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castiel x reader, grass, bees, bugs

Castiel laid calmly in the middle of a poppy flower pasture. He picked up a wilted flower and gently pressed two fingers to the soft sunset colored petals. Instantly, the small flower came back to life and he twirled it between his rough fingers. 

“Castiel?” You called out to your soulmate, searching through the grassy fields.  At the top of the hill, there was a man shaped dent in the ocean of flowers. Bees buzzed in sync over the spot and you knew that’s where you would find your angel. He was humming a song that you didn’t know and the bees danced happily around, working hard at collecting pollen. 

“There you are, Cas! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” You laid down next to your love and laced your fingers with his. “You know, that whole longing thing doesn’t go both ways. When you disappear, I still have to search for you.”

“Apologies, Honeybee.” Cas looked to you and squinted with the sun in his eyes. “What do you say we head back to the bunker?” 

“Sounds a like a plan.”

Instead of standing back up to walk to the bunker, you stretched your arms high above your head and then winked at Castiel. Pushing your body forward, you rolled down the grassy hill, giggling the whole way down. Confused, Castiel sat up, tilted his head and squinted his eyes again. 

“Come on, Cas! Try it. It’s fun!” 

Determined to do this correctly, Cas buttoned up his trench coat for maximum speed. He laid down in the same pencil straight fashion as you had just done moments ago. But instead of laughter coming from the angel, deep grumbles and tiny ‘ouches’ were what Cas chose to express. 

“That was extremely unpleasant.” 

“What? That is so much fun, Cas. How could you call that unpleasant?”

“How can you call rolling down a hill full of rocks, bugs, and dirt, fun? I think I rolled over a few of Father’s creations. I better go check.”

“No! Cas, it’s okay. The bugs are fine. Come on, I think I know something better that you’ll enjoy.”

Taking him by the hand you walked side by side down the gravel path toward a tire swing. A big smile wiped across the angel’s face. He dropped your hand and ran to the swing. I’d be hard to forget the cheerful whooping sound that came from Castiel. For the rest of the afternoon, you sat on the grass, watching your beloved angel swing back and forth with the wind in his hair. 

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Sometimes when Sam prayed he thought he could feel a presence.

“Oh, please, Sam,” Lucifer scoffed, regarding him in the flickering light of the Cage while Sam bowed his head into the valley between his drawn-up knees, “It’s not like you can dial 9 to make an outside call—He’s not listening.

Once, that might have mattered, but it’d been a long time since Sam’s prayers had been contingent upon some sort of faith that he’d be heard. He prayed when his throat couldn’t form words and when it could; sometimes, he prayed from the floor of the Cage, barely alive.

He didn’t expect God or any of his angels to listen to him or help him, unworthy as he was, but he prayed, because the alternative was to break.

So when Castiel forced his way into the Cage and said I’m going to get you out of here, it didn’t matter that he failed to pull Sam’s soul out with his body—it only mattered that he came.

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Hello! Could you please make Castiel a real man?

Why would I do that son?
And why say a real man? he is not Pinocchio, and he is perfect as he is.

Castiel is one of my finest creations as an Angel. He made me proud so many times, his flaws as a son are my failures as a father. He will keep his grace and wings as long as I’m around at this side of the universe. When he comes back, I’m working on the details right now, he will have the choice to keep those and made his own rules. He constantly has demonstrated me his strength by loving my dearest creation.

 This may seem a weakness for his brothers, but as he began to understand that free will is always a choice for those who dare to take it, and make the best of what they truly believe in their hearts are the right choices because they were guided by love. Oh yes, angels have a “heart” as you humans have this idea that an organ in your body gave you the ability to love, angels discovered it as an act of caring beyond commandments or missions that I gave them. Like Castiel did 9 human years ago. 

 At the beginning, angels weren’t given the natural choice of feelings as I gave you humans inherently at birth. But some discovered this ability by watching over you, and not because it was an assignment that I gave them. Some choose to feel love, some fall for the love you inspire in them. Castiel has fall so many times and in so many ways, but his reasons were always pure.

