fake brownies


You and Alex had become so close since you met over a year ago. The first day on set you had approached him eagerly wanting to meet all your new castmates and his infectious personality and bubbly spirit had drawn you in immediately. You spent a lot of time together seeing as you played brother and sister, going over lines and practicing scenes together but it seems that fans loved that you spent time together outside of work or scripts. You had become somewhat of a staple in Alex’s Instagram over the past year and he had more than a few starring posts on your own Instagram, causing fans to ship you together with a fanatic passion. Most recently relationship rumours had sparked when you had gone to Thailand with Alex and his family and a stream of holiday pictures with each other had emerged online. You had to admit that you did have a crush on Alex, though you had already accepted that you were only going to be friends. It had been hard initially trying to get over your feelings for him when you were working together 24/7 but you had done it and here you were, back on set for season 5B. 

You had just exited your trailer when you heard an excited voice shout your name. Turning around you saw it was Alex dressed in full costume and running towards you at a fast speed. He reached you are smothered you as he hugged you tightly. You couldn’t help but hug back with a smile. After a few moments you pulled away and looked up at him.

“Hello to you too.” You greeted with a chuckle. “I’ve only been away for a week. Can you really not function without me for a week?” Alex looked at you with an expression of mock hurt and slung his arm around your shoulder pulling you into him as you walked to your next set.

“Am I not allowed to miss my favourite fake sister? Or her brownies? You know I need sustenance and I am only a young man who cannot cook. You however can cook more than noodles so yes, I did miss you and also your cooking.” He replied, a stupid teasing grin on his face.

“Ah Alex, you always have your priorities set straight. Also, when are we going out again? Marco was telling me about a new bar in the city that we should head to for Fridays.” Once you mentioned Marco’s name, Alex’s smile lessened at he looked down at you. You were unaware of Alex’s change in mood and continued to chat a little more until you reached the first set of the day. “Ok. Let’s do this. Just like riding a bike.” You said nervously, the first day back jitters causing you to bounce on your toes.

“You’ll do great Y/N, don’t worry.” Alex said, pulling you into a hug. You were interrupted by your names being called and so off you went to work.

A long day later, you had headed over to Alex’s apartment for a pizza and a drink. Your feet were so sore and you had spread out over your friend’s couch as he sat across from you, scoffing down a pizza. Sitting up, you addresses him. “Hey, give me some of that before there’s none left. That was supposed to be my pizza anyway but since I’m such a generous person I let you have a slice. That was four slices ago. Hand it over Andersen.” 

“Fine. You should have gotten some earlier though. I’m an eating machine, you should know that no matter who’s food it is, the rule is still first in first served.” He said with a cocky grin, the one that was so familiar to you.

“Speaking of, Marco wanted to know if we were in for Friday? 7 O’Clock at Denny’s?” You watched as Alex rolled his eyes and scoffed. In turn you raised an eyebrow, confused at why he was acting like this at a simple suggestion.

“You and Marco have been talking an awful lot Y/N. Are you sure there isn’t something going on between you two?”

You laughed as you looked at him. “Between Marco and I? There is nothing between us and I highly doubt there ever will be. Why does it matter anyway?” You asked. Alex looked at his hands for a moment before he muttered out something inaudible. “What was that?” This time he spoke louder, enough for you to hear.

“It matters because I like you.”  

You were shocked. How was it possible that Alex, your best friend, liked you. The guy that you had convinced yourself would never feel that way about you was here in front of you telling you he liked you.

“What?” You asked softly, evidently in shock. “You like me?”

“Well it’s probably closer to love, but I don’t want to scare you off.” He replied voice shaking . You smiled at him lovingly and crawled down to join him on the floor. You sat next to him and took his hands in yours.

“You can’t scare me off because I love you too. I was just scared that you didn’t feel the same way and I couldn’t bare to destroy our friendship.” When you stopped speaking you could see the brilliant smile forming on Alex’s face and you couldn’t help but mirror it.

“Can I kiss you Y/N?” He asked already leaning in close. You simply nodded and then his lips were on yours. You couldn’t believe this was happening and to think that it was better than you had ever imagined. His lips were soft and warm and moulded against your own lips perfectly. You kissed for what felt like hours and when you finally pulled away it was to gasp in air.  “That was amazing.” He said grinning like an idiot.

