faithful runner

one day until i am done with my second year of uni !!!! 

i honestly cannot wait for this exam to be over, and for summer to actually start. i can’t to make the most of seeing my wonderful uni friends before they graduate/i move away! i have so much exciting stuff to look forward to next week.

feeling really sorry for myself bc i think i have sprained my ankle. it started hurting so badly on my run on monday and it is sooo swollen. i’ve been icing it and elevating it when i can but its still so painful, even when walking on it. i’m annoyed because i feel like i’ve just found my ‘thing’ with running, and not being able to run is making me sad. BUT i hope it will pass soon, and heal up nice and quickly so i can get back to training for my next 10k. prayers would be sooo appreciated!!!! if anyone has any tips of how to help it heal fast then let me know!! 

i hope you’re all doing well. love as always. xx


based on a conversation with @championsaremade, today’s run was dedicated to heartbreak. 

to the nights where you sleep on the floor because the thought of being in bed all alone hurts too much.

to the mornings where you wake up, not remembering the night before, feeling sick to your stomach and empty in your heart.

to the days that melt into weeks, and you still feel as if you’re grieving like it was just yesterday. 

because running teaches us that we can. we can sprint up the hill. we can push back against the 25 mph winds. we can breathe deeper and dream bigger. we can get ourselves off the floor, scrub off the pain of yesterday, and fly into tomorrow. 

sometimes we don’t clear the hill. sometimes our legs tire. sometimes we’re defeated by the weather, or even by ourselves. but the one thing we hold onto is this– that tomorrow will be another day to lace up our shoes and go.