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Three more little fake achievement badges! This one for a Scholar, Explorer, and Smith. They’re all the same size (so are the other ones), but they are pretty weirdly lined up. My apologies about that.

Once again, these are totally alright to use in dragon bios! I’m happy to see these in use, since I never thought they would have a use other than cluttering my computer.

I’m so glad mickey was found wrongly convicted and was given a retrial and found NOT guilty

I do think it’s a bit odd how he wants to live in Mexico but hey maybe he’s tired of Chicago 


Request for: @depressedandoverexpressed

Pairing: Daughter!Reader x Dean

Word Count: 928


Dean pulled out his fake badge as the front door swung open. “FBI.”

You nodded and pulled the sleeves of your shirt down to cover up the bruises. “Come in.”

As much as you hated your adopted father for beating you, going back into foster care was even worse. It was better if the government didn’t know what was happening.

Sam and Dean followed you farther into the house. Dean spoke up. “So, uh, where are your parents?”

“It’s just me and my adopted father.” You told them.

“You’re adopted?” Sam asked.

You nodded, looking at the two FBI agents. “My mom died a few years ago and I don’t know where my dad is.”

“What’s his name?” Dean asked.

“Dean Winchester.” You told him. “But my mom doesn’t know where he went or what his number is, so I’m stuck here.”

“Y/N!” You heard your drunken adopted father call out, making you flinch. Normally when he was like this he would beat you.

Sam placed his hand on your shoulder. “Why don’t you wait here and we’ll go in.”

Dean nodded at Sam and watched as his brother went in the room, leaving him alone with his daughter. He gave you his card. “Here. Call if you ever need anything, okay?”

“Thank you.” You told him.

“Does he beat you?” Dean blurted out.

“No, agent.” You swiftly lied. “He doesn’t.”

You could tell that Agent Anderson didn’t believe you, but he continued in after his partner. After ten minutes, the FBI Agents left, leaving you all alone in the cold house. You started walking up to your room, but stopped when your adopted father called out for you.


Sighing, you walked into the living room, knowing that if you didn’t listen your beating would be worse.

“Yes.” You said quietly.

Your adopted father stood up and drunkenly walked over to you, smacking you across your face. You fell to the floor grasping your cheek as your adopted father continuously kicked you in your ribs. When you were almost unconscious, he stopped and you crawled away using every bit of energy you had left.

Looking up, you saw the phone. Your escape. Hesitantly, you reached into your pocket and grabbed Agent Anderson’s number before grabbing the phone and dialing it.

“Hello?” The agent answered on the second ring.

“Agent Anderson? Hi, it’s Y/N.” You wheezed, still trying to catch your breath.

“What’s going on? Is everything okay?” He asked you.

“You were right,” You whispered. “He does beat me.”

“Did he just beat you now?” Agent Anderson asked.

“Yes.” You muttered, ashamed.

“Y/N,” Your drunken adopted father yelled out. “You bitch! You better not be on the phone.”

“Y/N, do not hang up this phone.” Agent Anderson told you. “I’m coming to get you now.”

“I have to go.” You told him. “If he finds me on the phone, he’ll kill me. Please hurry.”

You hung up the phone and crawled away with your ribs still burning. Bruises already started to form on your arms and you could only imagine how bad your face must look. You crawled under the table and waited.

After twenty minutes, you finally began to relax. The Agent would be here soon and your adopted father must have passed out by now. Slowly, you crawled out from under the table.

In an instant, you felt your hair being pulled by your adopted father. He dragged you across the room, hitting you as you tried to fight back.

“You, bitch, you-” The doorbell cut him off. He paused for a second before pulling your hair tighter and yelling louder. “Who did you call, you slut?!”

Tears fell down your face as you tried to get out of his grip and open the door. You heard the door being kicked down and soon Agent Anderson and his partner were standing in front of you with their guns loaded.

