faiz blaster

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Aaron Stone "Not So Friendly Skies Part 2" they repainted a DX Faiz Blaster black and modified it a bit but its an unmistakable shape.

OH i remember aaron stone. that kind of makes sense actually considering it was made by bruce kalish who produced most of the disney era power ranger seasons. not sure why they would have a faiz prop but that’s really neat to know


[ATTACK: COMBINATION] Grand Impact & Lucifer’s Hammer.

Japanese: グランドインパクト
Romaji: Gurando Inpakuto
User: Kamen Rider Faiz
Weapons required: Faiz Shot, Faiz Phone, Faiz Mission Memory

Japanese: ルシファーズハンマー
Romaji: Rushifaazu Hanmaa
User: Kamen Rider Delta
Weapons required: Delta Blaster, Delta Mission Memory

From: Kamen Rider 555 - Episode 46

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com


“What are you doing?! You’re empty inside.Your life is MEANINGLESS!! Won’t you hurry up and just die already?!?!?” -  Kusaka Masato

“If I’m empty, I will fill myself with battle. Bit by bit with joys and sorrows.
I will bear those sins!!!! HENSHIN!!!
- Takumi Inui

                                .- BLASTER: AWAKENING -.