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→ “And this is my most trusted advisor, Lana Beniko.”

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your bones - OF MONSTERS AND MEN // viva la vida - COLDPLAY // 
titanium - DAVID GUETTA ft. SIA //  the cave - MUMFORD & SONS //  human - CHRISTINA PERRI // somewhere only we know - KEANE // as evil as dead - AKIRA YAMAOKA // stockholm syndrome - MUSE // i see fire - ED SHEERAN // farewell - ARKADIUSZ REIKOWSKI ft. MARY ELIZABETH MCGLYNN // skulls - BASTILLE // farewell - KAMELOT // hope - APOCALYPTICA

I’m so happy whenever SWTOR notices species more specifically than general alien oppression

Also I haven’t posted a screenshot of Mithuna in a while, but at some point he got some ugly-ass yellow boots in a Cartel pack. And later Teresita got the ugliest helmet in the galaxy in a Cartel pack, and… well, they matched his boots.

I just wanted to give him a celestial name like Wedge Antilles and I accidentally a Homestuck

→ “Any relation to Satele Shan?”

Cover art belongs to roguescarlett/sirenofvathraki and is used with permission.

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you can’t take me - BRYAN ADAMS // sweet dreams - EURYTHMICS (hardstyle remix) // and we run - WITHIN TEMPTATION ft. XZIBIT // no church in the wild - KANYE WEST & JAY-Z ft. FRANK OCEAN // broken crown - MUMFORD & SONS // hurricane - THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS // i don’t care - APOCALYPTICA ft ADAM GONTIER // down - JASON WALKER // little lion man - MUMFORD & SONS // carry on wayward son - KANSAS



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Have I mentioned I love Edge of the Empire’s Sons of Fortune sourcebook?

Because not only does it have some awesome lore about the Corellian system and the people who live there, it also says ‘Hey, you totally made Gevi fit into the Corellian way of life just by going off what you read on Wookiepedia. You keep rocking, Lan!’

And that makes extremely happy.