fake cc tweets

When people say they hate Shadowhunters after only watching 1 episode

When people say they hate Shadowhunters because it’s not exactly like the books/ When people don’t understand what an adaptation is.

When people say that Izzy is a “slut”

When people say that Magnus is too vulnerable on the show

When people say that Kat Mcnamara is the worst actress

When people say that Clace and Malec are moving too quickly

When people try to get the show cancelled by starting a petition

When CC is fake and tweets nice things to people involved with a show she’s shaded countless times

When Booktubers that completely trash the show but still kiss up to the cast

When people don’t realize difference between constructive criticism and bashing

When people say that Lydia is getting in between Malec

When people send hate to the cast, writers, and directors

When people say that Clary’s hair is too orange when the book literally described her hair like that and the book covers