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Don’t know why this popped into my head but sup

You know what I like?

FAHC!Gavin having a slew of scary ass mother fuckers behind him. At first other crews seek him out because he’s a fairly easy target, his reaction time in close combat is slow at best, his limbs tend to go akimbo when he panics, and those damn $6000 sunglasses are always blocking his view.

Ramsey comes for his boy and leaves nothing behind but ash and smoke. The next time it happened, Vagabond arrives to save his beloved and treks a trail of red back to their apartment. They say things come in three’s, and when Gavin was taken yet again it was the lads who came to his rescue.

Mogar truly unleashed the beast as Monster Truck mowed down all who stood in his way. Whispers ran rampant through the grapevine, claims that Brownman had come back to the Fakes just to save their precious Fool.

In time the city learns: you do not touch Free.

But there will always be risk takers. There will always be someone stupid enough to say “I can do something no one else has.”

And so Gavin is taken… Again.

The news hits the streets the second it happened and the city holds it’s breath.

They wait for Ramsey, Vagabond, The Lads. They wait for the Fake’s, infamous for it’s loyalty to those they consider Crew, to make a move.

They were not expecting her.

With her baby blue eyes and flowing blonde hair she is the epitome of gentle beauty. Except she leaves a trail of broken and battered bodies in her wake, she destroys everyone who dares to keep her oldest and dearest friend from her.

Blawndee, people whisper, of the Rooster’s. She is their Frontman, their negotiator, everything The Fool has learned he learned from her. Gavin is terrifying in his own way, with the way he can twist your words and warp your mind. But he had to get it from somewhere, it’s a shame that no one had ever asked who his teacher was.

And she comes for him, with an excited smile and a bounce in her step.

“Hi Gavino!” She greets, as if they were meeting for coffee.

And the bruised and battered Fool smiles and laughs, “Hey Barbara, long time no see!”


everything is going wrong, but we’re so happy
playlist full of songs that make you feel like you’re in a movie

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