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BnHA Senior Portrait #9: Special Edition Jeans!Bakugou

Artist: JBadgr


With the help of @poulerslashes, here is the hc behind this pic:

This is a photo commissioned by Best Jeanist to remind Bakugou of what an upstanding HERO should look like. Bakugou hates this photo. B.J. photoshops fake fashion ad campaigns and sends them to him daily. His mother has it plastered all over the house. It leaks to the school. UA advisories and student announcements are posted as blurbs on this photo. Kirashima and Sero have yet to stop laughing. It has been 6 days. Bakugou has destroyed 12 desks. 


BnHa Portrait Series: #1 Uravity #2 Bakugou #3 Midoriya #4 Todoroki #5 Tokoyami #6 Kirishima #7 Kaminari #8 Mina

USA Today’s title is technically accurate, but it makes it sound like the story is “Trump worked hand-in-hand with the Russian mob” rather than “rich gangsters like to buy overpriced Trump condos.” Yes, there’s troubling stuff in both these reports, but conflating them to “Trump was bailed out by the Russian mob” just makes it easier for him to dismiss real criticism as fake news. When Trump tweets this, he’s not wrong. We should all be focusing on the actual shady shit here, of which there is an abundance. The president didn’t seem to care that international gangsters were buying his condos. He actively defrauded American citizens with a fake university. His former campaign manager advised brutal dictators for a living. His former national security advisor took tens of thousands of dollars in payments from foreign governments. The Russian government absolutely influenced the 2016 election through their propaganda.

You can make very strong arguments that Donald Trump is bad at vetting his employees, shady as hell, and generally the kind of dude who takes from his own charitable foundation to pay his legal bills. You can make the case that Vladimir Putin really wanted Donald Trump to become president, and that should scare us. But instead, prominent voices in the media are making claims he can refute, and I’m stuck defending an asshole with whom I wouldn’t shake hands even if his palm was coated in the antidote I needed.

Here’s The Trump News We Should Actually Be Talking About

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Prompt for Enjonine? "I work at a movie theater and I'm trying to clean up but you're still here, ugly crying" :P

(ancient prompt? FILLED!)

dedicated to everyone who’s still reading and writing for this ship, in particular to the awesomesauce @aurimaedre who deserves some fluff. 


She’s been here for a while. She’s seen things, some of them she will never be able to unsee, not even if she lives to be a hundred years old. She has seen everything from full frontal nudity to proposals to vomit in every direction - and she hasn’t just seen it on the jumbo screen 

And the tears? She was around when PS I love you premiered (as a surly teenager) and for the hype surrounding The Fault In Our Stars (as the surly assistant manager). 

So she gets it - even the tough guys needed tissues when Han Solo died. And she’s heard that the latest Star Wars movie involved some kind of heroic last stand, so she’d stocked up on the Kleenex. 

She just was not expecting the most outspoken idiot running for Congress to be the weepy mess she would physically have to drag from his seat after the 7 PM showing of Rogue One. 

The surly teen currently on cleanup duty, some friend of Gavroche’s she’d hired out of something resembling pity, had been way too terrified to ask the intimidating man in the three piece suit to get up and leave. Eponine had no such issues. 

“Sir?” she had to force herself to stay polite. “I have to ask you to leave. Your weeping is freaking out my employees and we have another showing to prepare for.” 

Zero tact. Yes, she was aware. 

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Taekook Fic Recs

Thought I’d do an updated one because I literally have 100 fics in my bookmarks on AO3. I seriously spent my entire summer just reading. :’) Obvi, i’m not gonna add all 100, maybe like 30 or something though.

1. Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug

-three amazing works so far (Lupi, Just Us, Us vs Them) and more to come

-201k words of pure adorableness 

-whipped and pining jungkook!!!!!!!

-college student taehyung!

-slow build so it’s not too rushed. totally worth it.

2. i’ll be a man (of you, you, you babe) by monsterplaza

-university au!

