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My dear seeking sister, you will meet a lot of men in your life. Please don’t settle. Wait. Wait for the one you would want your sons to be like. Find him, and then wait for him if you have to.
Wait for the one that treats you like a queen. The one you can depend on to protect and take care of you.
Wait. Wait if you have to.
—  Yasmin Mogahed
You Deserve More Than Me- Part 1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are King Stevens beloved little sister, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend High Duke James. The only problem is James refuses to see you when he gets home from battle.

Message- I promise tomorrow will be a chapter from one of my stories. Probably Chapter 3 of Fire and Ice. I just kinda got inspired to write this today, but I did work on a bunch of other chapters for my other fics to! Also, should I do a part 2 to this?

Word Count- 1580

“I am to be married.” Your brother Steve says as he sits down next to you.

“To who? I have not heard any news of you courting anyone. I thought you said you would never marry, not after what happened to Peggy?” You ask as you lean against your brother.

“Her name is Princess Natasha, its necessary, this union will end the war.” He whispers. “I-I don’t think Peg would mind. Do you?”

“No, no. She wouldn’t. She’s been gone for five years now. She would want you to move on, to be happy.” You say as you pull your older brother into a hug.

“She was the love of my life. I don’t know if I’ll ever move on from that.” He murmurs into your shoulder.

“Even if you do not love your wife, you can still be a kind and caring husband.” You say as you run your fingers through his hair.

“You are right, as always.” Your brother mumbles. “Now that the war is ending, Bucky will be returning home.” That makes you perk up a bit. It was no secret to your brother, that you held affections for his closest friend. “Perhaps the both of us will be married before the year is out.” Steve joked.

“Ha ha, you are hilarious, brother. We both know Bucky always saw me as a child.” You say.

“You have grown up in the years he has been gone, I am sure he will notice.” Steve says.

“Perhaps.” You murmur. “Read to me, I am too tired to do it myself and it will distract you from your impending wedding date.”

“What book?” Your brother asks as you snuggle into his side even more.

“I don’t care.” You murmur and your brother laughs as he grabs a book off the table. Then he starts to read the book and eventually you drift off to sleep.

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Get the Girl


RequestHi I. Idk if you take requests but if you do could you maybe make one where Natasha has a huge crush on the reader and she tries to “woo” Her

Natasha decides she wants to be everything you want. 

Content: Friends to lovers, meddling friends, slight angst if you could even call it that, some fluff of course

Natasha is practically in love with you. Literally. Every day, she watches you walk around the compound in pajama shorts and a t-shirt, fuzzy slippers on, passing by and greeting everyone. She has your morning routine down. You walk in the common area with a bowl of cereal or a pop-tart on days no one feels like making breakfast and you make the rounds. You and Sam have a handshake between the two of you. Bucky gets a kiss on the side of the head and a “Good morning, hun.” Steve gets his hair ruffled and sometimes he’ll respond by kissing you on the cheek. You hug Wanda tight. Pietro gets a kiss on the cheek that almost always turns into him squeezing you around the waist and pulling you on top of him wherever he’s sitting. You fist bump Tony. Vision, for whatever reason, has decided he doesn’t do physical contact unless necessary, so you just nod at each other and say hello. If Rhodey’s there, you hug his shoulders. If Thor’s there, he picks you up. If Bruce is there, you squeeze his shoulder when you pass by. On the off chance that Peter is staying with you guys or there early enough to make breakfast, you have a handshake with him, too. Whenever Clint graces you all with his presence, he gets a high-five. The one time T’Challa was there, you squeezed his cheek. And then there’s Natasha.

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mbti moodboards

ESTJ (the supervisor)

[ESTJs] are civic-minded individuals who dedicate themselves to maintaining the institutions behind a smooth-running society. They often rise to positions of leadership in service organizations and in their careers, defending the values of the groups to which they belong. Supervisors are strong believers in rules and procedures, and they prefer tried methods to experimental ones.