Agent Anderson’s partner threw your father away from you while Agent Anderson rushed over to your side, pulling you into his lap.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

“Everything hurts.” You whined.

Tears welled up in Agent Anderson’s eyes as he looked down at you. “I need to tell you something. I wanted to wait until tomorrow and come back with balloons or something, but here goes nothing. Y/N, I’m Dean Winchester. I’m not an FBI Agent, but I am your father.”

“You’re my dad?” You looked up into his emerald green eyes.

Dean nodded profusely. “And I’m going to take you away from here, okay? I don’t know much about being a father but I’ll do my best and oh God, I promise I’ll never hit you.”

Dean held onto you tighter. “I’m going to take you to my friend, Cas. He’s an angel and he’ll heal you. I’ll explain everything later I promise.”

Dean picked you up bridal style and continued. “And you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. You know that, don’t you? I swear to you that I will protect you from everything until my last breath. And my partner, that’s my brother- your uncle- Sammy. He’s great with people. You’ll love him.”

You smiled at Dean. “Dad.”

Dean gently placed you in the back seat before sitting next to you. “Yeah, Sweetheart, I’m your dad. Your real dad.”

Dean stroked your hair. “Go to sleep, Y/N. You need some rest. We’ll wait for Uncle Sammy and then go, okay?”

You nodded, drifting off into a comfortable sleep for the first time in years. “Okay.”

I am risking my life bringing you this information from an anonymous source who claimed to be a CIA agent. The information is extremely reliable and factual. This is extremely important information.

Donald Trump is a Russian hacker spy KGB sleeper agent who colluded with the Zodiac Killer, Netanyahu, to oppress women with the glass ceiling at the presidential level by the order of the patriarchal white supremacist Bohemian Grove run by Israeli occupation so that Vladamir Putin could poison the water crisis of Flint Michigan and cover his tracks using Peepee the frog while rigging the US presidential election by proxy of 8 degrees of separation by killing Palestinian children and rapping girls on college campuses so that Fox News and CNN can have stories to camoflage fake news written by (badgAlt-Right uys) to make you believe this is fake news, which is only to distract from the fact that Trump exploited rape victims for his campaign to secure the presidency as a puppet for Valdamir Putin. This is a reliable source confirmed by many people. This corruption by the new establishment is rape culture, nothing matters, nukes, protests, republicans, the election is rigged, the popular vote, it’s the current year, BuzzfeedWar Room.

Rape. Russia. Adolf Hitler. Memes. Adolf Hitler.

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Hitler. Rape. 2016. Lena Duham. Trump supporters.


Request for: @thereaderoffanfics

Pairing: Reader x TFW

Based off of: Heathens by 21 Pilots

Word count: 621


You sat in the restaurant, watching the waiter from across the room. Ever since you found out what he really was, you vowed never to let him kill again. Now all you had to do was wait him out.

As he came closer to your table, the grip on your silver knife tightened. There was no way you were going to let him come closer without protection.

Before the werewolf reached your table, three men stopped him, pulling out fake FBI badges. Although, you had never seen one wearing a trenchcoat before. They guided the man out of the restaurant, making your job a lot harder.

Throwing some money on the table, you walked out after the four of them. You knew that you had to warn the agents. There was no way they could fight off the werewolf.

“Hey.” You called out to them. The one with the longer hair turned around, sighing when he saw you coming towards them. He muttered something to his partners and walked over to you.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You told him, “But the-”

“Sam.” His partner cut him off. “C’mon.”

Sam gave you an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, but I have to finish this investigation.”

You internally groaned, following the four of them at a safe distance. The agents and werewolf continued walking until they came to the opening of the forest.

What were they thinking?

The werewolf smiled, sending shivers down your spine. It was menacing, like a predator who knows that he’s going to kill it’s prey.

You watched as the beast began to shift from his human form into a werewolf. The two FBI agents started panicking, saying that they left the silver in the car. The man in the trench coat simply nodded before disappearing into thin air.

