You member how wiishu said her appendix story was boring? Well i decided to fix it. She ain’t lose it cause it decided to be a little bitch and say “imma just stop and fuck yo shit up lol” naaaah. u see she waz in re7 ya’ll just ain’t see her and the bitch ass son of jack and margerite “can’t remember that bitch name” did one of dem puzzle shits and she wuz locked in a room with a knife and a bomb. That bitch ass son was like “yo, i burried a key to the door in yo appendix. Why? idk fam i waz high as shit but if you wanna live you gonna cut that shit out.” And you know what? She did that shit fam cuz signe ain’t a lil bitch. Here’z proof she did dat fam.

Now not only iz this bitch a fucking artist, photographer, and a fashion idol but she a doctor. Dr.stooplstein fake ass doctor bitch ass better move out the motherfucking way. This mofucka can do appendix surgurey she just didn’t tell yall cuz we’d be overwhelmed by the level of cool she iz. I’m onto u fam i’m onto u. @wiishu

Today I got yelled out and I threw that shit right back

A unit charge nurse yells at me claiming that somnolent, post-anesthesia patient is “pissed off” at me. I tell her “don’t put your problems with me on the patient, I’m right here, you can tell me yourself.” She starts giving me that fake ass “oh doctor I would never have a problem with you!” Like I don’t have eyes and ears. She yells at and bullies every nurse in her unit and harasses all the residents. I just stood there and kept repeating “use your own words and tell me what your problem is with me.” Until she snapped and said, “put your orders in faster!” To which I replied “that wasn’t so hard, right?”

The heme fellow yells at me because I’m being “insubordinate” for not doing his discharge for him (medicine was only consulted on this patient) I just hung up on him. He complains to my attending who tells him to do his own work and also hangs up on him.

ID fellow claims that I placed a consult on Sunday with him on a patient I don’t even know. He’s angry that I keep vehemently denying it and is in the corner with his attending. He keeps loudly whispering “she’s lying, I know it.” And I walk up to those two cowards and say “if you want to talk about me, have the decency to say it to my face.” They start stuttering and mumbling. Worthless. Turns out it was another female attending and the ID fellow messed up because he didn’t follow-up on the consult like he should have.

This rotation has made me so angry but I have to say that I’ve learned to fight for myself in the process. Because when no one will come to the rescue, sometimes we just rescue ourselves. I found a bravery in me that I didn’t know I had. I’m an angrier, more bitter, and exhausted person but I will never be pushed around again.

Moral of the story:
Do no harm, but take no shit.

Shoutout to ADHD folks

Shoutout to ADHD folks who don’t have their mental illness taken seriously because it’s considered a “fake” illness that “doctors use to make money off of unsuspecting parents” or “something parents get their kids medicated for so they don’t have to parent their children”.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who have heard/seen the “lol I’m so ADHD!!! SO RANDOM!!! oooh look a butterfly!!” stereotypes commonly used to make fun of them.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who have to hear neurotypicals say, “Don’t use your ADHD as an excuse!” When it’s literally ADHD that is the problem.

Shoutout to ADHD folks whose fellow neurodivergent friends put their needs over yours because your mental illness “isn’t as bad” or treat you like a neurotypical.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who never are able to get professionally diagnosed or treated.

Shoutout to ADHD folks who never learned about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and don’t understand why things upset them so much.

Shoutout to ADHD folks with other mental illnesses so they have a hard time getting treated for ADHD or it gets overlooked.

I love you guys and I feel you. ♡ You are great, you are important, and your needs and mental health are important.

Super Long AU Compilation

Here’s a really long list of a ton of the more simple/generic AU’s I’ve seen floating around. I made this list for personal reference and figured having so many all in one place might be helpful to others, too. I tried my best to alphabetize but I can’t promise it’s entirely correct. Hope you enjoy!


-1920’s con artist
-1940’s noir
-3DS friends
-6 weeks to live


-A Walk to Remember
-Accidentally falls asleep on stranger
-Accidentally hugging stranger thinking they’re someone else
-Accidentally read their journal
-Accidentally swapped items and have to return it
-Accidentally take each other’s bags
-Action hero
-Airport bar
Alice in Wonderland
-Alternate history
-Ancient Egypt
-Ancient mediterraneans
-Ancient orientals
-Ancient slavs
-Android and human
-Antique shop
-Around the world
-Arranged marriage
-Arthurian era
-Author and fan


-Back in time
-Bank robbers
-Battle of the bands
-Beauty and the Beast
-Childhood friends reunited
-Big Brother
-Blind date
-Boarding school
-Bonnie and Clyde
-Book club
-Borrow payphone money
-Both cosplay same character at con
-Both stood up for blind dates
-Break up
-Bride Wars
-Bucket list


-Camp counselors
-Catfish uncoverer
-Childhood companions
-Civil war (American or otherwise)
-Civilian and agent
-College roommates
-Comic artist and assistant
-Costars in a movie
-Craigslist meetup
-Crashed their car
-Crime spree
-Criminals on the run
-Cruel Intentions
-Cruise ship
-Cyber date


-Death race
-Demon and angel
-Deserted island
-Destructive relationship
-Disneyworld cosplayers
-Doctor and patient
-Doctor Who
-Dog walker
-Drug smugglers
-Drunk calling the wrong person
-Drunk texting a stranger
-During war