-blind dates that jungkook doesn’t wanna go on and taehyung hilariously saving jungkook each time


-literally the smut it topnotch

-18.9k words

3. Maybe we can be (each other’s company) by foolishbangtan

-fanboy taehyung!! and idol jungkook!1

-taetae is an art student and hnnngggg


-57k words

4. Taste of Ink by sugamins

-gang au!!

-sugakookie are bff goals aswell as vmin

-taehyung is literally harley quinn/joker in this. fight me if you don’t agree.

-128k words

5. House of Cards by sugamins

-wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like violence bc it’s rlly detailed w/ the gore

-also don’t read if you dont like vminkook together. (it was hard for me to read the jikook and vmin parts but i survived yall)

-made me wtf a lot

-just yes

-394k words (it took me a whole day to read it and i got no sleep)

6. you’re the closest to heaven i’ll ever be by aeterisks

-smut smut smut smut smut. literally a-level smut i cANNOT

-DJ JUNGKOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-RICH club owner taehyUNG

-pls help this was so gOOD

-27.7k words

7. talking body by aeterisks


-mirror SeX!!!!!

-yesyesyesyes and yes

-4.9k words

8. cut out all the ropes (let them fall) by aeterisks

-model!tae and photographer!jeon

-they hate each other but then :-))))

-so fluffy and the porn is 10/10

-angst had me shook

-76.7k words

9. Whatta Man (Good Man) by aeterisks

-if u couldn’t tell already i’m lowkey promoting raquel’s works

-shy jeon turns out to be a horny little shit that runs a porn blog

-whipped for tae

-no sex but still porn. always porn.

-7.8k words

10. all the right wrongs by aeterisks





-it’s so cute i cried

-34k words

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So Trump, in a recent interview with Reuters, said

“I loved my previous life.  I had so many things going […] This is more work than in my previous life.  I thought it would be easier.

(emphasis mine)

And I keep flashing back to a scene from Justice League Unlimited (s.02[05]:ep.09, ”Question Authority”)

“Foolish, faceless man; my campaign is a farce.  A small part of a much grander scheme.  President… do you know how much power I’d have to give up to be President?  That’s right, conspiracy buff.  I spent 75 million dollars on a fake Presidential campaign, all just to tick Superman off." 

Which shows that the folks who wrote JLU knew more about what being President would entail than Trump does….

Given that this particular episode (and several leading to it) was written by Dwayne McDuffie, this is certainly true.

CNN Exclusive: FBI tracked 'fake news' believed to be from Russia on Election Day
The FBI monitored social media on Election Day last year in an effort to track a suspected Russian disinformation campaign utilizing "fake news," CNN has learned.
By Shimon Prokupecz, Pamela Brown and Evan Perez, CNN

Shimon Prokupecz, Pamela Brown and Evan Perez at CNN:

Washington (CNN)” The FBI monitored social media on Election Day last year in an effort to track a suspected Russian disinformation campaign utilizing “fake news,” CNN has learned.

In the months leading up to Election Day, Twitter and Facebook were the feeding grounds for viral “news” stories floating conspiracies and hoaxes, many aimed at spreading negative false claims about Hillary Clinton.

On Election Day, dozens of agents and analysts huddled at a command center arrayed with large monitoring screens at the FBI headquarters in Washington watching for security threats, according to multiple sources.

That included analysts monitoring cyber threats, after months of mounting Russian intrusions targeting every part of the US political system, from political parties to policy think-tanks to state election systems.

On this day, there was also a group of FBI cyber and counterintelligence analysts and investigators watching social media.

FBI analysts had identified social media user accounts behind stories, some based overseas, and the suspicion was that at least some were part of a Russian disinformation campaign, according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

mousebrass  asked:

Which line is more quintessentially *Luthor* - "I spent 75 million dollars on a fake Presidential campaign, all just to tick Superman off", OR "I don't hate the sinner, I hate the sin. And yours, my friend, is existing"?

