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Loki: You… You’re… What language are you speaking?  You’re not speaking French.

Thor: Neither are you. Are you?

Loki: I don’t understand.

Thor: You speak with the All-Tongue.  Every man hears it as his native language.  You are not of the folk.  You are like me, a son of Asgard.  A god. You are Loki, son of Laufey and Farbuti, son of Bor, and brother of mine, and for your myriad sins – For all the wretchedness of your past lives… I cannot imagine life without you. I brought you back and sought you out to bring you home, brother.

- From Thor #617: Loki and Thor: the brothers meet again.

Doc Samson:  Is there, uh, any particular reason you’re sitting like that, Layla?

Layla Miller: It makes the world look interesting.

Doc Samson: It doesn’t look interesting enough right side up?

Layla Miller: I guess. But that’s how everyone else sees it.

- from X-Factor #13.  Written by Peter David, art by Pablo Raimondi.  November 2006.

Oh Tony, Tony, you break my heart.

- - -

Tony Stark (to Odin): You like your effigies, yeah?  You like it when puny humans like us drop to our knees and beg for your attention?  All right, you coward – if that’s the cost of an audience with you, all right!  I’m a scientist. I don’t even believe in you.  

Here’s a sacrifice, you cycloptic bully.  I gave you my dignity - my integrity -and now I’m giving you the only damn thing I have that’s of any value.

- from Fear Itself #4.  Written by Matt Fraction, art by Stuart Immonen.