And that’s why he need to be an angel right now, to fulfill his needs of protection of whom he loves the most. If is his choice to give up his wings and grace, I would gladly accept. But if it were my decision I will gave him the keys to my kingdom, so I can enjoy all the lost time with my sister. 

But he chose to have free will, so I have to wait and agree on his decisions, like I wait and see how you take your own over your precious world. One constant prayer I have been receiving for Castiel is about making him an Archangel, and I wonder what would he think about that. If he will accept more power, or he will give it all for his love to “humanity”.

Be good my son and do good to those surrounding you.

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Cas vs Cas in terms of looks seems very likely but I do think ine Cas will be a different character just looking like Cas

For Cas’s own character development the Cas vs Cas theory is the best one we could ask for. Cas desperately needs to face himself the same way that both Sam and Dean have in the past already. 

I would love to see him face an angelic version of himself, as if his grace separated from his human soul (always in the camp that believes he has a soul) and it is the two sides of him that hash it out in the Empty.

Very much like Sam in season 7. 

I want the Cas that he has to face to be a part of himself, as I feel that he needs to really think about who he is, what he stands for, and where he belongs.

I feel that this is necessary for his development arc to progress and for Cas to get to a place where he can find happiness and faith in himself.

However. I do like your idea. That we could see someone entirely different wearing Cas’s face. Perhaps Death? Or Gabriel? They did tease that it was someone we have seen before right? An old friend or something? 

It could be Billy. Because that would make a lot of sense that she ends up in the Empty (also because I want her back) and Cas did kill her so it would make for good tension and a looming threat on his “life” or “afterlife” I suppose. She could start by wearing his face and forcing him to do a bit of self reflection, but then reveal herself and force him to consider WHY he did what he did again? (hopefully with a couple of great flashbacks to moments from 12x09, 12x10, 12x12 and 12x19 where Cas basically confirms that the reason he does stuff is for DEAN DEAN DEAN.)

Anyway, that’s enough wild speculation from me. I guess I just hope that whatever it is that Cas faces in the Empty, it is something or someone who helps him grow and transform into something better than he was, something stronger and more powerful and with a purpose and most of all, with FAITH in HIMSELF.

Moments of Dean-ness, season by season

1.03 Dead In The Water

The way Dean talks to Lucas, getting through to him eventually, which nobody had managed before.

2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

When Dean apologizes to Tiny for the things he’d said to him earlier. Tiny then opens up to him, telling him that he has low self-esteem issues due to his father treating him and his brother like crap.

3.04 Sin City

Dean, hunter extraordinaire, reaches some kind of rapport with the demon Casey, so much so that she tries to stop her demon lover from killing Dean.

4.08 Wishful Thinking

Even though the kid Todd beats him up whilie under the influence of the coin, Dean later helps him by pretending to the bullies that he’s still scared of Todd.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

His pep talk to a suicidal Bobby. Nuff said.

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

His exchange with Ben. Just cause you love someone, doesn’t mean you shoud stick around and screw up their life. […] …if I stayed, you’d end up just like me.

7.11 Adventures In Babysitting

He makes such an impact on Krissy that she considers leaving the life - maybe even going to Stanford, just like Sam.

8.20 Pac Man Fever

Getting through to Charlie and helping her let go of her Mom, making sure she doesn’t feel guilty anymore. Empathic and gentle.

9.07 Bad Boys

The way he boosts Timmy’s self confidence. Gaining his trust so that Timmy is brave enough eventually to tell his Mom’s ghost to stop.

(The way Timmy runs into Dean’s embrace after it’s all over is one of my favourite Dean-hugs ever.)

10.20 Angel Heart

Even though they got off on a very bad start, with Dean killing Claire’s surrogate father, and Claire then trying to have Dean killed, Dean restores Claire’s faith in Castiel and Jimmy, telling her Jimmy was a hero, giving up his body so Cas could save the world. (Okay, so Dean twisted the truth a little, but in this case it’s the message that counts, not the truth.)


Comforting Jenna while patching her up, when she’s coming apart about having killed her friends.  Anybody could have panicked. Not anybody could have done what you did.

Welcome to Mama’s 100 Quotes of Supernatural Challenge!!!