Oh man, I love the former but the latter is such an incredibly perfect summation of what Lex *thinks* his mindset is, and I am utterly baffled it didn’t make it into the theatrical cut of BvS. It would’ve been his best moment in the movie, if still not enough to redeem the rest of his third act showing.


If you have been keeping up with the news you have heard if the 3 “Slender stabbings” that have been happening lately. If you are not familiar it all started with two 12 year old girls who plotted to kill their friend by taking her into the woods and stabbing her 19 times all because they wanted Slenderman to take them to his mansion. After the news report on this two more stabbings followed.

As you can probably imagine this has caused an uproar with parents and fans alike, both sides agree that there is a fine line between knowing real from fake and also that those two girls were VERY young.

I know I’m not to popular but I figured I would try to stop this whole killing spree by starting the “It’s All Fake” campaign.

For the Creepy Pasta fandom the It’s All Fake campaign is were we unite as people and spread the word through showing that it’s all fake.

To spread the word you can half dress up as your character or OC and hold a sign that says “It’s All Fake” or if you do narrations or artwork that will work too.

We are going to need a lot of help if this takes off to spread the word but we need to show that not everyone in this fandom is that stupid.

Please guys even if you are in another fandom or hate creepypasta please help us it means a lot.

Thank you for reading.
- Clara Hall (Author of Chaos Theory)

Jared’s Facebook masterpost 2015 and AKF

Just a little timeline I made of Jared’s facebook posts and videos in 2015 and the Always Keep Fighting campaigns, because I have trouble remembering what happened and when. If I couldn’t find the exact fb post, I linked the same tweet. All links go to my blog. This list is still missing some posts. if you find a post that is not as a link below, please send me a message!

March 2015
- Jared joins Facebook 3.3.
- Jared’s first FB post and the launch of the first AKF campaign 3.3.
- Jared’s first FB video + tag for all posts about it 4.3.
- Jared’s second FB video about AKF contest winnertag 5.3.
- Jared’s FB page has one million likes + tag 5.3.
- Jared’s video from set wearing the akf shirt + tag 6.3.
- Jared’s “hey buddy” pic from set 6.3.
- Jared’s post about personal strenght after filming ep 10.19 6.3.
- Jared’s message from the airport with AKF shirt 7.3.
- Jared’s FB video about the friend who inspired AKF + tag 7.3.
- Jared posts a pic of Thomas wearing the AKF shirt 8.3.
- Jared’s FB video about the second AKF contest + tag 9.3.
- Stephen Amell’s video with Jared about AKF + tag
- Jared’s FB video announcing the winner of signed script + tag 13.3.
- Jared posts that he’s sick at vegascon 16.3.
- Jared’s FB video announcing the last winners of AKF contest 17.3.
- Jared’s FB video update about the AFK campaign + tag 18.3.
- Jared’s post about extended AKF campaign 18.3.
- Jared’s 40 000 sold shirts post and vneck sweater contest 18.3.
- Jared’s post about akf shirts and spn family 18.3.
- Jared’s AKF post about Wounded Warrior 19.3.
- Jared posts a pic with Shep and guitar 23.3.
- Jared’s post “Sorry I’ve gone AWOL for a bit” 27.3.
- Jared’s post about final winners of the campaign 28.3.

