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EXO wolf: Reaction to you being picked on by another pack

Xiumin: “Get near my mate again and you shall not live to see another day”

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Luhan: “You like to see my bad side don’t you. Hurting my mate when I told you not to touch her. Fine, if you want to see my bad side, here it is”

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Kris: “Be prepare to lose everyone you care” 

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Suho: “You’re testing me by bullying my mate? Don’t you know I’m the alpha. You’re messing with the wrong person”

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Lay: “Since you want to pick on my mate, my members and I are here to return the favor” 

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Baekhyun: “Well then, let’s have some fun boys. We get to play with the whole pack since they were touching my mate”

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Chen: “Look at his face. So scared. Shouldn’t have messed with my mate buddy”

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Chanyeol: “Y/N jagiya, please tell me if someone is bothering you”

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D.O: “This is what I’m going to do to you” *fake shoot*

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Tao: “Come on boys, time to wreck this pack”

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Kai: “It’s raining. At least the blood will wash out” 

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Sehun: “Told you to stay away from my mate, but you can’t listen now can you?”

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Words Once Unspoken || Jongin || Chapter One

Genre: idk, curious af reader, cutie reader, fluff (?)

Main Characters: Jongin x Reader (ft. Sehun and Tao)

Chapter Word Count: 1392

Author’s Note: UNBETA’D bc I really wanted to get this out here. I may do a part 2 to do this but I’d like to hear feedback, please! <3

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