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“you fell asleep and i started making funny faces at your cousin to keep her entertained and then the steward mistook us for a couple”

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category: fluff a duff duff

desc: you went on a trip and took your cousin with. you happened to sit next to the goofiest guy on the plane as well.

key: y/c/n = your cousin’s name

You waited in the airport with your cousin and slowly lost your patience. She ran around the airport, looking completely awed by the huge sight. You had to admit, you were surprised at how gigantic the airport was as well. Many restaurants and fast food places decorated the airport, and Halloween decorations went around the airport. A few things popped out if you touched it or got near it, so you were a bit amused at the reactions from the other people.

The main reason, though, that you were so impatient was due to your cousin, who was on her sugar rush once again. You sighed as you watched her run in between the aisles of chairs excitedly. The attention set on her made you a bit hesitant to get her, but you decided to anyway.

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New Album Rumors Update 1

These tweets have been posted over the last month and a half:

All of which are unconfirmed

These supposedly fake lyrics were posted in a Lanaboards thread:

I’m talking woman to woman
I’m talking woman to woman
I’m talking woman to woman
‘Cause I understand

I don’t need your man
Don’t even want your man
You can have your man

This fake snippet was posted in a Lanaboards thread:

Woman To Woman (Backing Vocals Snippet)

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I’m pretty reserved out in public for the most part. But as an INFJ, I’m pretty emotional and feel things quite deeply. When I express these emotions (for example, when I’m telling someone I really like their work or when I’m saddened by someone’s bad news) my tendency is to gush, or emote. I’m fully aware that this can be misconstrued as being insincere or fake, so I consciously try to restrain myself just a tad.


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