April 2015
- Jared posts a set pic of cast and crew 1.4.
- A pic of AKF shirts ready to be shipped 2.4.
- A pic of Jared and Tom playing Easter Bunnies 6.4.
- Jared’s FB video with fake tattoo + tag 11.4.
- Jared’s moose pic announcement of second AKF campaign 14.4.
- Jared’s FB video (stripping) teaser about AKF 2 + tag 15.4. 
- Jared meets fans wearing AKF shirts on set 17.4.
- AKF 2 announcement time video with Jensen + tag 17.4.
- J2 picture on set with the AKF 2 shirts 17.4.
- Celebratory outtake video of AKF 2 with dorky Jensen + tag 18.4.
- 2nd outtake video in Jensen’s FB and J2 with crazy eyes + tag 18.4.
- Jared posts a pic of Tom and Shep in a tree 18.4.
- Jared posts a pic with Tom and announces phone call contest 19.4.
- Edited J2 on set pic about signed shirts contest 21.4.
- Jared’s post about his sister’s Big Mo book 22.4.
- Jared (grey beanie) posts a campaign update video + tag 23.4.
- J2 announce another phone call contest 24.4.
- Another J2 outtake video + tag 24.4.
- Another edited pic with Tom and new contest 25.4.
- Jared makes a post about fans’ AKF tattoos 25.4.
- Jared’s post with Tom and Shep about AKF 2 shirts in kids’ sizes 26.4.
- meme!jared post about soulless!sam 28.4.
- meme!jared post 1 day left 28.4.
- meme!jared post “t-shiiirts!” 28.4.
- J2 FB video 12 hours left of the campaign + tag 29.4.
- meme!jared 1 day left wincest manip 29.4.
- J2 video “A message from Jensen and SRV and me” tweet + tag 29.4.

May 2015
- Jared hints about a surprise 1.5.
- J2 FB video Pay Day relaunch of AKF 2 + tag 1.5.
- meme!jared post “17 hours left” 2.5.
- meme!jared post “6 hours to go” 2.5.
- Jared’s last AKF 2 post 3.5.
- Jared posts a Tough Mudder pic 4.5.
- Jared L’Eto post tweet 6.5.
- Jared in Bruges eating a waffle tweet 7.5.
- Jared asks good stories about Spn or AKF 8.5.
- Jared&Gen Mother’s Day post tweet 11.5.
“Get Ready” AKF 2 shirts being printed pic 12.5.
- Scruffy J2 in the backseat Asylum14 pic tweet 13.5.
- TBT shirtless Austin lake selfie tweet 14.5.
- Jared’s post about needing support 16.5.

June 2015
- Jared and Gen Gilmore Girls reunion selfie 8.6.
- Jared and Gen ATX GG smilebooth pic TBT tweet 12.6.
- Jared’s selfie Cafe Dean pic 19.6.
- J2 in the pool with the kids aka Father’s Day post 22.6.
- Happiness Found pic with padafamily tweet 24.6.
- Jared posts an AKF2 collage pic 29.6.
- Jared and Gen kayaking tweet 30.6.

July 2015
- Jared posts a pic of walking Tom and Shep to “school” 2.7.
- Fourth of July post 5.7.
- Jared’s sneak peek video of day 1 of season 11 + tag 8.7.
- Jared with “Biggest Heart Award” trophy 9.7.
- Jared with fans end of day 3 s11 10.7.
- Jared’s note to Delta Airlines 12.7.
- Jared’s pic of San Diego from a plane 12.7.
- Jensen, Misha, Mark, Jared sdcc backpack pic 12.7.
- Hammin it up with Jensen, Paul and Ian at sdcc 12.7.
- Jared’s post thanking fans for the Hall H akf candle tribute 12.7.
- Jared’s new FB profile pic of his hand holding the AKF candle 14.7.
- Clif posts a video of Jared’s giant tyre workout 15.7.
- TBT pic with Jensen, Ian Somerhalden and Paul Wesley from sdcc 16.7.
- Jared and Gen at Fixe restaurant in Austin 18.7.
- Jared teases about a new AKF campaign 19.7.
- Jared’s FB video of AKF 3 campaign and his birthday + tag 19.7.
- Jared with Tom and Shep in akf 3 shirts “We’re blown away…” 21.7.
- Jared’s bruised woohoo face on set, 2 million likes 21.7.
- Jared’s video from set announcing the winner of signed shirt 22.7. 
- Jared FB video over 11,000 shirts sold 23.7.
- Jared posts pics with Tom and Shep in AKF 3 shirts 23.7.
- Jared reading to Tom and Shep in AKF 3 shirts 23.7.
- J2 pic with akf 3 shirts on set, 12,000 sold shirts 24.7.
- meme!jared should i buy one - just do it 24.7.
- meme!jared akf i want five 25.7.
- Little video from set announcing winner of phone call contest 25.7.
- Jared’s thumb up pic in akf 3 shirt and new contest 26.7.
- Jared’s selfies from a jog in Washington D.C. 26.7.
- meme!jared soulless sam post almost 20k sold shirts 27.7.
- Jared’s cheery pic from set wearing akf 3, over 20k sold 28.7.
- pic of Tom and Shep brushing teeth in akf 2 shirts  28.7.
- meme!jared post 2 days left yellow fever Dean meme 28.7.
- bloodied pic from set in vneck, 2 days left of campaign 29.7.
- J2 pic on set in akf 3 shirts, “what does akf mean to you?” 29.7.
- Jared’s video telling the winner of signed script + last contest 30.7.
- Jared pic on set, 9 hrs left 30.7.
- Jared’s text post reflecting the first akf campaign 30.7.
- “heading home from a looooong day on set" 30.7.
- meme!jared post tell everyone to order theirs now 31.7.
- meme!jared “i hug every shirt” 31.7.

