Over the next few weeks I’ve decided to accept 50 small portrait commissions in exchange for people giving money to Doctors Without Borders.

— About —

  • -Hand drawn in pencil and are 3x5 inches big
  • -The cost is a $20 donation made directly to DWB
  • -Any character you want
  • -Portraits are from the shoulders up like in the examples.
— Details on how to participate —

- When you make your donation to Doctors Without Borders, take a screen shot of the donation confirmation screen or of your donation confirmation email. (of course, feel free to blur/block out private information.)

- Then send it to my email address, LORillustration@gmail.com, along with what character you would like drawn, and the address you want it mailed to.

- I will cover the shipping costs.

i think “thank you girl” wins The Most Concerning Singalong Oh My God award

we start with ringo in the hospital and it only gets worse because

guess whos the doctor!!

they take ringo in for some kind of surgery or something i guess

dear god he has a knife

and the nurse emerges with….drumsticks… wait does that mean

paul leaves moments later with this look on his face and thankfully we’re never shown what he might have done to poor ringo

ill let you all come to your own conclusions of what may have occurred behind that curtain or the events leading up to this

killin ppl with guns, looking hella cute, rocking blood as an accessory, hearts, 

‘tis the fahc meg way

using an ungodly amount of layers and overlay, ignoring proper color scheme, tossing the entire left half of the color wheel on paint tool sai and then going ham with the blending tool on megs hair which started out as red and is now that color bc i am a lawless individual and no one can stop me, using glasses to avoid drawing eyes

‘tis the fahchaus way

anyway, i wanna do lindsay and mica like this but i dont know their things…like fahc meg has hearts, and i guess lindsay’s could be cats but im not gonna have lindsay be eating a cat, and mica,,,idk what micas is….hrm, oh well

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(for that anon that asked, yea commissions are open)


As it’s the second anniversary of Deep Breath I decided for my warm up to do a redraw of a piece I did when it was first broadcast.

I was really pleased with it at the time, it’s crazy how much your ‘eye’ for your art can change in two years.

See you in another two.