Somepony wanted to know what I fear? Well, I fear disharmony more than anything else. I am frightened of chaos, of not knowing what is going to happen and not having any control over it either. I was taught about the evils of Discord as I grew up, and every Discordian I met seemed intent on making other people miserable. To have Discord himself haunt me gives me the most horrible feeling right down to my hooves.

And I am irrationally scared of the idea that Mr. Librarian will never know how I feel and I will never know how he feels and that something like this whole ceremonial sword business will drive a huge barrier between us. And I just can’t bring myself to be up front with it because I don’t want to seem like a creep. And I’m scared of being rejected. I am so very scared.

The book said in old traditions it was used as a marriage proposal from a non-unicorn to a unicorn. No one proposed to me, I got it as a gift from CK because of an order that got cancelled. Now I think I know what they were for - they were for a wedding. CK must not have known…

And… oh… oh Celestia, where did I put that other sword!?!



Aha I’m so lazy, I was originally going to do this in some big comic thing but… well, Librarianmod’s writing is too good for me to murder like that ;n; uguu. This is one of the reasons this ask took so long to answer, I procrastinated because I was scared of butchering it.

So um, have some cute to make up for my failings? <3 aha. Your move Librarianmod? >=DDD

-Mod ))

(( Guys I am SO sorry for the inactivity. >n< There is really no excuse for it, but I guess if I had one, it would be that I have kinda felt out of the groove pony-wise. I still plan on updating the blog, the current story-arc is likely far from over despite the last post (xD) and, well, I still got a lot of questions for Faith to answer.

I just hope you guys haven’t lost faith in Faith and stuff I guess. Though I’d carry on regardless, because fuck I love ponies >u<

-Mod ))

Daring Derpy Do and I thought it would be much easier to split our team into two: those who are clearing the trees report to her, and those who are clearing the rooftops report to me!

I’ve had Medic report to me so far, although I’ve admittedly been a little flustered and not paying full attention in the meetings. ^_^;; Sorry, something about a prom coming up, I… nevermind. We have a job to do!