As soon as he was gone, you jumped out from your hiding spot with the silver blade in your hand. What hunter forgets to bring a silver knife?

You ran in front of the two agents- hunters- and slashed the knife around until you pierced the werewolf’s heart, instantly killing it. When the beast was lying on the ground without a heartbeat, the man in the trench coat appeared.

Looking around, he muttered confused, “I thought you needed silver to kill a werewolf?”

“You do.” Sam nodded, before looking at you. “I’m Sam and this is Dean.” He pointed to the man in the suit next to him.

“I am Castiel.” The man in the trench coat said. “An angel of the Lord.”

Sam continued. “So when you came up to us…”

“I thought you guys were agents.” You told them sheepishly. “I didn’t want you guys to get killed.”

“You’re a hunter?” Dean asked, surprised.

You rolled your eyes. “No, I just carry silver blades around for fun.”

“So you aren’t a hunter?” Castiel asked.

“It was sarcasm, Cas.” Dean told him.

“Why did you start hunting?” Sam asked.

“Demon killed my dad.” You told them.

“A demon killed our mom.” Dean gave you a sympathetic smile.

“I would’ve never pegged you as a hunter.” Sam laughed lightly.

“Same with you guys.” You laughed along.

“Guess you’re one of us.” Dean grinned. “Where do you stay?”

“Wherever I can.” You shrugged.

“You don’t have a home?” Sam asked.

“Nope.” You cleaned the blood off of the knife with a leaf. “I haven’t since I was twelve.”

“You have been on your own since you were twelve?” Castiel asked.

Sam nudged your shoulder. “You’re welcome to stay with us.”

“At the bunker.” Dean added.

“Welcome to our small, messed up hunting family.” Sam smiled.

You smiled, happy to know that there were others out there like you.

“I have this this stupid fantasy,” you confessed, blushing, to Dean one afternoon after the two of you had wrapped up questioning people for a case you were working together.

“A fantasy, huh?” Dean smirked, intrigued by the turn of the conversation.

“I have always had a thing for a man in a suit. A man with authority and power. A man that can put me in my place and teach me a lesson.”
You grinned seductively at him as you placed your hands on his tie to straighten it.

“Well, let’s say we head back to the hotel and see what we can do about that little fantasy, sweet heart, and I have a fake badge.” He winked devilishly grabbing your hand, rushing you to the impala to head back to the hotel.

The Littlest Winchester - Fear Not

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,372


1) Okay then, I’m sorry about the last request about the whole morbid sexual thing. My bad. So I just thought of this funny one where the reader is scared of an insect whether that be spiders or not is up to you and its up to daddy Dean to kill him! Lol

2) I really love you work. I really do. Could you write a little Winchester fic where they find her fear like clown or plane that kind of studf


           Out of all the things there are to be afraid of, Dean’s daughter takes after her father and uncle. Although the knowledge of what might be lurking under the bed sometimes has her cuddling with Dean in the middle of the night, she’s absolutely terrified of bugs and clowns.

           As she eyes the creepy little clown gnome on the front porch of the house, the four-year-old takes cover behind Dean’s legs. He’s the farthest from the ceramic decoration, but she still has no desire to get any closer. The brothers are on a hunt, currently waiting at the door of a friend of the most recent vic, and because Cass wasn’t available, Dean’s daughter had to come with them.

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The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist

anonymous asked:

M!A Eduardo and Mark both have fake badges, uniforms, and fake robotic parts

Mark: Why do I need this stuff??
Mark: …
Mark: God dammit Eddie!


Requested by anonymous

“I still maintain that it’s your fault we’re here,” you said to Dean, glaring at him. You sat between the Winchester brothers in an interrogation room in Portland, because SOMEONE decided it was a good idea to snoop around a crime scene for evidence of demons or some other weird crap.