-Edwardian era
-Elements (earth, water, fire, air)
-Elizabethan era
-English class
-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
-Eternal winter
-Explorers (any time period)


-Fake family
-Faking It
-Family doctor
-Famous and fan
-Fight Club
-First time
-Flower Shop
-Forbidden romance
-Foreign exchange program
-Fortune cookie
-Fortune teller and customer
-Found their dog
-Found their phone number in a library book
-Friends with benefits
-Futuristic resistance


-Game of life and death
-Game of Thrones
-Game show
-Gay for pay
-Gets into a cab to find someone already in it
-Gets lost at airport
-Girl/guy next door
-Ghibli movie
-Ghost Adventures
-Ghosts in love
-Go to the same support group
-Government spy
-Greek God and Roman counterpart


-Hair stylist/makeup artist and actor/model
-Halloween party
-Haunted house
-Have to take pictures for photography project
-Heaven vs. Hell
-Help moving
-Hidden talents
-High class thieves
-High School
-High School reunion
-High School teachers
-Horseback riding
-Host/hostess and customer
-Hotel staff and guest
-Hotel workers
-Huge blizzard and only one hotel room left
-Hunger Games
-Hush Hush


-Ice cream shop
-Identity theft
-Imaginary friend becomes real
-Immortal and non-immortal
-In Hell
-Indentured servant
-Internet friends


-Jane Austen story
-Jurassic Park
-Just keep running into each other everywhere


-Kindergarten teacher
-Kiss bet


-Lab partners
-Law firm
-Life guard
-Little mermaid/merman
-Looking for Alaska
-Lose virginity bet
-Lost at sea
-Love triangle


-Mailman and person who receives a lot of mail
-Marriage contract
-Med school
-Meet in diner at 2am
-Mental hospital
-Met at Comicon
-Met on Tumblr
-Met through online rpg
-Military school
-Mirror world
-Mistaken identity
-Missed the same flight
-Modern royalty
-Modern Tangled
-Monster hunters
-Mortal Instruments
-Movie rental shop
-Movie star
-Movie theater job
-Murder mystery
-Music bar
-Music conservatory
-Music teacher
-Musician and fan


-New guy/girl
-New Orleans
-New neighbors
-Nightmare on Elm Street
Nuclear apocalypse
-Nurse and patient
Nursing home


-Once Upon a Time
-One’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice
-On of them is turned into a child
-On opposite sides of a war - POW or spying
-Orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer
-Out walking their dog who starts chasing another person’s dog


-Pacific Rim
-Paired together during an ice breaker
-Pandemic apocalypse
-Partners in crime (literally)
-Partners in dance class
-Past lives
-Patients in mental hospital
-Patients in same hospital ward
-Pen pals
-Personal trainer
-Peter Pan
-Pet runs away and other person finds it
-Phantom of the Opera
-Phone sex worker
-Photographer and model
-Pirate and mermaid
-Poetry class
-Porn star
-Poses nude for art students
-Pretty Little Liars
-Prisoner and guard
-Prisoners/escaped prisoners
-Private detective and client
-Private investigator
-Prohibition era
-Project partners
-Protester and police
-Public demonstrations
-Punk rock



-Reality TV show
-Rebels against the government
-Rich family and servants
-Riding the same bus
-Riding the same bus multiple times
-Roadtrip, serial killer
-Roller derby
-Royalty and servant
-Runaway royalty and confused commoner
-Running late for the same flight


-Sailor and mercreature
-Scavenger hunt
-Screenwriter and director
-Serial killer
-Sex pact
-Sex shop
-Sex shop owner
-Sex tape
-Sex worker
-Seven deadly sins
-Shakespeare play
-Share same layover
-Sharing an umbrella
-Siblings best friend
-Sits next to each other at an orchestra
-Sits next to each other in theater
-Sits next to each other on turbulent flight
-Sitting by same wall plug
-Skipping school
-Sleepwalker in college dorm
-Small town
-Snowball fight, hits passerby
-Snowhite and the Huntsman
-Soldiers on opposing sides
-‘Sorry about stealing your wallet last year, no I wasn’t drunk’
-Soul mates
-Space pirates
-Space travel
-Spartacus -gladiators or freed slaves against the Roman army
-Specialty shop
-Spin the bottle
-Spring break
-Stage magician and audience participant
-Strip club
-Struggling artists
-Student and teacher
-Study abroad
-Stuffed animal becomes a person
-Sucked into a video game
-Suddenly become disabled/handicap
-Suddenly caught in the rain
-Summer job
-Summer school
-Supernatural hunters


-Tailor and customer
-Taken hostage at bank robbery
-Tattoos and piercings
-Tattoo parlor
-Teacher and student
-Ten Inch Hero
-Terminal illness
-The Breakfast Club
-The Labyrinth
-The one that got away
-The Princess Diaries
-The Vow
-Theme park
-Theme park mascots
-Theme park workers
-Therapist and patient
-Therapist and patient in mental institution
-Thieves on the run
-Time traveler
-Train ride
-Trapped in an elevator
-Trapped on a deserted island together
-Treasure hunting
-Tutor and student
-TV host


-Undercover lovers
-Undercover stripper
-Underwear model
-Underworld -vampires vs lycans
-Use someone’s charger
-Use someone’s hotspot


