daehwi: English

Daniel: Human Peach

Jinyoung: Soulmate AUAngelic Smile

Lee Woojin: Family AU

Park Woojin: Screentime

Seongwoo: Superhero AU

Hyungseob: Egg Nightmare, Bunny

Hyunbin: Thanks To

Gunhee: Frog

Taehyun: Tutor AU

Pair specific:

Donghyun and Sewoon: Something

Sewoon and Jaehwan: The Little Mermaid AU

Sewoon and Jonghyun: Digimon

Jonghyun and Jihoon: Anime Convention

Jihoon and Samuel: Pokemon AU

Samuel and Daehwi: Scary Movie

Daehwi and Dongho: Flowers and Tattoos

Daehwi and Seonho: Costco

Seonho and Minhyun: Neighbor AU

Daniel and Woojin: Cat/Shelter AU

Daniel and Seongwoo: Movie AU

Eunki and Jung Jung: Rival Dance Studio AU

Hyungseob and Woojin: Amusement Park AU

Group specific:

Justice League: Wizarding World of Harry Pote, Model AU

119/Playing with Fire: Dress Up

Masculine Beauty BOOM BOOM/Get Ugly: Hospital AU

Knock and Slate: Swapping Songs

Knock and Nation’s Son: Mafia AU

BNM: Teddy Bears 


Cube: Cube, Espionage AU, Family AU with Dongho

NU’EST: Trainers AU