Spider-Man: Listen… You probably just saved me from having “killed by tentacles in a kiddie pool” carved onto my tombstone. Let me give you some advice.  There is an astonishing amount of powerful people in this world, and a lot of them are flat-out crazy.  So… Trust me… You will always be in over your head.  Always.

- From Amazing Spider-Man #648 by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos.  November 2010. 

This is fajrdrako’s issue of X-Men #1.

She bought it when she was 11 years old at the corner-store by her house and has had it ever since. It has a faded purple stamp on the cover because that particular corner store marked when they got things in that way. It’s a little beat-up because “it spent about a decade lost under the piano”.

It’s an important little piece of history. Not because it’s old, or because it’s the first issue of one of the biggest comics franchises out there, although both these things are true.

It’s important because it’s tells a story about the woman who bought it, my amazing friend who fell in love with the X-Men as a little-girl and is still excited every Wednesday when we meet up to buy our new comics together.

It’s important because women read comics. Women have always read comics. And some marvelous women will always read comics.


Julie Power: I know who I am.  I’m Julie Power. I like reading and acting. I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and I have two brothers and a sister. I’m not some.. some symbol or label.

Striker: So you’re not gay?

Julie Power: I – God, I don’t know.  Everyone’s all “pick a side.”  Like it’s Yankees/Red Sox.  When I… have feelings for a person, it’s for that person. Not their gender. Can’t you just like someone without it being a political statement?

- From Avengers Academy #23, by Christos Gage and Sean Chen. February 2012.

Girl rescued by Iron Fist:  Wait! No! I - I twisted my ankle when I jumped!  Don’t put me down just yet… Just carry me for a bit.. against your rock-hard abs…

Iron Fist: Um. Okay.

- From Shadowland: Power Man #4, by Fred Van Lente and Mahmud Asrar. January 2011.

Thor: Move against Asgard and you move against me -

Loki: Thor -

Thor: And if you move against me, you move against Mjolnir -

Loki: - Thor -

Thor: Which is profoundly unwise.

- From “Thor: The World Eaters” in Thor #618.  Story by Matt Fraction, art by Pasqual Ferry. December 2010.

Iron Man: But they’re not. Everyone feels inadequate next to you.  God knows I always have.

Captain America: You - ?  Tony, you’re brilliant.  Successful. One of the richest men in the world.

- From Iron Man/Captain America #1, by Christos Gage and Jeremy Haun.  December 2006.