“Yes, yes it was. I do love you you know. I have for a while.” You rested your forehead against his own and smiled back at him. 

“I’ve think I’ve loved you since you went on that midnight walk with me in August.” Alex said, looking deep into your eyes.

“I remember that. That was the first time we held hands.”

“I hope we can hold hands more now.”

“Me too.” You whispered as you kissed him once more.

My first Alex imagine down! I hope it was ok :)

EDIT -  I changed the last Gifs at the bottom after someone said that they were having a hard time imagining the girls as a daughter of Ragnar and Aslaug so I have changed them. They are now pictures of Willa Fitzgerald, who I feel looks like a female mix of Ragnar and Aslaug. 


Pure White Lover Bizarre Jelly

No More Heroes protagonist Travis Touchdown’s favorite anime cartoon series.  Appears in the NMH universe as an affectionate parody of anime/otaku culture.

“that girl”

listen like i understand “f/lu/x” doesn’t sound that ~genuine~ and yes, some days i AM a girl………. you do not know when those days are.

like i’m not all about ooohhhh i gotta pull a ‘n/b’ card when people are “out to get me” but like it’s clear when people SEE ‘t/h/e/y’ in a description and personally go for G/I/R/L bc there’s a ‘s/h/e’ next to it. like it sounds insulting in that they are kind of invalidating my own stress over the g/en/der thing but the fact that it proves, once again, many who say they are against t/e/r///fs or whatever…. aren’t because they’ll try to ge/nd/er someone in some lowkey mi/cro/a/gg/res/sion just for disagreeing w them

it does make me feel like i’m faking for some Special Brownie Points but at the same time i know that regardless if i was, they do not know if i am, and they do not know me at all aside from one little interaction, but it was enough for all their anons to call me ‘that girl’ despite not knowing anything about how i feel on that

idgi you’d think by now most people, even n/b people, would just use a default t/h/e/y regardless of opinions lmao but jwadiohaj i guess that just speaks to their own morals and stuff

but i mean we already knew they were a/ph/o/b/e/s so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do for theatre?


Literally begging for gift and donations at local stores when I did props in high school with a budget of literally actually zero dollars. (0/10 do not recommend)

Borrowing and thrifting dozens of toasters for a production of True West, and getting to destroy some of them.

Having to mop up various ratios of bubble machine bubble scum and children’s urine between performances of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, because kids who weren’t taken to the bathroom before the hour long show inevitably peed on our carpet squares/floor.

Pumping out a small (10-15 gallon) pond onstage every night, cleaning the plastic lining and refilling it the next day for a production of Of Mice And Men.

working 9a-5p building sets and props, then being in rehearsal as an ASM 6p-11p while battling bronchitis for two weeks for a production Into The Woods that I wasn’t getting paid to do.

Baking 6 shows worth of fake pot brownies (that is, regular brownies) in one night, for a production of Reefer Madness.

Baking 3 dozen corn muffins in one night for a production of Of Thee I Sing.

Make sure my actors didn’t burn down the building or cast actual spells while burning sage and candles in rehearsals for Hoodoo Love

Ran onstage in the middle of a preview of Spring Awakening to hand off a handheld microphone to an actor who was super sick and was lying on the floor backstage between exits and entrances and ran onstage last minute for “Totally Fucked” without his mic. No one saw me.

Frisking actors who would steal our set dressing/prop cigarettes on The Outsiders as they left at the end of the night.

Politely requested to go first in a college interview in order to have time to trudge 8 blocks through the ice and snow in order to get to rehearsal on time.

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w8 why r truscum white supremesists? like i what????

did you read the fuckin post

indigenous ppl and people of colour have had traditions which would be recognisable as trans, and the authenticity of those experiences is not determined by whether or not we meet the standards of white settler colonialist doctors

also almost all truscum are personally and on an individual level execrable fucking filth and if you identify with an ideology which thinks it has the authority to label other trans ppl fake to earn brownie points with your fucking western medical authorities, consider getting the fuck away from my blog