With their outgoing nature, Supervisors are quick to communicate their opinions and expectations to others. They are hard-working, and they take their obligations seriously. Faithful friends and loyal spouses, Supervisors are adroit in social situations. They enjoy rituals such as weddings and holiday observances. While they may seem somewhat formal, they are frank and forthright, showing themselves for what they are. (x)

Dear Sisters,
Don’t throw yourself on boys with the intention that they will marry you if you give your everything to him.They will never marry you because you giving him everything that they need so whats point of marriage they are getting even without marriage and even if they marry you they won’t give you respect that you deserve.Value yourself, you are priceless and Allah has already written your spouse name and you just have to be patient. May Allah give every brother and sister in faith a pious spouse Ameen.
You want to make a difference in your world? Live a holy life: Be faithful to your spouse. Be the one at the office who refuses to cheat. Be the neighbor who acts neighborly. Be the employee who does the work and doesn’t complain. Pay your bills. Do your part and enjoy life. Don’t speak one message and live another. People are watching the way we act more than they are listening to what we say.
—  Max Lucado
You Deserve More Than Me- Part 3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary- You are King Stevens beloved little sister, who is hopelessly in love with his best friend High Duke James. The only problem is James refuses to see you when he gets home from battle.

Message- Sorry if this sucks!!

Part 1  Part 2

Word Count- 1105

“Bucky, Bucky!” You yell as you run into the chambers you and Bucky share.

“What is wrong?” He asks as he stands to greet you.

“I just saw the midwife!” You say.

“And?” Bucky asks.

“I am with child!” You squeal.

“That is great, my love.” Bucky says as he wraps his arm around you. It had been four months since your wedding and things between you and your loving husband were incredible.

“Let us go share the good news with my brother.” You say as you take Bucky’s hand in yours.  Bucky nods and the two of you walk down the hall.

“Things between Steve and Natasha seem to be improving.” Bucky says.

“Yes, she has warmed up to all of us a bit since our wedding.”

“Has she returned to their chambers yet?” Bucky asks.

“The maids have not said anything.” You say. Then the two of you walk into the library. You walk over to where Steve and Natasha are sitting, speaking quietly to each other.  

“Y/N, Bucky said that you were feeling unwell this morning. Are you feeling better now?” You brother asks as he gets up to give your cheek a kiss.

“Yes, I’m fine. Better than fine actually. I am with child.” You say as a grin spreads across your face. Steve laughs and then he picks you up and spins you around.

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When a person loves Allah (swt), it says much more about them than any words they could possibly say. A person who loves Allah (swt) shows something about their character - that they are fearful and grateful to the Unseen; they will be true and trustworthy to you. Always look for one who has love for the deen of Allah Almighty Insha'Allah.

anonymous asked:

Why are Christians supposed to save sex for marriage? Isn't sex natural? I just don't understand, thank you


There is a time and place for sex and God has a proper design for it. Sex is beautiful, sacred, and holy, but only within marriage. Sex is a gift, but gifts can be misused.

The first question is “What is marriage?”:

“Marriage is the intimate, exclusive, indissoluble communion of life and love entered by man and woman at the design of the Creator for the purpose of their own good and the procreation and education of children; this covenant between baptized persons has been raised by Christ the Lord to the dignity of a sacrament” (Crossroads Initiative).

Marriage reflects the relationship between Christ and the Church. This is discussed in one of my favorite passages of the Bible.

“Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, that he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, that he might present the church to himself in splendor, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, that she might be holy and without blemish.  Even so husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.  For no man ever hates his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, as Christ does the church,  because we are members of his body. ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’  This is a great mystery, and I mean in reference to Christ and the church” (Ephesians 5:25-32 RSVCE).

I just finished a great book about this called Theology of the Body for Beginners: A Basic Introduction to Pope John Paul II’s Sexual Revolution by Christopher West. I highly recommend reading the whole thing to understand Church teaching on sexuality. He explains everything so beautifully that I’ll quote him here:

“This is the power and meaning of sexual union as God designed it. Sexual intercourse has a ‘language’ that proclaims: ‘I am totally yours unto death. I belong to you and you to me until death do us part.’ It is not just that sexual union belongs ‘in’ marriage. Rather, it is that sexual union - as God designed it - has an inherently marital meaning. That is why sexual intercourse is called the marital embrace. Sex is only what it is meant to be when it expresses a love that is ‘strong as death’” (p.95).

“Agape: The Greek word for divine love. Christ’s love is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. In Christian marriage, eros and agape are called to meet and bear fruit. If spouses are to be faithful to the ‘language of their bodies’, sexual intercourse must express agape” (p.128).

