fake chat

Jungkook: So, I heard you liked bad boys

Jimin: That’s right

Jungkook: Well, not to get you all excited, but I don’t look both ways before I cross the street

Jimin: That’s actually really dangerous :(

Jungkook: I know

Jungkook: …I don’t really do that

  • Hoseok: i'm cold
  • Yoongi: here, have my jacket
  • Jimin: hey, i'm cold too
  • Jungkook: what? [taking off jacket] i told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now [piling scarves on Jimin] now look, i've got to make sure you don't FREEZE to death and [taking somebody else's hat] how long have you been cold you should've said something sooner,

bts: in which you’re ready for the comeback, but they ain’t havin’ it

are you guys ready for the comeback? we sure as hell are not, but what can ya do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Jk : I was born a winner, I’ve never lost to anything, I’m a master at everything
Ot6: loser gets to room with jimin
Jk :
Jk : what’s a game?