-Veronica Mars
-Virtual world


-Wake up together in Vegas
-What Happens in Vegas
-White House
-Wild West
-Witch trials
-Wizard AU where one accidentally apparates into the wrong house
-World War II
-Writer and editor
-Wrong bag




-Yoga class
-Younger siblings are best friends


-Zombie apocalypse

on the may 15th fansign, mental health, darkness, and hope

on May 15, 2015, during 화양연화 Pt. 1 I went to BTS’ fansign at Sinchon and had a conversation with Namjoon that I, at the time, chose not to reveal for personal reasons. at that time, because of that decision, there were a lot of people who criticized me—people accused me of saying something mean to him, accused me of hiding some secret relationship between us, called me a slut, etc. I didn’t say anything about it at the time because it seemed pointless, but now that 화양연화 has come to an end for real, and following the release of YOU NEVER WALK ALONE—plus, the upcoming 2 year anniversary of this extremely fateful conversation (lol)—I have decided to write about it, if only to explain a little of why I feel such a connection to the concept and so people will understand why I kept it private for so long.

I just want to go ahead and give people some warning: it’s not only a post about BTS. it’s a post about my life, and it contains a lot of sensitive material, like self-harm, suicidal ideation, and drug use. please bear that in mind if you decide to read it, I don’t want anyone to be upset by that content.

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From the earliest archaeological records, Manly Virile Men have documented the importance of True and Honest Male Virility. Images like this hold power to this day. The ancients knew it was wrong to present Doctored Male images! Real Male Virility does not come from a PhotoShop screen on the computer. It comes from hard work and Diligence to achieve the Ultimate Male Form. Hunting and Fighting are two ways the Ultimate Male Form was achieved in the past. Today True Manly Males work out at the Gym to stimulate their Virility and their Undoctored Male Forms. Promote Male Honesty and True Male Form at every opportunity! Do not settle for fakes or Doctored Male Images! Antimorpher

Hidden (Part 1)

Jinyoung loosens his tie as he settles at his desk. It’s been two years since the disappearance. Even with search teams, his mission never succeeded. The locked away drawer at his desk holds all of the past and as tempted as he is to get a glimpse of it, he fears of the emotions it’ll bring him.

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drsecretantoldmeto  asked:

Hi! Could it be possible to get a part three for the car accident series? Pretty pretty please...?

Oh my gosh! All y’all are too fucking sweet! Also sorry this took forever and a day! Two jobs and no time to write is a bitch


The hospital is loud. Nurses bustle past all around Andrew, their shoes squeaking against the floor and their crass voices overlapping one another. Hospitals have always grated Andrew’s nerves. There’s something about the fakeness of them. The fake cleanliness that comes from too white walls and floors and that overpowering stench of bleach. The fake optimism that comes from too bright florescent lights. And the fake smiles doctors and nurses wear.

Andrew keeps pace with the stretcher as Neil is pushed down the hall, nurses rushing in to crowd around. One starts firing away questions at the paramedics, as another checks Neil’s eyes with a small flashlight. The third grabs onto Andrew’s arm, hauling him to a stop.

“I’m sorry, sir, but you’ll have to wait—”

Andrew wrenches his arm free, effectively cutting the nurse off who stares at him with a startled expression. A snarling threat is on the tip of Andrew’s tongue before his mind jars him back to what’s important. He whips back around only to find that Neil has disappeared behind the set of doors leading deeper into the hospital.

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I’m Not That Kind of Doctor (Clint Barton x reader)

Clint couldn’t believe what was being asked of him for this mission; well, not even a true mission really, but a task that Tony decided that he was perfect for beyond everyone’s better judgement.  The group sat around the conference room, giving him their best looks of support and encouragement as he held the crisp, white coat in his hands, staring down at it as if it were making him painfully uncomfortable to even have it touching his skin.

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She's Like The Wind - Part Four

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language.

It was safe to say that it had taken you a while to actually fall asleep that night. Your thoughts flooded with concerns over a vengeful David, Negan, and the upcoming day. You were both nervous and excited. It had taken a good few hours of lying still and wandering thoughts for you to finally drift off to sleep.

As soon as you woke up that morning, you immediately jumped out of bed. You rushed to change into a new set of clothes, and quickly untangled and brushed your hair. With a deep and calming breath, you muttered the phrase to yourself that had always comforted you. When you would come home crying, or simply felt downright hopeless, your mother always made you repeat this to yourself.

“I am brave. I am strong.” You spoke firmly and proudly. “I am worth it.”

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Ragethirst Highlights - Dragon Inn/Dragons Gate Inn

I was drafted by Hal and Dream into writing the highlights for this stream, so I preface this by saying that I had to ask @paint-the-wall-with-bullets​ for the plot a fourth of the way through, upon which I connected the dots.

