fake brownies

Poo Emoji Brownies

Yields 6-8

The things you’ll need

  • 1 cup + 2 tablespoons sugar
  • ½ cup all purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • ¼ teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 egg

Let’s get started!

  1. Preheat oven to 325ºF.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together sugar, flour, cocoa powder, and salt.
  3. Add oil, milk, vanilla, and egg and mix until well combined.
  4. Pour into a well-sprayed Swirl Mold and wrap with foil.
  5. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 30 minutes.
  6. Cool completely and remove from the molds.

Time to decorate!

  1. Use white and black royal icing to pipe faces on each of the poo brownies.
  2. Ta-Doo-Doo! Poo never smelled so good!

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One of my favorite hc's is the one where Richie hates fruits and vegetables with a burning passion so Eddie does that thing where you secretly bake broccoli into brownies and Richie has absolutely no idea (that is until Stan gets into an argument with Richie and is like "at least I'm not dumb enough to fall for fake ass brownies !!" And he just stares at stan for a long time before he goes "pssH yeah RIGHT, like I'd fall for that one" and Eddie just silently has an asthma attack in the corner

LMFAO THIS IS SO FUNNY (cue Richie getting mad at Eddie and saying that if he had to put something green in his brownies why couldn’t it have been weed)

Eddie comes up with so many creative ways to get Richie to eat his fruits and veggies, but he only ends up eating them if they’re like super sweet and look cute. For example, he does the classic celery ants on a log with peanut butter and chocolate chips instead of raisins for the ants, or like he’ll eat caramel apples if they’re at the fair. But Richie always protests and hates it hahaha

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Anti: you can't do that completely harmless thing because I personally dislike it and because I'm a victim of CSA that means every other victim of CSA dislikes it too. Another CSA victim: actually I do that/it doesn't really bother me that much :) surprisingly we're not a hivemind Anti: WOW UM obviously any CSA victim that doesn't think exactly like me is faking it for brownie points in tumblr arguments lmao nice try you pedo abusive FUCK pee your pants uwu hewwo and gwoodbye

did you…copy and paste this…from an anti blog…

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I just wanna say I love your headcanons, and I was wondering if you could do powers for children of Tyche? (I don't know if you did this already sorry)

You can always check my master list! I update it every few weeks (it’s under ‘master’ on my blog). Or, you can just go to my blog and search the ‘powers’ tag, or the tag for the specific god ‘Children of XXX’ :) But no, I haven’t done powers of Tyche yet, so here ya go!

Tychokinesis: The ability to impact chance (or luck). Named for the Goddess Tyche. These are all of the powers that fall under Tychokinesis, so there’s a broad range of powers but one branch for kids of Tyche. *note* a few of these powers overlap with a Nike powers hc I recently did. That’s because Nike has the ability to alter the probability of winning something, but it is deFInitely not as powerful as Tyche’s powers.

  • Lucky Charm: The ability to charm certain objects to either have good/bad luck. Especially useful when you’re sending your ex back their stuff. 
  • Curses: Casting bad luck onto certain people
  • Charms: Casting good luck onto certain people
  • Probability: The ability to change the chance of something happening, for example, a 50/50 chance of a heads/tails outcome turned into a 10/90 chance of a heads/tails outcome.
  • Negation: The ability to detect curses/charms cast on people/objects and negate it. Also can break cheating devices in games, etc.
  • Felix Felicis effect: Rare ability, but essentially can create a Felix-Felicis like effect, usually through something that passes through the system. Either like a fake tattoo or a brownie or a cup of tea. But something that will destroy itself.
  • Chance encounter: Can increase the chances of an odd encounter, like running into a celebrity at a Wendy’s or finding a $10 bill in your pocket. Usually done subconsciously, background noise power, can’t really control it. Very random.
  • Betting: Are very accurate when it comes to betting, either because they will impact the outcome of a game or have a ‘gut feeling’ on who will win, which is almost always spot on (unless someone else adds in other factors)
  • Luck aura: Can read the aura of people when it comes to luck, if they have good luck, bad luck, no luck.
    • Luck control: Can either drain, increase, or transfer somebody’s luck. Goes hand-in-hand with someone’s luck aura. You can take someone’s good luck turning it bad, increase their luck turning their bad luck good, or just give them some of your luck.

