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Short PSA for those who are new in the Alpacasso community.

Top 3 photos and the other 2 before the last are the AUTHENTIC ALPACASSO made by AMUSE. The photos below them are examples of fake Alpacasso. There are plenty other variations of fake/bootlegs, but the main point is that you will notice a huge difference in quality and sometimes you cannot just rely on the stitching of the mouth. Other times, there might be Alpacasso plush that may look authentic, but they really aren’t; and that’s why you will also have to look at the paper tag. The paper tag must match the series of the plush and even sometimes the tag will look like it’s been poorly printed.

Other than that, if you’d like to know more about knock offs or fake Alpacasso, please do search for the FULL version by LovelyArpakasso or you can always just ask other Alpacasso collectors/sellers (such as myself), Soreyal, Rincake, Alpacaloco, Moccoe, KittyBlackSheep, Rosy, Kawaiiplushlove, AlpacassoSG, and the list goes on of many people who would be happy to assist you of determining whether your Alpacasso plush is authentic or not.

Please note that having a knock off plush doesn’t not necessarily mean it’s bad, but to me I just feel like people need to be aware of what they are paying for because I feel bad when some sellers price their Alpaca plush super high compared to the actual Amuse brand. Also, I think everyone deserves to be told whether they are being sold an authentic Alpacasso plush or not; there are too many sellers online that are careless and state their product as authentic Amuse plush, but in reality it is not.

Thanks for reading, if anyone wants to add; please do so. I would have typed more if it wasn’t 1am.

For anyone who has any questions at all, please feel free to send an ask or email me at alpacasso@live.com I will happily answer anything regarding to this post.

**photo creds (FOR THE AUTHENTIC ALPACASSO PLUSH) to Alpacaloco, Rosy’s Garden, and KawaiiPlushLove. Knock offs are from several sellers on ebay.

Hey guys,

I’m sure everyone is sick of pfp’s antics, but here is another new update about pfp. They have changed their ebay name to lovelyarpakasso here

Furthermore, they have opened a new tumblr account called lovelyarpakasso520 here

Please be warned that these two links are not from the real lovelyarpakasso but rather from premium_for_plush.

I don’t want anyone to be deceived and tricked into buying counterfeit Arpakasso!

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about the fake alpacas? i recently bought one off of ebay that was so much cheaper than any "real" ones i'd seen, and i got a couple of messages telling me to only buy real ones and that i was an idiot. some of the real ones are so expensive tho! i just feel kind of sad that there is so much pressure on them when all i want is a fluffy alpaca! do you care so much about the brand names or do you just like the cuteness of them too? would you care if you bought a (cheap) fake?

I wouldn’t buy a fake myself, because I think it’s pretty much the same as art theft and I don’t think people deserve to profit off of others’ unique ideas and hard work while giving no credit to the original. (I also just think most of the imitations are not as cute as the originals). But I mean who knows, maybe the people selling fakes are the same people who work in the chinese factories that produce original arpakasso and are using their knowledge of making them to supplement their crap wages. Maybe that’s all that they can do to survive and support their families, so who am I to judge. It’s really not feasible to stop imitations from being made even if we support the shops that sell authentic ones with all our might (we still should). Even if we do there are people who don’t go on tumblr or whatever and research alpacas thoroughly before purchasing the cheapest one. At least in this case, Amuse isn’t going to be put out of business just because imitations are appearing on the internet because their targeted audience is different. Amuse produces Arpakasso for UFO catchers in Japan and people there are going to play the machines regardless of how many are on the internet…if you see it in a UFO catcher you’d probably play on the spot, not wait to see if you can get one cheaper online. The fakes are targeted at foreign buyers like us who can’t access them directly and have limited options. Honestly man since we can’t do anything about it there’s no point in shaming people who just want a fluffy alpaca that they can actually afford. Not everyone has extra cash they can dish out for an alpaca plush but can you blame them for still wanting one? It sucks when you think you’re buying a real one and get a fake but if you know exactly what you’re going into I think that’s all up to you..but we should still support genuine sellers whenever possible because they’re not lying to your face and that deserves some recognition.


These are some items that are labeled as “Arpakasso” brand items on sites such as taobao and Trinity Styles but are in fact, very cute fakes. Always buy alpaca items at your own discretion! :) I have nothing against non-Amuse items, especially when they are cute. However, be sure to watch out in you are shopping for legitimate Arpakasso and you stumble across items such as these.