  • The ragethirst was visited today by a smol, who graced us with kpop for a short time
  • ling tried to make moves on everyone assembled, as per usual
  • donnie appeared for all of five minutes in the beginning of the movie to look very pretty and to torture an official to death to establish the plot
    • many disparaging comments were made about his makeup
      • which were equally balanced out by those who liked it
      • (personally I think it was a bit Much, but he did resemble a peacock dressed in gold filigree, so 50/50, could take or leave it)
      • outfit 1
    • donnie’s playing a eunuch, which lead to us trying to goad @evocating​ into writing Forbidden City fanfic starring ballsless sex, because the rest of us don’t have the research background for this brand of historical erotica
  • the official’s entire family was killed except for one boy and one girl
    • our heroine, played by Brigitte Lin, who I referred to for the rest of the movie as ‘the lady drunkard who crossdresses and fights well’ appears at this point with a band of renegade mercenaries to snatch the kids off
      • donnie watches all of this from the cliffs above from the middle of his entourage
      • no really
      • outfit 2
  • there’s a lot of fighting on horseback and by ‘fighting on horseback’ I mean people turning horses around in circles, yelling, and waving around prop swords while the wind kicks up sand everywhere
    • donnie gets to use the Force

  • our heroes, kids in tow, sojourn to this inn in the middle of the desert near a pass through the mountains they can use
    • as framing for said inn we’re treated to a scene of Maggie Cheung, playing the role of the cannibal (more on that later) innkeeper mistress seducing a man and then brutally murdering him via several throwing knives to the face
      • down the chute he goes
        • for those interested, he gets turned into meat buns (that was the later)
        • the butcher is very skilled at chopping (I swear to god this becomes salient even more later)
  • our innkeeper Immediately susses out that the crossdresser is crossdressing because she is not attracted to her womanly ways
    • I say this but the next scene after the obligatory This Meat Tastes Off, Don’t Eat It bit is something like twenty minutes of a fight between our crossdressing heroine and the innkeeper in the bath that consists of knives shredding cloth and stealing clothes off of each other
      • words were exchanged to the effect of ‘you have a very lovely body’ ‘as do you’
        • the innkeeper loses
        • she ends up topless
  • while vaulting onto the top of the inn(??), the innkeeper is interrupted in the middle of her bawdy(???), topless(??????) song by the arrival of a third party
    • Tony Ka Fai Leung plays a doctor romantically involved with our crossdressing heroine
      • he arrives on two camels. Take this as you will.
    • He Banters with the innkeeper, who promptly decides she wants to keep him
      • there was so much crosstalk about “the weather” and “candles”
  • alas, this perfect setup for poly is not used
  • at some point all the asians in chat completely derailed the conversation by expounding on all the different kinds of meat and how good they were
    • Bone Marrow. Bone marrow was elected universal king
    • Special mention goes to the consumption of insects. Excellent source of protein!
  • At some point during above conversation government officials acting at donnie’s behest arrive at the inn, where they’re all conveniently trapped by the desert weather (it wasn’t Entirely a metaphor)
    • two of the officials’ party get struck by lightning and dragged off to be turned into meat buns
      • maybe a goat too
      • a very fake roasted goat makes an appearance
        • the butcher gets to show off his skills via deboning the whole thing and turning the meat into deli slices (I swear this is also salient)
    • there’s a very tension-laden showdown wherein two tables are broken and the doctor and the main official end up having ‘a toast to nothing’
  • our party is still stuck because of the weather and the officials keeping an eye on them
    • the doctor does a reverse honeypot to seduce the innkeeper into letting their party use the secret tunnels out so they can transport the kids
      • the seduction involves a one night stand after getting married by the government official of said standoff before
        • the doctor also does some Investigation at some point and discovers the people-chute
        • also terrifies the butcher by turning out to be alive
    • somehow the honeymoon turns into a fight
    • which quickly turns into a full-out brawl between all parties in the inn
      • shoutout to the innkeeper who literally grinds up one of the officials’ men in the fight, fills a bucket with his blood, and then throws in the old man official’s face before stabbing him while screaming about making him eat his own blood
        • so much fake blood everywhere
    • donnie and the army he’s leading arrive in the middle of this
  • the inn gets stormed by said army
    • horses ride all over it
    • in the ruckus of the fight above, our crossdressing heroine (who is no longer crossdressing and is probably a bit drunk from drowning her sorrows over the honeymoon that doesn’t involve her), tries to get the kids out
      • she runs into said army and gets shot by an arrow and has to come back
  • the innkeeper, faced with her imminent bodily safety, gets everyone through the tunnels (everyone being the kids, the doctor, the butcher, the crossdressing heroine, herself, and a kitchen sink)
  • the tunnel pops out behind the front line, but one of the kids accidentally lets go of a red sash, which Happens to drift back to where donnie’s sitting
  • upon which he P R O M P T L Y   F L I E S onto a horse and starts chasing after them
    • outfit 3
    • his makeup has gotten Worse
  • donnie loses the horse to a stiff breeze and ends up chasing after the party on foot
    • the kids are sent ahead with the butcher while the rest stay to make a stand against donnie, who is naruto running across the dunes to them
  • A Fight Ensues
    • we can’t see shit because of the goddamn sand blowing everywhere
  • it’s mostly just dramatic swordplay at this point, but donnie loses his hairtie to a stray cut and also gets nicked in the face at some point??
    • ???
      • he’s really rocking the chirrut colors here
  • there is a pause to regroup
    • upon which there is a long pan
      • it’s from donnie’s chest down his skirts to his ankles
      • why? we’re not initially clear
  • Immediately after we realize the above fact, donnie changes his pose
    • he fucking. Landsharks through the sand
      • I honestly have no other words to describe it
        • he carves his own trench?? the sand flies up???
        • he fucking nyooms through the sand my guys
      • “MOVE I’M GAY” - donnie in this fight
    • we have been laughing ever since donnie lost his hairtie because his goddamn face when it happened was ATROCIOUS, I hope someone screencapped it for posterity
      • “MOOOOOOOOOO YAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!” - the doctor, dramatically, overwrought, as the crossdressing heroine is stabbed
    • attempts to drive off donnie are made. they’re not very successful.
      • Breakdancing fighting ensues
      • the innkeeper leaves mo yan in the sand to die as she tries to help with the fight
        • “MOOOOOOO YAAAAANNNNN!!!!” - the doctor, as he dives for mo yan, sinking into the sand, and misses her hand in time to pull her out
          • she deserved a better death, honestly
  • the fight is REALLY not going well. Donnie makes a move to charge at the remaining party
    • upon which
    • a fucking second landshark
    • pops out of the dune to engage him
    • until the butcher disengages and scuttles off to fucking. Bury himself back into the sand in true landshark style
  • donnie tries to move, halts, looks down
    • “MY LEG!!!!!!!” - donnie in this movie, discovering that he has an EXTREMELY BADLY DONE skeleton leg from the knee down replacing his left leg?!?!?!?
    • “MY HAND!!!!!” - donnie in this movie, discovering after falling over that he has an EXTREMELY BADLY DONE skeleton hand from the elbow down replacing his left arm?!?!?!?!?
  • Oh my god, he gets up Somehow because the landshark butcher is coming for the rest of him
    • they exchange some blows
    • donnie stabs him fucking just shy of the crotch THROUGH THE SAND
      • ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
    • there’s a quick interlude for the doctor to Resolve Himself with the innkeeper THROUGH WHICH YOU CAN STILL HEAR DONNIE SCREAMING
  • the doctor and donnie have one last dramatic clash that involves FLYING ACROSS THE SAND
        • THIS MAN.
  • donnie has one last dramatic yell in him. we’re treated to a shot of his skeleton leg crumpling to bits under him. He finally falls over. he’s dead. The evil has been vanquished.

