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2. Answer the questions posed to you by who tagged you, then write 11 new ones.

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[i’m answering the questions but i’m probs not tagging anyone else cause i’m lazy]

1. what is your favourite item of clothing
Black skinny jeans in general, but specifically my Nike trainers at the moment

2. do you keep a diary?
Nope, but I have a planner so I know what I’m supposed to be doing on a daily basis

3. do you drink a lot of coffee, if so how do you like it?
I try to limit it to one cup a day in the morning. I drink Kenco smooth at home, but sometimes on weekends I have fancy stuff with a cafetiere.

4. do you get on well with your family?
Yep, pretty well

5. what is your dream job?
Space cowboy

6. how did we meet?
Um………….. through Cecilians, I assume, but I actually don’t remember specifically?? Do you?

7. what is your favourite simpsons episode?
How am I supposed to choose just one?

8. paul hollywood or mary berry?
Mary Berry, no contest.

9. favourite 90s band?
Has to be the Spice Girls. I saw them in concert when I was 9. I got a sticker that said “Girls kick ass!” and my mum let me stick it on my mirror in my room and I felt so cool to be allowed to have a ‘bad word’ on my mirror

10. what is your favourite season?
Summer. No question. I need sunlight. All the time. And trees.

11. if you were given a video of all the stuff you can’t remember when you’ve been drunk would you watch it or destroy it immediately?
I would watch it, because I only actually have two genuine black-out drunk moments, and I wanna know what happened!

faithlauraclark replied to your post:Question Game

yay! no i can’t remember either although i do remember the christmas holidays of first year before i got to know the cast properly i was in paris with jess and we walked past a shop called Elle Mac Elle and she was like lol

haha! excellent!

oh well, i’m glad we ended up friends either way! uwu

faithlauraclark replied to your post: i’m really enjoying it, i’m only 110 pages in though. i think she has a lot of interesting stuff to say, mainly the stuff about 80s muff.

it’s more like, it’s sad that porn has made it normal to have a bald fanny. when it should never have gotten to this stage where 12 and 13 year old girls are spending money on bikini waxes. you won’t be joining jess and me on our 80s muff revival?

Oh, totes true. 

Hmmmmmmmmm, lemme get back to you…