August 2015
- meme!jared pay day relaunch 1.8.
- Jared’s shirtless pic with Amell and akf 3 relaunch post 2.8.
- meme!jared “can’t seem to find my akf shirt” 3.8.
- Jared’s video final AKF contest 4.8.
- meme!jared post “Just Do It” 4.8.
- bruised Jared pic from set with akf note and instagram promo 6.8.
- Jared’s TBT pic with ipod box 6.8.
- Jared’s selfie with Nathan Fillion shirt 11.8.
- Video of Jared signing Paul Blackthorne’s charity shirt 13.8.
- J2 pic from set sitting in baby 14.8.
- Happy Friday y’all impala pic 15.8.
- meme!jared post Katniss EverDean 15.8.
- First #MotivationalMonday text post “everyone you meet…” 17.8.
- TBT baby jared photo shoot pic 20.8.
- MotivationMonday pic about suicide 25.8.
- TBT J2 pic 2005 with pink and floral shirts 27.8.

September 2015
- Jared’s suit selfie “always fun to rock the FBI Winchester look” 2.9.
- Danger asbestos selfie tweet 4.9.
- Jared’s video of Travis Aaron Wade’s trut4h campaign  5.9.
- Jared and Gen kissy face selfie tweet 6.9.
- Jared’s vneck selfie Wolrd Suicide Prevention Day 11.9.
- J2 FBF pic with Samantha Smith 11.9.
- young Jared green tshirt pic TBT 17.9.
- Jared crashing Ian Somerhalder’s and Paul Wesley’s panel tweet 21.9.
- Jared posts a pic of Jep Robertson wearing akf 2 shirt 24.9.
- TBT wedding day pic 24.9.
- J2 njcon fb posts 28.9.

October 2015
- J2 with casts of Lucifer and Legends of Tomorrow 1.10.
- Trailer Thursday spn 11 video 2.10.
- Group pic from AustinCityLimits + tag 6.10.
- Jared’s hot prof Sam selfie, season 11 premiere tomorrow 7.10.
- Jared’s selfie on set, cast and crew watch s11 premiere 8.10.
- TBT young J2 bnw school pics 8.10.
- #FanPicFridays vegascon2013 light saber photo op 9.10.
- purple group pic World Mental Health Day 10.10.
- meme!jared J2 marvel manip 15.10.
- TBT pic of season 1 binder for journalists 16.10.
- FBF pic of Jared in A Ring of Endless Light 16.10.
- FanPicFriday J3 vegascon photo op 17.10.
- #DaddyDayCare pic with Tom and Shep 19.10.
- MotivationalMonday post, be kinder to yourself 20.10.
- Jared’s post “There is no shame in asking for help” 20.10.
- Jared with a steak 21.10.
- TBT pic of bearded daddy Jared and Thomas insta 22.10.
- FanPicFridays J2 njcon photo op 24.10.
- meme!jared pic GLADalecki 25.10.
- MotivationalMonday post about living through the lens of others 26.10.
- TBT pic of J2 in 2005 spn promo 29.10.
- FanPicFridays of 2 kids cosplaying as Sam and Dean 30.10.
- J2 cemetary Halloween pic 31.10.