  • There is a dramatic pan on mo yan’s flute on the sand with music going in the background as the doctor looks appropriately anguished and the innkeeper appropriately jilted by death
  • said doctor takes the kids through the pass on the other camel
  • the innkeeper and the butcher go back to the inn and burn it down
    • ‘let us leave this evil place’ LADY, YOU WERE THE ONE TURNING DUDES INTO MEAT BUNS IN THE BASEMENT????

  • @xanderxcagex had a great joke about swordception [BWOOOOOM]
  • hal came back after having to take a break right as the movie finished

seriously, thank you so much for streaming for us @greymichaela​ and hosting our absolute madness. This was a ragethirst to remember, if nothing else for it being the strongest ending to a donnie movie I’ve caught thus far.

Kim, to Hal: you’re going to ask ‘What? Was that - ?” a lot in the last ten minutes, and the answer, every time, is going to be ‘Yes.’
Hal, Immediately: DID DONNIE JUST -
Everyone in the chat, through their laughter: YES

  • Doctor Doom: *is not white* *lost his family to white supremacist violence* *cites preventing the evils of mankind as the reason he wants to rule the world* *is beloved by his people who are also depicted as being mostly non white*
  • White fake geek boys: lol Doctor Doom is a n*zi/fascist
Teen Wolf Imagine- The Worst Day Ever

Today was defiantly not your day. You woke up, strangely without your boyfriend lying next to you. You sat up to see the alarm clock, shit you were an hour late for school. There was a note on the bedside table, you read it and couldn’t help but scoff, ‘Your lazy ass wouldn’t wake up, if you’re late there’s a fake doctors note on the kitchen table, love Isaac x’ You jumped out of bed and brushed your teeth. It wasn’t long until you realised you left your bag of clean clothes along with your hairbrush at home. Just great, you pulled out one of Isaac’s flannel shirts that he doesn’t wear, rather than going with the alternative of a V-neck and cardigan. You quickly pulled on a pair of black leggings you left in his wardrobe and a pair of white converse. You barley had enough time to comb your hair with Isaac’s old one, your hair wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t particularly good. You grabbed your purse, not worrying about breakfast. Which was a stupid idea because you not only had to walk all the way to school on an empty stomach but you also forgot to get the note, earning you an hour detention on Friday. You had a strong feeling that the rest of the day wouldn’t have much else to offer.

You got there, with 45 minutes left of your second period. You strolled in coaches room, ignoring his sarcastic comment on how it was a miracle for you to be alive, you were too busy glaring at Scott and Stiles’ faces and how they were trying not to laugh from behind their hands. Conveniently, today was the only day you had lessons that all had at least one pack member in. This was clearly going to be the joke of the day between you all. “Y/L/N, you’re so profoundly late I have no idea why you bothered showing up. Now I have to explain everything all over again so I don’t have to listen to you ask questions for the next god knows how long” Coach lectured. “As much as I enjoy our little chats, I’ll take a rain check. I’m sure my dearest friends here can fill me in while you return to that water over there, which is clearly vodka” you gave a sarcastic smile, which he returned. As much as he pretended, he loved being out sassed by you every lesson. “You’ve got quite the get up there” Stiles laughed, referring to the oversized top and look of destain you had going on. “Clearly you’d know a good flannel when you see it” you replied, not meaning for him to take it as a compliment, which he did. “I’m sorry about leaving you asleep but me and Isaac as a joint supernatural force couldn't move you from that bed” Scott said, still containing a laugh. “My dearest cousin Scott, how I would love to kick your ass right now” you claimed. “How I am sure you would” he smiled, handing you the notes on the assignment. “Y/N, I can hear your sarcasm from here and its making my brain hurt” Coach whined from his desk. “That’ll be the hangover sir” you retort. But before he could say anything back he was distracted by Greenburg and his audacity to click his pen more than twice in a minute. The bell finally went off, you began to pack your things away but coach had an announcement first, “Hang on you bunch of delinquents, anyone who has their free period straight after break has to take a mandatory cooking class. I would tell you why but I wont because I stopped listening during staff debriefing this morning-” he began to ramble. “Great that’s me” you huffed. “Same” Stiles voiced. You definitely were not looking forward to that.

