fake dems

We’re back with 27 Questions You’d Love to Ask @buzzfeedvideo. Namely, is y’all niggas hiring? 

In the latest episode, we tackle the antiblackness at Buzzfeed and Sprint. We also attempt to understand why inventing new technologies to alter race is less expensive than hiring a Japanese actress, while letting our Geek Flag fly. Also we tackle the Ambiguously Brown Character trope and why that always translates to a whitewashed role. And we try to figure out who the fuck Destiny Hope is cuz we don’t know her. *Mariah Voice*

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which Dawn are you calling?

just 2 hotdad&cutemum parents talking about their children. 

Eyyyy, I’m not diligent enough to do a proper shading. try to make dem fake screenshot thingy. i tried. orz

d00dle’s dawn is actually very short, Dawn too tall. so lets just imagine she sit on something~

From Right to left:

Dawn (human form) belong to me.

Dawn belong to @d00dlebugg

hope ya like em~

and extra:

quick traditional art doodle: tofu Tofa

I’m going to start setting my clocks by the daily Trump “scandal”.

Nothing like daily fake news stories to convince people you aren’t fake news.

Poor Dems have been drinking their own Kool-aid for so long, they actually think there is a Russian scandal. They forgot that they made it up completely. Boy are they going to be bummed when they realize these impeachment orgasms were all for nothing.

Kurz nachdem ich den Vertrag unterzeichnete, habe ich sogleich einen Beglückwünschung von Nuri Sahin via Instagram bekommen. Ich habe zuerst gedacht, das sei irgendein Fake, aber als ich dem Account gefolgt bin überzeugte ich mich davon, dass es der offizielle Account ist. Ich habe mich bedankt. Nachdem haben wir uns infolge des Länderspiels gegen die Türkei persönlich getroffen und unterhalten. Und nach der Ankunft in Dortmund verkehrte ich am meisten mit Sahin und Toprak.
—  Andriy Yarmolenko, irgendein Interview in der Ukraine