November 2015
- Padafamily cosplay pic tweet 2.11.
- MotivationalMonday quote of a struggle + exciting launch  2.11.
- meme!jared pic “I Want You” + holiday campaign launch 3.11.
- video of Jensen playing keyboard on set 4.11.
- Jared’s “allergy” live video of Holiday AKF 4 campaign + tag 4.11.
- Jared’s selfie with akf 4 shirt, biggest ever first 24h of sales 5.11.
- meme!jared (cinderella) with facebook live info 6.11.
- Jared’s AKF 24 hour update video, 10k shirts sold + tag 6.11.
- Jared’s akf 4 hoodie selfie, kangaroo pocket 6.11.
- Jared’s live video with black hoodie and beanie live Q&A part 1 7.11.
"Lost my connection” live Q&A part 2 7.11.
- Third time’s a charm live Q&A part 3 7.11.
- Jared’s live Q&A video part 4 + tag 7.11.
- MotivationalMonday “I know you are tired” 9.11.
- Jared’s selfie with two fan letters 10.11.
- meme!jared J2 pic “come on you know you want it” 11.11.
- warning of TeeChip fake campaign page 12.11.
- Jensen’s FB video of J2 reminiscing about the episode + tag 12.11.
- Jared’s cheery pic with akf 4 sweatshirt 13.11.
- “My heart is with those in Paris” 14.11.
“Only 2 days left of our holiday campaign” 16.11.
- pic of akf4 t-shirt: one day left 17.11.
- Jared’s video (white beanie) “less than 2 days left” + tag 17.11.
- Jared’s video in trailer with dogs "only 16 hrs left” + tag 18.11.
- smiley Jared in akf4 sweatshirt, under 24 hrs left 17.11.
- Jared’s post about extended campaign for 24 hrs 18.11.
- Jared’s video watching ep 11.07 live with Sadie 19.11.
- Jared’s second video in his bedroom “I’m back!” 19.11.
- “Trying again!” Third video watching the ep 19.11.
- “Thanks for watching!” Fourth video + tag 19.11.
- TBT pic of young Jared in 1995 playing one of the 3 musketeers 20.11.
- Jared’s Minute Maid ad video + tag 23.11.
- TBT pic of J2 in suits on set with dogs 26.11.
- Happy Thanksgiving pic of Jared and Tom in a pool 26.11.
- Jared launches AKF Thanksgiving special letterman jacket 27.11.
- Jared’s selfie in akf beanie 29.11.
- Happy Cyber Monday! Jared’s selfie in Letterman jacket + tag 30.11.

December 2015
- J2 nice no-look throw on set 1.12.
- GivingTuesday selfie in Letterman jacket tweet 1.12.
- TBT pool picture with Tom 3.12.
- MotivationalMonday “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy” 7.12.
- Jared with Paul Lazenby “When We Were Bouncers” 10.12.
- Jared’s MooseFight pic 15.12.
- Jared’s thumbs up selfie, done filming in 2015! 17.12.
- Happy late facebook-birthday, Shep 23.12.
- Shirtless pool selfie in Austin on Christmas Eve 24.12.

Always Keep Fighting posts by campaign:
- AKF 1
- AKF 2
- AKF 3
- AKF 4
- AKF Letterman
- AKF 5


I was going through some stuff and came across this gem. In 2012 Maxx and Cody ran fake presidential campaigns against each other…needless to say we all took it pretty seriously. Maxx appointed me to be his campaign manager so I made this shirt to wear to one of their shows. Wowee.