Break was the perfect time for you to kill your boyfriend and to discuss your weekend plans with Lydia and Allison. “Heyy guys” Stiles beamed as you met up with the other half of the pack. You sat opposite Isaac, he was clearly trying to avoid your death stare. “Y/N, what the hell happened to you?” Lydia asked in pure shock. “You don’t even want to know” you said, shaking your head. “At least you look hot in my shirt” Isaac complimented, glancing timidly at you. “Don't” you said, through gritted teeth. “Technically it’s not his fault, you’re the one that didn’t wake up” Allison tried to help. “Well he’s the one that kept me up all night” you remarked. It took them a second, before Scott and Stiles pulled a disgusted face and the girls an approving one. “It was worth it” Isaac smirked, causing you to kick him under the table. “Dude that’s my cousin” Scott said, now also glaring at him. “Anyway, did you hear about the whole cooking thing” Lydia sighed. “Yeah, we have it next” Stiles said, gesturing between you and him. “Thank god, at least I wont be with random idiots incapable of cooking” Lydia said in relief.

“You two are a pair of idiots, incapable of cooking” Lydia said in clear frustration. “I think it’s going pretty well” Stiles said proudly. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it” you agreed. You took a step back to realise the utter mess you two made, who knew making dessert could be so hard without a recipe. “I’ll re-make this, just start melting the chocolate” Lydia said, trying to keep herself calm. You and Stiles both fumbled for the large chocolate bar, taking a piece each before she noticed. You reached over and picked up the first pan you saw in the cupboard, not knowing what the different ones were for. You both broke the pieces up and put them in the pan, you left Stiles to work out the right temperature on the stove. You turned around for second, until you heard Stiles erupt into laughter. “What?” you asked sharply. “ You’ve got two handprints on your bum” he said between laughs. Great you must of got flour on your leggings when you pulled them up earlier. “Is it coming off?” you asked, brushing it. Normally you’d be offended if a guy looked at your bum, but it was Stiles he was practically your brother. “Sure” he lied. “Shit Stiles, the pan’s overflowing!” you shouted, as you both stumbled over to it. This drew Lydia’s attention back over to you both, “You used an egg pan to melt chocolate?” she asked, also shouting. This group cooking project wasn’t going too well. You dipped your finger in the over spilled chocolate, it was a good idea to have a cheeky finger lick in all the commotion. That was until you realised it was scorching hot and you burned your finger. You ran over to the tap, putting your finger under it. “Y/N, you’ll heal in like 4 seconds, come here and help” Stiles demanded, while Lydia wiped the flour from her hands quickly with a tea towel. The scent of burning filled the room, along with the sound of you three shouting at each other. By now you had racked up an audience of bewildered students. “Stiles turn the heat off” you exclaimed, as Lydia wafted away the smoke before the fire alarm went off. Stiles, forgot which way to turn the dial. Resulting in him turning it up and a flame blazing up for a second. Eventually it all died down and the three of you slid down onto the floor. “Well on the bright side, no one got hurt” you said slowly. “Erm guys” Stiles squeaked. You and Lydia turned to look at him and instantly covered your mouths. “Notice anything different?” he asked, gesturing to the empty space above his left eye. The two of you couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh, you were laughing so hard you had to wipe the tears from your eyes. “Half of my eyebrow has been singed off!!” Stiles raised his voice, causing you to laugh even more. “Do the three of you care to explain?” the teacher demanded, rather than asked. “Ermm…no…?” you winced.

The three of you were let out of the principals office just in time for lunch. You’d been let off pretty lightly considering the collateral damage you caused. The only difference was that you had a double detention on Friday instead. You joined your friends on your lunch table, this time Isaac had saved a seat next to him. You sat down and he kissed your cheek, making your blush slightly. “Why aren’t you three eating? And why are you holding your eyebrow?” Scott asked. “You don’t want to know” Lydia said this time, shaking her head. “How’s Boyd holding up, after, you know…” you asked, after noticing he wasn’t at school again. “He’s hurting, but don’t worry about it, he’ll be okay” Isaac said, squeezing your hand. “Derek’s coming tonight, isn’t he?” Allison asked. Scott simply nod his head to confirm, while taking a bite out of his sandwich. “ Seriously, why are you holding your eyebrow?” Isaac asked intrigued. “He burnt it off” Lydia said bluntly. “You have to show us” Allison said excitedly. Stiles grumbled before moving his hand slowly, causing you all this time to burst out laughing. “I didn’t think it was possible, but you look even more like a spaz” Isaac claimed. “Well, I think you look smoakin Stiles” Allison grinned. “I know, he’s too hot to handle” Scott added. Lydia was trying so hard to hide her smile, because she was still pretending to be mad. “Cut him some slack, there’s no need to, roast” you said, purposely cringey. “ You guys make me sick” he seethed. You all smiled sarcastically. Isaac fed you a grape and kissed you, before you all went to your final two periods.