So awhile ago @cbhlatebloomer sent me a pic of a river otter from Twitter, one which apparently was spotted in the Chicago River. I was belatedly getting around to thanking them (I’m very sporadic on tumblr these days) and it suddenly became a ficlet. I’m not looking too closely at the theme of it (ugh) but whatever–here it is.

Who could it be if not Puck??? [–I messaged cbhlatebloomer, and then the ficletting started]. He’s a little disgusted by the occasional piece of garbage drifting by, but the bluegill he caught tasted fine. (He set the largemouth bass off to the side of the bridge pilings because that’s Griffe’s favorite treat, and she usually doesn’t get it fresh, except in the summer when they’re at the lake).

Right as he’s about to call it a day and swim back to the stairs by Pat’s condo, where the river tours start, something catches his eye and he dives down into the murky sludge near the bottom. It’s a ring–one with a pretty big diamond, actually. Griffe has better close-range vision than he does, so he’ll let her see if there is an engraving on the inside of it to help find the owner.

There isn’t, though, and Griffe snorts scornfully when Puck suggests putting a notice on Craigslist. “Found: big diamond ring in river. Yeah, that won’t attract everyone and their dog.”

Puck focuses on the irrelevant part of that: “A dog! But hey, wait: a dog could have it embedded in their collar. That could be pretty. Like, Bijoux, she’d totally love that.”

That’s Chaunette’s dainty little poodle, always to be found with painted toenails and usually an outfit to match. She’s by far the most stylish daemon Puck’s ever known. She and Griffe are good buddies, which confounds everyone who knows them both.

Jonny thinks they should sell it and give the proceeds to a city garden project he supports. “It could be from fifty years ago!” he says to Pat when he makes a face at that. “Gold and diamonds don’t decay. Who knows when it’s from?” He turns to Puck: “We’re not giving it to Bijoux, that’s for sure. Shawzy can buy her her own diamond collar. If she doesn’t already have one, which I’d be shocked if she doesn’t.”

Pat’s holding the ring in his palm, gazing at it. Griffe noses his leg, then jumps up on the sofa beside him. “Whatcha thinking?” she says softly.

He doesn’t answer for a moment. “Just…how sad it is. Whether someone lost it, or threw it on purpose, that’s a sad story. I hope–” He shakes his head. “I don’t know.”

She gives a piercing look at Jonny, across the room. He raises his eyebrows like “What?” but comes over anyway and sits next to Pat.

“Hey,” he says to Pat. “I’d give you a ring, but you’d totally lose it. You’d leave it in the Blues locker room and they’d have some kind of voodoo, evil-mojo type ceremony with it, sending the Blackhawks into 13 years of bad luck.”

“Can’t risk that,” says Pat, but he looks up with a faint smile.

“Or you’d get mad at me for texting with Marchy and take the ring off dramatically then forget where you put it.”

“I hate Marchy,” Pat says.

“And we’d find it in the drawer with the takeout menus when we do spring cleaning.”

“You have never in your life done spring cleaning.”

“I clean out that drawer sometimes!” Jon protests.

“Only to make room for more raw, vegan, organic, probiotic food delivery bullshit. And those people are always late with the order because they fucking bike everywhere. And then they try to fool me with fake brownies made with, like, black beans.”

Jon manfully doesn’t bring up the carrot/beet/kefir smoothies that Pat has delivered at least three times a week and then has the gall to pretend that they’re strawberry milkshakes. He returns to the point. “I’d get you a ring if you wanted.” He wrestles Pat closer and they end up with Pat’s leg thrown over Jon’s thigh. Griffe’s behind Pat licking her paws; Puck appears from nowhere and all three of them say, “EWWWW.”