“How was I to know they’d think our FBI badges were fake?” Dean retorted.

“Hey, don’t say anything that’ll get us into more trouble,” Sam warned.

That was when the door opened, and the investigator stepped in. You had a look of surprise when you recognized him. A look that was mirrored on his own face.

“Y/N?” he asked in surprise. “I thought you moved to another state.”

“I did, but I started traveling with these two,” you replied, pointing at the two brothers on either side of you. They both gave small waves.

“You know this guy?” Sam asked you as the investigator sat down.

“Yeah, Nick Burkhardt. Childhood friend of mine,” you replied with a nod.

“Who is now wondering what you were doing interfering with a police investigation,” Nick stated.

“I was wondering that myself,” you replied with a pointed look at Dean. Dean opened his mouth to answer, but Sam beat him to the punch.

“We are FBI agents. Those badges aren’t fake,” Sam stated. They weren’t exactly valid at the moment, either, but Nick didn’t need to know that. “The three of us are kinda like a special team. Whenever something really weird is going on that the others might get freaked out over, they send us.”

“And we’ve seen some pretty freaky things,” Dean chimed in. “It just so happened that our current investigation overlapped with your crime scene.”

“Right. And what’s so creepy about this one?” Nick asked.

“Location, mostly,” you replied. You knew Nick. He would see right through any lies. So you tried to steer this conversation as close to the truth as possible without getting yourself marked as insane. “There has been a lot of weird stuff going on around here lately. And not just the typical Bigfoot sighting, though a Bigfoot mauling IS one of the things on the list. Werewolves, witches, aliens, a guy commanding an army of mice, among other weird things… I’m not saying all of these are real. Aliens for sure don’t exist on Earth, but isn’t it weird that sightings of all of these have been occurring right around here?”

Nick’s eyes widened as you were talking, as if he knew what you were talking about. However, after he stopped, he went back into his stern cop look. “What I find odd is the fact you’ve been traveling with known felons with multiple arrest warrants out,” he said, pulling out his phone and showing a news article that shows Sam and Dean as dangerous criminals and asks people to alert their local police if spotted.

“Those are just misunderstandings,” Dean said, a little desperately.

“You know what I was talking about, though,” you told Nick, looking him in the eye. “You know about the weird sightings. And you know me, I wouldn’t lie to you. I know how well you can read people.”

“My hands are tied with Sam and Dean. I have to arrest them on the warrants alone. But I would like to have a talk with you about what you know of the weird stuff around here,” Nick stated, before getting up and leaving the room.

anonymous asked:

You could always ask an anon for some magic, we could summon a fake badge and a red-army uniform for you to wear to sneak in

Eduardo: … do it.


“What are you three gawking at?”

Cas blinked once and looked away while Sam nodded approvingly.  

“Just remember to go easy on the guy, Y/N. We don’t want a drooling mess in there”

“Very funny, Sam. Hey, where are my handcuffs?” you asked as you went through your coat’s pockets, sure that you’d already put them in there along with your fake badge.

“Looking for these, Y/N?” Dean asked, dangling the missing objects. “Thought we might save them for later”


Every Supernatural Episode Ever:

1. First person on the screen is the one that will die/the demonic thing will go after
2. Something evil will jump out and blood will be everywhere
3. “One Week Later”
4. Sam and Dean will hear about the incident, probably via media
5. One of them will be like “it’s probably just a crazy coincidence” or “I don’t think this our kind of work”
6. There will be lots of driving
7. Sam and Dean will whip out the fake badges
8. “I already went over this with the other cops”
9. Literally no one will buy that they are cops or detectives or anything
10. The person who is indirectly involved or second-hand involved is responsible (ex. not the girl, the girl’s dad; not the father, the father’s son)
11. A demon will blast Sam and Dean away at some point
12. Sam will be choked
13. Dean will be a smartass
14. They kill the thing and the hot girl will fall in love with one of them (probably Dean)