When you made it to the last lesson of the day, you were physically and emotionally drained. Werewolf or not, you weren’t prepared for todays antics. You had English class, with Scott, Isaac, Allison and of course the twins. They were on wined up duty, even after the chaotic day you’d all already had. They’d took apart their bikes and were purposely teasing them, which included Isaac getting his own back, getting Aiden suspended. However, while you were all standing outside of the classroom you luckily bumped into your gym teacher who was just walking by. “Y/N, glad I caught you” she said casually, even though you were hiding behind Isaac and she never normally walks to the top floor. You huffed and trudged over to her with your friends childishly sniggering, you turned around to tell them to cut it out, all you got was a kiss blown at you by Isaac . “You skipped another one of my lessons, that is the third time so I’m going to issue you a detention” she said falsely. Three in a day, it couldn’t get any worse. “When is it?” you asked with an eye roll. “This Friday” she answered. “I already have two that day”  you groaned. “Well now you have three” she retort, clicking her pen and walking away with her clipboard of names in check. Yes, it could get worse.

“Stiles, Shut up!” you shouted. He had been annoying you all day. “Could you just ask her please” he plead. “No, and even if I did ask her, she would say no!” you were becoming impatient with him. He had been asking you all day about Lydia, he wanted you to ask if she wanted to go on a date with him, even though she was occupied by Aiden. “Ask her yourself!” you huffed. Luckily you lived opposite ways to him so you could avoid him on the walk home. You were about a block away from your house when you heard someone honking behind you. “You’re fucking kidding me“ you turned around to see Stiles in his jeep. Maybe if you ignored him he would go away, you turned around and began walking. He started to drive beside you. "Y/N!” he started shouting out of his car window. Just then Allison caught up with you. “Why is Stiles so desperate to talk to you?” she asked laughing. She looked at you before realising your eyes had turned gold. “Stiles, Stop, her eyes” she shouted while making sure no one was around. Stiles seemed to ignore her warning and proceeded to aggravate you. “Stiles an out of control werewolf is pretty terrifying, for you anyway” Allison exclaimed. “Right” Stiles said awkwardly, he stopped the car in the middle of the empty road and rushed out. “Just calm down” Allison said anxiously. “Take deep breaths” Stiles said, trying to help. You were breathing heavily and your eyes turned back to their original colour. There was a moment of silence and relief. “Soo… is asking Lydia a definite no or…” Stiles asked. You let out a low growl, as a final warning. He held his hands up to surrender. “Are we still on for the pack pizza party later?” he asked, mainly to break the tension. “Ill be there at seven, eat all of the pizza again before I get there Stiles and I’ll break your arm” you retort, continuing to walk home. “Love you too” he shouted to you. You shook your head smiling, flipping him off from over your shoulder. As much as you hated him, you loved that hyperactive goofball.

You decided to have the get together in Lydia’s house, rather than at Derek’s loft or at yours and Scott’s. You arrived later on because you had to finish your math homework for tomorrow anyway. When you got there, Stiles did actually leave you some pizza for once, your bad luck must of ended, or because you were going to kill him earlier. You sat next to Isaac and he put his arm around you, pulling you into his chest. “Do you want to go back to Scott’s after the film? The others are staying here tonight” he said. “I just need my bed” you answered. He nod and you all got settled for the film. Due to Derek being the guest of honour he got to choose the film, as usual he picked an old action movie that sent most of you to sleep within half an hour, including himself. You forced yourself to stay awake so you could get home in time to have a shower. But as soon as you got back you flopped onto your bed, you couldn’t be bothered to shower, there was always the morning. You did brush your teeth and get changed first though. Isaac was about to turn your bedroom light off when he glanced over to your desk. “Y/N” he said softly. “What?” you asked, waiting to cuddle him. “You’ve erm, you’ve done all the wrong math questions” he said, trying not to laugh. “I. Hate. My. Life.” you whined slowly. This was the worst day you’ve ever had.

I know this was quite long, but I hope you enjoyed if you made it to the end. Requests are open x

The one thing I can’t stand the most on Chicago Med isn’t the tiny (or huge) medical inaccuracies, it’s the blatant self-righteousness and complete disregard for patient autonomy these asshole-fake-doctors have. 

Case in point: Patient with advancing ALS falls and hits his head causing intracranial hemorrhage and multiple fractures of the lumbar vertebra and left arm. Patient declines neurosurgical procedures for treatment of ICH. The patient is of is of sound mind, with an advanced directive stating he does not want to be put on a ventilator nor have any surgery–in fact, the advanced directive is “iron clad”. He states that he understands that he will die without the neurosurgery and that having the procedure will save his live but he states that he does not want the surgery because even though it will prolong his life, his ALS will eventually progress and he will be immobile and he has no desire to reach that point if he doesn’t have to.

Yes, it goes against our very human, overwhelming need to prolong life but the patient is of sound minds, understands the risk and benefits or the surgery, and understands the alternative. Although not shown, he is likely able to explain the procedure and by all accounts would be deemed to have decision-making capacity and that’s that. 