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of people talking about some concerning news that’s been released around the internet about Chick-fil-a. If you haven’t heard yet, here it is.

The story goes, as posted in many different articles, that after #BlackLivesMatter took off, Chick-fil-a (a popular American fast food chain found in 38/50 states) took notice and started up a campaign called #PoliceLivesMatter and have given all of their employees dark blue t-shirts that say “Back the Blue” to support police.
“A counter movement has come out of the media wreckage called #PoliceLivesMatter that urges citizens to respect police and understand that they are here to serve and protect, and that if you abide by the law and cooperate like a mature law-abiding citizen, you’ll be protected.” (qpolitical.com)

Well I’m here to tell you that this is a fake ass story and I’m asking you all to not believe it, and to share this post as much as you can.
The Back the Blue t-shirts were given to employees working at only ONE store location in The Woodlands, TX. This particular store is located in the food/shopping center called College Park Plaza, which is in the area directly surrounding my high school, College Park HS. This Chick-fil-a was built last August off of the entrance drive to the front of the high school and is easily within walking distance for all students. This store is primarily worked at by students from my school and at this point is basically my school’s off-campus restaurant. The Back the Blue t-shirts were given out through the restaurant to show the mutual support between CPHS and the store when it was first built, and you can even see were it says “Chick-fil-a at College Park” on the back. The school’s main colors are dark blue and silver, hence the name.
So no, these t-shirts do not promote police brutality, they promote the positive relationship that my school has with a local fast food restaurant. In short, Chick-fil-a’s #PoliceLivesMatter campaign is fake.


This is where we are. The CIA can join twitter and will be warmly received. People will be excited and ‘tee hee’ and giggle about it. The US Dept of Defense will tweet “jokingly” to the CIA and people will love it.

Now oblivious white people who aren’t the target of systemic oppression and violence loving this is one thing. They’re existing in a different reality, and I don’t expect them to get it by default, or to contextualize anything outside of their existence. Black and brown people joining in on the fun however is downright bizarre. These groups of mass murderers can make a cheeky tweet or two and people will get excited about it. The DoD tweet about running in the same circles is really gross, especially when you take the time to consider what they are actually “joking” about.

Now I’m not surprised by people finding these tweets funny, but I am disappointed by some who are joining in the celebration of this macabre exhibition of humor. Especially those who claim to be about social justice. I have seen people who a mere week ago were posting about black sites and drone bases, extrajudicial killings and even the CIA’s fake vaccination campaign in Pakistan join in on the celebration of the CIA’s first tweet.

Someone who fancies themselves to be about justice posted this on facebook - “The CIA made a big splash with their first tweet. Looking forward to more from them.” Looking forward to more from the CIA? They’re talking about the CIA making a splash like a rapper dropping a mixtape to critical acclaim. This person can apparently put aside their indignation for all the injustice and crimes perpetrated by the CIA and DoD to celebrate their tweets. The fact that they are organizations made up of criminals (that’s exactly what they are) who operate above the law, kill at will and are the proxy of US global imperialism is momentarily on hold because their tweets are funny. I found that really curious. How can you be disarmed by tweets? What would have to be going through your mind to find the humor in any of this if you know even just a tiny bit of what the CIA and DoD do everyday and if you know their history? What kind of detachment mentality do people like this have? I guess everything flies out the window when you make a silly tweet or two.

Social media can neuter even the most dastardly. That’s the real danger, and I fear a populace who warmly embraces organizations like the CIA. People like them are dangerous and they frighten me. Why? Because they can see evil and laugh with it, when the proper response should be them rebuking it. This is why the CIA and DoD can operate with impunity. Sure, the CIA just leased a blacksite in Djibouti for 20 years for their secret prison where they will torture and kill black and brown people without charging them with anything. The site also operates as hub for drone strikes, but wasn’t the CIA’s first tweet hilarious? The CIA is so funny!

I guess I don’t have a sense of humor.