“What the fuck, Puck?” Jon says, jerking backwards. “You reek worse than hockey gloves.” The intermingling of otter musk and Chicago River isn’t a happy combination.

“Maybe we do want a ring,” Puck says. “I mean, three Cup rings, that’s cool, but–” He gives an otter shrug. Pat has his forehead pressed against Jonny’s throat and Jonny can’t guess his reaction.

“Well,” Jonny says, buying himself some time, then deciding to go for it. “I’m into it. Not with that river ring, that’s someone else’s, but, you know. A new one.”

Pat’s quiet for a few minutes, and at first Jonny worries, but then he sinks into the relaxation of having his arms around Pat, bodies pressed close. They haven’t had a quiet moment like this–nothing urgent, not even sex–for a long time.

“Maybe,” Pat murmurs after awhile. “But not because Puck tells you to.”

“I don’t do everything Puck says,” Jonny objects, but it doesn’t have much force behind it and he can totally sense Griffe’s sardonic whisker twitch.

“Ring shopping, what fun!” says Puck, jumping onto the back of the sofa, and from there to the ottoman. He ends up perched precariously on the mantel. “Does that mean if I get something for Griffe she has to wear it?” He rubs his little hands together like he’s plotting something nefarious.

“The only rings I ever thought of were Cup rings,” Pat says, his words aimed at Jonny’s collarbone. “And the ones I got, those are–those are about us as much as anything else.”

“That’s how I feel about it,” says Jonny. “I don’t have those rings without you, no how, no way.”

Pat nods, and Jonny crooks his neck down to kiss his hair.

“Those rings say ‘I love you’ as much as I have it in my power to say it,” he tells Pat, really soft. “And I never want a Cup ring that doesn’t have a matching '88’ one. As big as they are, as unwearable, that’s what I want with you.”

Pat’s still for a long moment, then he relaxes suddenly and twists up, looking Jonny in the eye. His gaze is fond when he says, “So no wearable rings, that’s what we’re going for. That’s the promise.”

“That’s the promise,” says Jonny.

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What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do for theatre?


Literally begging for gift and donations at local stores when I did props in high school with a budget of literally actually zero dollars. (0/10 do not recommend)

Borrowing and thrifting dozens of toasters for a production of True West, and getting to destroy some of them.

Having to mop up various ratios of bubble machine bubble scum and children’s urine between performances of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, because kids who weren’t taken to the bathroom before the hour long show inevitably peed on our carpet squares/floor.

Pumping out a small (10-15 gallon) pond onstage every night, cleaning the plastic lining and refilling it the next day for a production of Of Mice And Men.

working 9a-5p building sets and props, then being in rehearsal as an ASM 6p-11p while battling bronchitis for two weeks for a production Into The Woods that I wasn’t getting paid to do.

Baking 6 shows worth of fake pot brownies (that is, regular brownies) in one night, for a production of Reefer Madness.

Baking 3 dozen corn muffins in one night for a production of Of Thee I Sing.

Make sure my actors didn’t burn down the building or cast actual spells while burning sage and candles in rehearsals for Hoodoo Love

Ran onstage in the middle of a preview of Spring Awakening to hand off a handheld microphone to an actor who was super sick and was lying on the floor backstage between exits and entrances and ran onstage last minute for “Totally Fucked” without his mic. No one saw me.

Frisking actors who would steal our set dressing/prop cigarettes on The Outsiders as they left at the end of the night.

Politely requested to go first in a college interview in order to have time to trudge 8 blocks through the ice and snow in order to get to rehearsal on time.

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w8 why r truscum white supremesists? like i what????

did you read the fuckin post

indigenous ppl and people of colour have had traditions which would be recognisable as trans, and the authenticity of those experiences is not determined by whether or not we meet the standards of white settler colonialist doctors

also almost all truscum are personally and on an individual level execrable fucking filth and if you identify with an ideology which thinks it has the authority to label other trans ppl fake to earn brownie points with your fucking western medical authorities, consider getting the fuck away from my blog