fake democrats

The democrats been fake. the fact we still have an electoral college is a crime. Delegates and “super” delegates will not speak for the people, ever, that’s literally not what they do


Reactions to Donald Trump labelling news media “the enemy of the American people” from: 

  • David Axelrod, former adviser to President Barack Obama
  • Carl Bernstein, investigative journalist and author who covered the Watergate scandal and was the first to suspect that Nixon was involved
  • Gabriel Sherman, national affairs editor at New York magazine
  • Eliot A. Cohen, scholar of international affairs and former counselor in the United States Department of State
  • Jesse Berney, writer and activist
  • Andy Greenwald, writer and critic
  • David Evan McMullin, former CIA operations officer and independent candidate during the 2016 United States presidential election

fake news online: *exists*

people: “wow can’t believe Hillary Clinton is a devil worshipper and every celebrity is dead”

The New York Times, BBC, etc: *report accurately on Donald Trump*

same people: “fake news!!!! lying liberal media!”

Donald Trump & co.: blatantly lie, call the lies “alternative facts”

same people: “Donald Trump is telling the truth and all journalists are lying.”

scientists: *present evidence-based data, cite their sources*

same people: “fake!!! lies!!! climate change is a conspiracy theory!”

I can’t remember CNN ever reporting on:

The so-called Affordable Care Act,

The so-called video that caused Benghazi,

The so-called Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,

The so-called Iranian Nuclear Deal,

The so-called Paris Climate Accord,

Vox: America is facing an epistemic crisis
What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn’t matter?
By David Roberts

What happens when people stop caring about reality?

As this article illustrates, there are two general poles through which the media functions. There’s the center-left, where publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post reside, and there’s the far right, where Breitbart, National Review, and Fox News reside. That the media on the right has moved so far away from the center is terrifying, but isn’t even the most terrifying facet of this.

That would be conservatives’ aversion to the structures that gather information (science, academia, journalism). Either it’s that science isn’t real, that universities are propaganda, or that journalism is fake. Maybe it’s all three. And when sources of actual information are seen as useless, then who provides the information?

It’s people like Sean Hannity, people like Alex Jones, people like Mike Cernovich, people like Donald Trump. Truth isn’t truth anymore. Facts aren’t facts. The leaders decide what is real. So what happens if Mueller finds out that Trump obstructed justice or colluded? How are those facts received?

I’m going to guess that they aren’t received at all.

Washington Post: Opinion | If Russia can create fake ‘Black Lives Matter’ accounts, who will next?
Russia is just the meddler of the moment, and things will worsen until policymakers act.
By https://www.facebook.com/anne.applebaum

Another reason that everybody needs to get their news from reputable sources and not from social media.

It’s not difficult to trick people. Just look at the fake “Black Lives Matter” accounts being spread by Russian propagandists. Just look at the anti-immigration propaganda being spewed by Russia. People are engulfing fake news and propaganda at a volume and a rate we’ve never really seen before, and it’s having an impact on our electorate. It’s why the 30% that is firmly in Trump’s corner will remain there no matter what happens. This propaganda has fabricated a new reality where America’s democratic systems are hostile and useless, while Trump is the only one who is committed to saving America.

Pay attention to the media you consume. It’s entirely possible, if you’re not careful, that you’re being grievously misled.

Donna Brazile can go fuck herself or apparently as would seem her preference, Bernie Sanders. She’s talking out of her backside - with a book to sell - and in effect peddling a story that doesn’t make sense, has been further twisted by the media, and ultimately only adds one previously unknown element to a story that we already know. Yes, the DNC leadership favoured Hillary (the actual Democrat) over Bernie (the blow in, fake Democrat). They did not however “rig” anything. If the DNC could rig on that scale, we’d have a sane person in the White House now with both the popular AND Electoral College vote win. What we didn’t know before was that Hillary also bailed the party out of massive debt, so you know, saved their fucking collective arses, and wanted a fundraising agreement with the fake Democratic old fart from Vermont, that he turned down. So what if she wanted a little say in how things were done - they might not be in the shit hole of ineptitude they’re in now if they’d let her run the whole thing. What Brazile seems to forget is that the Primary process is an electoral one, people vote. The DNC might have favoured Hillary, but then again that strikes me as the least they could fucking do - a woman who cleared them of massive money woes and had been a near life long member, supporter, and fundraiser, over some old codger who never contributed so much as a penny before and couldn’t be arsed to sign up as a member of the party even when supposedly wanting to run for President in their name (and still won’t hand over his email list). The whole Brazile version of events, the apparent piety of it all smacks of a desperate need to sell some books, because if this had been true piety, true concern for the Primary process, she should have come out with her apparent claims last year! Not wait 12 months until her claims had a hard cover and a price on the back of the dust jacket.

Also, Elizabeth Warren can go do one. The fact that she’s jumped on this bandwagon of nonsense tells me that’s she just as bankrupt and opportunistic as the financial sector she warned us about a decade ago. Forget 2020, Warren, it’s not gonna happen. And to think, Hillary twice mentioned you in London in such glowing terms.

Things the last 18 months have taught me:

Trump is actually insane.
The GOP are also insane and spineless bastards.
The Democrats are insane and spineless bastards, but for different reasons than the GOP.
Hillary is actually too good for everything.
Unless the Democrats gets their heads out of Bernie’s old man arsecrack, then they deserve to lose 2018 and beyond (I just wish that as a citizen of the world their stupid decisions didn’t effect the rest of us too). They’re ungrateful twats.