Sex is free, total, faithful, and fruitful. Let’s explore what this means:

Free and total: The husband and wife freely consent to marriage and give themselves to each other. When we are bound by our lustful desires, we are not free. There is freedom in God’s design for sexuality. We can be a true gift to our spouses when we are free from the compulsion of lust (p.26). Sex is not about selfish gratification. It is about total gift of self to our spouse. 

Faithful: Every time a married couple has sex, they are renewing their wedding vows. This is when the vows become flesh. They must be faithful to the vows they made at the altar and God’s design for sex and marriage. If they are not faithful to their vows and His design, they are lying with their bodies. 

Fruitful: Sex is open to life. “Never is it permitted to separate these different aspects [unitive and procreative] to the point of excluding positively either the intention of procreation or the conjugal relation” (USCCB).

What if sex is missing these elements?

“Sexual union that is free, total, faithful, and open to new life (i.e., sexual union that truly expresses wedding vows) symbolizes and participates in the communion of Christ and the Church. Masturbation, fornication, adultery, intentionally sterilized sex, homosexual acts, etc.– none of these accurately symbolize, and thus never bring about the love of Christ for the Church. None of these behaviors are marital” (Crossroads Initiative).

“Ultimately, all questions of sexual morality come down to one very simple question: Does this act truly image God’s free, total, faithful, fruitful love or doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, it is a lesser love, a counterfeit that can never satisfy” (p.101).

Premarital sex is fornication. It is a sin and we are called to flee fornication and honor God with our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:18-20). Sex outside of God’s design is not the will of God and not a true expression of love. True love is honorable, pure, self-controlled, patient, others-focused, longsighted, faithful, and restrained (Girl Defined). Something sinful doesn’t meet that definition. 

As the ladies of Girl Defined also said, “God wants you to experience the amazing, mind-blowing pleasure of pure and holy sex within marriage one day. Don’t settle for the cheap worldly version.”

True love, beauty, happiness, peace, and fulfillment are found in God’s design.

I hope this helped! May God bless you and guide you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

Did you read Zweigs? Biography? Stop trying to make her a saint. She most likely had Fersen as a lover and Coppola did justice to it. There are letters to prove it. #rollseye

@tiny-librarian @vivelareine 

So…this was a response to my “Please stop assuming Marie Antoinette cheated on/didn’t love her husband just because you saw it in a movie” post (the one from like two years ago)….

Apparently claiming that someone was faithful to their spouse and that they loved and were happy with said spouse is “making them a saint” and is eye-roll worthy these days.

edit: there are definitely historical figures that people attempt to sanctifiy and sanitize and whose faults get ignored/excused at all costs…but Marie Antoinette is definitely not one in my experience?? I mean, most people still assume she was a bitchy, air-headed snob who said that starving peasants should eat cake since they couldn’t afford bread–despite that being debunked about a thousand times?!

edit x2: and I really don’t know how letters can “prove” that two people two-hundred years dead were “most likely” lovers unless they somehow talk about doing it in said letters, which I very much doubt Antoinette would’ve been dumb enough to do in any case

Dear Sisters,
Don’t fall in a trap if a boy says he wants to marry you but he’s delaying not sending his parents at your home.Beware sisters if he really wanted to marry you, he will ask your parents but if he just delaying its time that you should think about your relationship may be he just having you for fun.So my dear sisters please don’t fall in such relationships. You will get your spouse at an appointed point. Please be patient. May Allah give every brother and sister in faith a pious spouse Ameen
This Man Is Dating Someone Even Though He’s Married. Sounds Disgusting, But I’m On His Side.

“I have a confession to make. I’m dating someone even though I’m married.

She’s an incredible girl. She’s beautiful, smart, cunning, strong, and has an immensely strong faith in God. I love to take her out to dinner, movies, local shows, and always tell her how beautiful she is. I can’t remember the last time I was mad at her for longer than five minutes, and her smile always seems to brighten up my day no matter the circumstances.

Sometimes she will visit me at work unannounced, make me an incredible lunch, or even surprise me with something she personally baked. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be dating someone even though I am married. I encourage you to try it and see what it can do for your life.

Oh! Did I mention the woman I am dating is my wife? What did you expect?

Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean your dating life should end.

I need to continue to date my wife even after I marry her. Pursuing my wife shouldn’t stop just because we both said, “I do.” Way too many times do I see relationships stop growing because people stop taking the initiative to pursue one another.

