Fic Rec Time!

Babylon 5:

High Sierra by fajrdrako (Sinclair/Garibaldi, T,  warning for alcohol abuse): Sinclair seeks out Garibaldi, helps him sober up, and offers him a job on Babylon 5.

The Subtle Arrangement of Stones by Nemo_the_Everbeing (gen, T): Episode related - what if the Homeguard tried more than once to capture the ambassadors? Nemo’s tag “Cockamamie Rescue” really sums this one up. Probably my favorite B5 fic ever.

Check, Please!:

Five Things Adam Birkholtz Learns in HDFS 332: Healthy Couple Relationships by EllyAvon (Holster/Ransom, T): Holster learns about healthy relationships while navigating his own healthy relationship with Ransom.

Harry Potter:

Text Talk by merlywhirls (Sirius/Remus, unrated): Text fic, modern au where Sirius goes to boarding school and Remus is homeschooled.

Hogan’s Heroes:

the Soul Food series by @belphegor1982 (gen, G): LeBeau cooks, and the Heroes get up to their usual shenanigans. Can’t recommend her work highly enough.

anything by @rose-of-pollux​, here’s the HH fic

Mea Culpa by Snooky (gen, G): a little bit meta, intended to address the misogyny in fanfic towards Mrs. Gertrude Linkmeyer. a moving story, serious but excellent.

The Outside Man by Snooky (gen, T, warning for violence): Olsen’s backstory and how he came to be known as “The Outside Man” for Hogan’s operation.

Rat Patrol:

Perferō by @general-sleepy​ (gen, T, warning for violence): Moffitt, torture, and Latin conjugation. What more could I ask for?

Red vs Blue:

Partners by @autisticblueteam​ (Maine/Wash, T): is probably my favorite mainewash fic ever. of all time.

actually you know what? just read literally everything @autisticblueteam writes. I would love to be able to write like them. here is their ao3.


The Whole Damn Sundae by ScribbleTheCalico (Jack/Daniel, M): features ace!Daniel and soft, loving Jack.

the Retrograde series by LtLJ (mostly gen, mostly G): independent!Atlantis and wonderful worldbuilding. go read it.

the Two-Body Problem series by bomberqueen17 (John/Rodney, various ratings from G to E, warnings for violence, rape, and unhealthy coping mechanisms): slow burn retelling of most of the series, missing scenes, features appearances by SG-1, addresses how fucking shitty Lucius was, addresses John’s canon mental health issues better than the actual show. very few mcshep fics do it for me now, but this one is A+.

The Rise and Fall of APUAHTACROFOTS, or, The Legend of the Traveling Lunch Club by schweinsty (background relationships only, T): not-so-subtle Atlantis GSA / QSA has lunch together repeatedly. Definitely read the footnotes!

Brainstormed by Kass & Sihaya Black (beledibabe) (John/Rodney, E): retelling of the episode “Brainstorm” where Rodney invites John to the conference instead of Jennifer. Exactly like the episode, except better. Also there’s sex at the end, but that’s not plot-essential so you can skip that.


Five Bets Sergeant Glicksohn Lost in a Single Afternoon (And One He Always Wins) by Rosie_Rues (gen, T): wonderfully in-character fluff featuring the marines of Sh’quo Company.

This is fajrdrako’s issue of X-Men #1.

She bought it when she was 11 years old at the corner-store by her house and has had it ever since. It has a faded purple stamp on the cover because that particular corner store marked when they got things in that way. It’s a little beat-up because “it spent about a decade lost under the piano”.

It’s an important little piece of history. Not because it’s old, or because it’s the first issue of one of the biggest comics franchises out there, although both these things are true.

It’s important because it’s tells a story about the woman who bought it, my amazing friend who fell in love with the X-Men as a little-girl and is still excited every Wednesday when we meet up to buy our new comics together.

It’s important because women read comics. Women have always read comics. And some marvelous women will always read comics.