So then I don’t fucking understand why this fictional ED doc and this fictional ED nurse are trying to actively GO AGAINST the fictional patient’s explicit wishes and try to find away around his advanced directive. I know it creates drama but ultimately, the patient has capacity and therefore his decision to not have surgery should be honored. I get that it creates ~drama~ but it’s also a blatant ethics violation. And this shit happens like EVERY episode. 

In My Time of Dying (The Hospital Looked Pretty Accurate)

A review of Supernatural’s “In My Time of Dying” for @weesta

So very honestly, besides the fact that getting thrown against walls and getting the sh*t beat out of you is a lot worse for the average person than Supernatural tends to make it out to be, “Devil’s Trap isn’t all that exciting medically (mostly because a lot of the more interesting injuries (Dean bleeding everywhere, etc…) were vague and supernatural in origin). There’s really not a lot for me to talk about in this one.

But then there’s “In My Time of Dying” which totally makes up for it.

Most of this episode takes place in a hospital, where Dean’s ghost is wandering around while his body is in a coma. They really did some impressive research when it came to a lot of this episode, especially the set design and ACLS. Here are some things I noted in particular:

  • Everything seemed a little outdated, including, for some reason, the scrubs (maybe 10-15 years outdated, taking into account that this episode aired in 2006), but it was all real equipment.
  • Again, those are actual vent hoses- not the prop mock-ups I’m used to seeing in TV shows, and the ventilator is real. It is a Bear 1000 (built about 1993).
  •  Dean has an NG tube- a tube that goes from his nose to his stomach in order to deliver tube feedings and possibly medication. If there was any kind of problem with his digestive tract, it may also be hooked up to suction to keep his stomach empty. I don’t usually see this in TV/movies (ask me how I feel about the end of Superman Returns sometime) and its something I’m really impressed by that the set designers chose to use it. If someone is unconscious for any amount of time, they’re going to need food, and contrary to popular belief, IV nutrition, while possible, comes with a lot of risks and is generally a last resort for when the digestive system isn’t working at all and the person would literally starve otherwise. For everyone else, tube feedings it is!
  • Everything on the monitor makes sense (he has EKG leads on, a pulse-ox clip, etc…), with the exception that a blood pressure reading is not displayed even though Dean clearly has a blood pressure cuff on. In a setting like this, it might only be taking his blood pressure once an hour or so, but the most recent reading would still be displayed.
  • Something I’m also impressed about: When Dean codes, the rhythm on the monitor is V-Fib! Yay! I mean, that sucks, but since they’re shocking him, it’s a correct rhythm.
  • The only thing is that while yes, Dean has leads on, they’re hooked up to the monitor over his bed, not the defibrillator. He would have needed pads or a separate set of leads in order for there to be a readout on the defib screen. The Zoll M-Series (made in 1998), the defibrillator in the scene, has the capability for either of these monitoring modes, but neither is utilized in the scene.
  • Something I’m even more impressed about: Later, when another character codes and goes into asystole… they don’t shock her!
  • Unfortunately, in both scenes, the CPR is almost non-existent.
  • While a cool scene when Dean throws the glass off the table, a glass water glass in a hospital would be a big no-no.

Defibrillator use: When Dean Codes, they use “stacked shocks” (the series of three shocks prior to initiating CPR in the scene). This was no longer recommended as of 2005 (so depending on when they were writing this episode, it could have been correct). Also (and this is the nit-pick of the century, but because of this post I am now an expert on the Zoll M-series and need to share my knowledge), they charge to 360J. The 2005 recommendations for a biphasic defibrillator (such as the one in the scene) only go up to 200J, and would take about 7 seconds to charge between shocks. When talking about higher-energy shocks like 360J, we’re typically talking about monophasic defibrillators. You didn’t need to know that, but… fun fact?

Also, good job to this episode on the differentiation of roles in the codes (someone different is charting, administering drugs, doing CPR, running the defibrillator, leading, etc..). However, at certain points, the doctor seemed to be the code leader, the defibrillator guy, and the person doing CPR. These would have been very difficult roles to triple-up on. An aide or nursing/medical student can do CPR just as well.

“Code 500 CPR”: They overhead page this as the cardiac arrest code for the hospital. Its also a kind of… unique one. Overhead emergency pages are typically either colors, words, numbers, or fake doctor names (think “Code Blue” “Code Heat” “Code 2” or “Paging Dr. Smith”) that are set in advance to be able to get sensitive information (cardiac arrest, fire, severe weather, active shooter, bomb threat, etc..) to hospital staff without alarming the patients or public. “Code Red, Third Floor” sounds better overhead paged than “There’s a fire on the third floor” does. Unfortunately, they never specify a room number in the episode, and if you overhead page “CPR”, pretty much everyone knows what’s happening, so…. Yeah.

One last thing to mention before I close is… shirts and scrub pants look good, but they’d be a b*tch to wrestle unconscious/uncooperative patients into. Not quite as bad as SGA’s infirmary scrubs, and I get that it was done because having Dean’s butt hanging out would be, ah, inappropriate for TV, but still. As a nurse, I laughed (like, do they cut them off if they need to defib them? That seems like a waste of shirts…).

Overall, I was super impressed with the episode, especially since its from the same show that subjected us all to “Red Meat”. It did really exceptionally well in set design, and in the ‘not shocking unshockable rhythms’ department. I didn’t even think “why oh god why????” even once while watching it. Thank you, Supernatural. This is how you make a good episode.