Dating is a time where you get to learn about someone in a special and unique way. Why would you want that to ever stop? It shouldn’t. Those butterflies you got on the first date shouldn’t stop just because the years have passed. Wake up each day and pursue your spouse as if you are still on your first few dates. You will see a drastic change for the better in your relationship.

When it comes to any relationship, communication and the action of constant pursuit is key. Nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t want to pursue them whole-heartedly.

I encourage you to date your spouse, pursue them whole-heartedly, and understand that dating shouldn’t end just because you said, “I do.”

- Jarrid Wilson”

(credits to Jarrid’s blog)

I salute this guy. ♥

Dear Sister/Brother,
If you loved someone and didn’t get him/her than don’t despair of the mercy of Allah because He loves you more than your mother. So, He will give you the best when the time is right.We don’t know whats best for us only HE knows. May Allah give every brother and sister in faith a pious spouse Ameen.

anonymous asked:

Hello! How would you explain the reasons we choose abstinence and not to have sex before marriage? I'm having a difficult time explaining it to friends at uni, which makes me realise I'm just going along with it without thinking about it for myself!

Hey Anon,

This is a great question for a couple of reasons. It’s good that you want to think for yourself and not just go along with what others are doing (good or bad). And it’s good that you want to base your decisions on reasoned convictions rather than on arbitrary rules.

Even among Christians, people tend to have different motives for choosing to save sex for marriage — so I’ll just tell you what mine were.


You’ve probably already heard the scare tactics, so I won’t go into a lot of detail here: Sex can give you STD’s, and sex can get you pregnant.

I wasn’t personally concerned about STD’s, because the girls I dated were as inexperienced as I was. But the possibility of pregnancy — that’s a scare tactic that worked on me.

Like everyone else, I heard in health class that pregnancy can happen when you’re sexually active. But over time I really saw what that can mean to a person’s life:

  • One couple I knew got pregnant and, in their panic, had an abortion. They were both emotionally wrecked by their decision for a long time afterward. 
  • Another girl I knew chose to have her baby and gave it up for adoption. But she and her family were also emotional wrecks. 
  • A different girl had her baby and chose to raise it by herself. But she’s been struggling financially ever since. 
  • And another couple actually got married when they found out they were pregnant. But the dad had to drop out of school to support the family, and they’ve also struggled financially.

I’ve never heard of anyone who had their baby and regretted it. Babies are a blessing no matter what. But all of the people I just mentioned told me that they regretted the timing and wish they had been more careful or waited.

Pregnancy isn’t just an empty scare tactic; it’s a real possibility — even if you think you’re being careful. And it’s smart to avoid that possibility until you’re ready to be a parent.

So when my friends urged me to save sex for marriage, I chose to learn from their experiences.


Another big reason I chose to wait until marriage is that I understood what sex is for. Things typically work better for you when you use them as they are designed to be used. And sex is designed for marriage.

Sex is a natural desire, it’s a pleasurable experience and it’s a choice we make as individuals. But that isn’t all sex is.

Sex is also how husbands and wives bond in marriage. It’s powerful. And it’s dangerous when used incorrectly.

Studies have even found that the most sexually satisfied people are those who experience sex in the context of “love and commitment” (aka marriage). And I can tell you as someone who waited, sex is pretty great when you’ve only known it with your spouse. 

I wanted my relationship with my wife to be as unfettered as it could possibly be, so I waited. And I’m glad I did.


The last reason I waited for sex should be as profound as it is simple: The Bible tells me to. I can’t honestly call myself a Christian without committing to follow Jesus. He saved me, so He is the Lord of my life.

That means I don’t do what my friends, the media and society tells me I should. And I don’t even do what my will, my desires and my emotions tell me I should. I do what the Bible tells me I should.

The good thing is that the Bible’s instructions aren’t just arbitrary—they’re based on God’s unchanging character. He calls us to be faithful to our spouses, because He is faithful to us.

It’s not about following a rule because it’s a rule. It’s about following Jesus because I trust Him.

All this being said, if you’ve already had sex, all is not lost. Your marriage isn’t doomed, and your relationship with God isn’t shot. Jesus forgives us, and He restores us. But if you could avoid the heartbreak of having to overcome a big mistake, why wouldn’t you?

So those were my reasons for saving sex for marriage: 

  • I wasn’t willing to risk pregnancy before I was ready to be a parent. 
  • I wanted sex to be something special I only share with my wife. 
  • And I wanted to follow the God I trust.

