fake anime screenshots


Be More Chill: Anime Edition

aka BMC au where everything is from Japan except for the Squip

I had to change up some things  so it’d feel like it’s an actual anime

part 1 maybe? i might make more since making these are fun as hell

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I did another animated fake screenshot because someone wanted to know how!


also I love underverse so much

Cross, underverse, the original image belongs to @jakei95

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

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aaaaa ;;u;; This took forever+makes medibang and firealpaca crash so many times but it’s woRTH IT

this is based off a scene from @zombie-frisk ‘s Zombietale! Do support this blog! This is a really cool au!! \(.w.)/

Link to the comic page!


what if @uselessprotag​ and me were in an 80s anime? the answer may shock you

boom i came up with a new challenge

draw yourself with your best friend in an 80s anime style ya cowards (if anyone actually decides to do it please tag me in those i’d love to see them omg)

these tutorials are    life   savers

pardon my inactivity but.. heres an au that me and my bf started developing for the past couple days… for now we’re calling it the “snake in the grass” au

basically the cast r all mythological creatures - mika being a naga with a bounty on his head for stealing the village’s food, and yuu being a werewolf who takes up the job of a bounty hunter due to a lack of better work

in town, naga are said to be hideous creatures because no ones ever really seen one, and rumor is that they kill any unsuspecting victims that pass - but… that doesnt turn out to be the case when yuu gets apprehended by the thief hes been trying to track down himself

and though the naga did have intent to kill he gets interrupted by a child - one of many orphans hes talking care of - which is when yuu realizes just where all the food’s been going

and though yuu manages to escape, he keeps on going back to try to learn more about the surprisingly attractive snake dude and his makeshift orphanage, even bringing him food to help feed the kids

its just a bunch of concepts right now but take this anyway (’: dont tag as kin/id


“ K-kai..! “

“ What’s wrong Lloyd? Aren’t you happy to see me? “

Happy early Halloween. Is possessed Kai still a thing? 

What’s more traumatizing? You getting possessed and trying to kill your friends or your best friend getting possessed and trying to kill you and your friends.