Not everyone understood my choice to wait, and not everyone agreed with my reasons. But most at least respected it. And I didn’t need their approval to make my own choices anyway.

I hope that at least gives you a starting point. Thanks for the question.

Peace, love and Jesus,

I am fighting for men. For their purity and sanctification. I am fighting for their eyes - that they may see the world not as it is, but as it was created to be: in beauty and not out of lust, in purity and not with intent to be sullied, in majesty and not in menial mediocrity. I am fighting for men and their standards - that they not settle but fight to find what they were created for: to protect, to lead, to strengthen, to raise up new generations to do the same. I am fighting for men and their hearts - that they know what sacred gift they hold within: that it, too, is worth fighting for… & that it W I L L be fought for, that it is worth more than being given away for free. I am fighting for you, my future spouse, and the crosses that I will help you bear. You don’t have to do this alone, for you never have been nor will you ever be alone. I am fighting for you, and you are worth it.
—  Thoughts from my brain.

One of the biggest problems with the society - whether you’re a Muslim or not - is the crazy taboo topic that sex has become. In our religion it’s forbidden to have pre-marital sex and that’s it. That’s how the rules are and that’s what we are taught. It’s great and this so important to teach both your sons and daughters. But the mistake that the majority of the families do is that they treat sex like something that should never been spoken of EVER… Until your married of course. But that’s so wrong and it has brought upon us so many complications. The whole “ Eastern and south Asian culture” surrounds around protecting girls from this horrible horrible thing called sexual intercourse. Why? Well because girls can get pregnant! Duh… Well the big issue with that is that who are actually making these oh so pure and fragile women pregnant? Men of course! The ones we actually forgot to “warn” about sex. I don’t know a single family that has warned their sons about the importance of staying faithful for your future spouse meanwhile girls are constantly alarmed about it. It has gotten to point that we look down on basically anything and anyone associated with sex. We look down on sex workers and girls that wear short skirts WITHOUT thinking ahead what actually forced them into selling their bodies. Well right again, MEN. They have been taught that women are theirs to own in all sorts of ways, whether they are call girls or their own wives. It’s beyond disgusting and that’s why it’s so important to TALK ABOUT SEX WITH YOUR KIDS, despite of gender. Teach them how it’s done, what feels good, teach them about both sides being consent to the act and teach them about safe sex and about why it’s forbidden. I’ve met people that are scarred of having sex with their husbands, we are taught to never speak about it and never be alone with a guy in a room because bad things can happen. I’ve met people who strongly believe in virginity as if it’s a real thing, they’ve been taught to never use tampons because then no one will marry them. Can you believe that? Virginity is a social construction - it’s fictional! No one is suppose to bleed and get hurt during sex IT ALL HAPPENS BECAUSE guys have no idea what they are doing and what to do to get the girl aroused. Why don’t they know? Because they haven’t been taught shit!!! THIS is not the ways of Islam smh. If you read a little, Islam says so much about the topic, about for-play and how you shouldn’t finish before satisfying your wife. I have had enough of people frowning upon the topic and those who speak openly about it. Just because you talk about sex doesn’t mean you are having sex dammit. There’s a difference between words and action, just because I talk about murder doesn’t mean I’m gonna kill someone. So for the record: it’s okay to talk about sex! For women too because women want sex, need sex and think about sex IT’S NATURAL! As long as you do it with a permitted person. Not talking about gives all the power to men and that’s not where it should be. So get educated and educate others, especially guys who learn these stuff from porn and their equally stupid friends. I hate everything tbh.

“You gave me a teddy bear when I turned 14. 9 years passed, we met again and my whole life changes forever. Yes, Allah has already written everything, even the names of your spouses for you. It is only a matter of time while working on your relationship with Allah SWT :) Ya Allah, thank You for sending me a faithful man. And yes, I still have the teddy bear,”

~ Alyssa Soebandono to Dude Herlino



Clear water; like the salt of childhood tears,
the assault on the sun by the whiteness of women’s bodies;
the silk of banners, in masses and of pure lilies,
under the walls a maid once defended;

the play of angels;—no…the golden current on its way,
moves its arms, black, and heavy, and above all cool, with grass. She
dark, before the blue Sky as a canopy, calls up
for curtains the shadow of the hill and the arch.

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