Wow! I am truly amazed at all of you wonderful people in Tumblr land. After 1 year on here I have 2000 followers!!!! (OK, so I know my blog is not a big ole bomb of excitement the majority of time but I am still tickled pink!)

So to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary, I am going to do a 2-part thing. I put a poll out a few weeks ago to see what all of you would like and the 2 popular responses were a challenge and for me to do some more blog promo’s. You asked so shall you receive!!

I have searched and searched for some of the most memorable, funniest, best quotes from our beloved characters of Supernatural. Below the cut you will find the list. I have tried to include at least 1 quote from just about everyone (well, from a whole bunch of them anyways) but the majority of the quotes do belong to our sexy Dean, Sam, and Castiel! So keep on reading to see the list and the rules for this challenge!!

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9x18 “Metafiction” - The Trench-Coat and Free Will.

(image source )

At what point does Cas realise he is trapped in Metatron’s text?

In other words at what point does he become self-aware in “Metafiction”?

He notices in the re-created Gas-n-Sip (site of his “jilted lover” conversation as “Steve" with Dean in 9x06 "Heaven Can’t Wait”) that a tear in the lining of his trench-coat is no longer there…

The trench-coat, as we know, has become the symbol of Castiel’s membership of Team Free Will, especially for Dean.

Dean kept it when Cas was swallowed by Leviathan and he returned it to "Emmanuel" in 7x17.

Cas chose to re-create it, clean and shiny, in 8x07 when he emerged "dirty" from Purgatory, a reassurance, for Dean in particular, that he was really back.

Originally his vessel, Jimmy Novak’s, the trench-coat symbolises Castiel’s path away from being a “good soldier” of Heaven and towards being a Winchester.

Here it becomes the means by which he breaks Metatron’s control.

Dean’s fight for and faith in Castiel as a free angel has gifted him the identity of the trench-coat, and that gift here, once again, helps Cas break free of the controlling forces of Heaven.  

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Hi you, something I don't get in your post don't most people argue if Jack has influence Cas, not if he evil? The minority believes Jack will be an evil figure in the end, but argue that rn hes doing wrong by effecting Cas and just like the parallels to Amara, (Connor ? dont watch this) these storyline usually /start/ with these characters doing something like controlling ppl so going by usual tropes thats how this story usually goes. How could Jack bring Cas closer to S/D rn he seperates them

Hi Nonny,

Thanks for the ask.  I’m going to surmise your points/questions as a prompt to myself because this ask hit a whole bunch of inter-sectional discussions

Jack influencing Cas does not make him evil, but he is doing wrong right now

Very true re. influencing Cas in what could be viewed as a negative way does not make him evil.  It would of course make him a being that wants to survive, which does not make them bad.

And here’s where we get into the intersectional debates and opinions.  I don’t believe Jack has brainwashed Castiel.  Influenced?  Maybe?  Sam telling Cas ‘you can’t do this’ is also influencing him no?  But not quite brainwashing and also super ineffective.  Below are some of the reasons why I don’t think Cas is brainwashed but it is not the single pillar that my points or opinions rest on.

All roads lead to Rome here and I accept people who believe he’s brainwashed have a point, they have an argument.  But it does not ring true to me:

Originally posted by super-sootica

Arguments against it being his choice

1.  Dean would not accept that this was his Castiel.

Dean has repeatedly rejected the possibly of Castiel’s agency wherein it is a move from him (Dean).  See ‘Superman gone darkside’ and creating a literal false memory about purgatory, to reject Castiel’s decision.  To reject any reality wherein Cas would choose not to be with him.

He is not a reliable source.  That’s actually a running joke within the fandom, one of my favourite fanarts is punk Casifer flipping Dean off and Dean waving all ‘ohh Cas is going through his punk phase’.  For more on Dean is an unreliable source with people he loves please see @amwritingmeta it’s not that he can’t see things when the are wrong.  It’s just a rejection of reality.   He is sooo stressed.  Boy needs to go to a spa

2.  Castiel’s utopia speech to Kelly.

Castiel hesitated during that speech and told a bunch of cliches.  He thought of what a human might want, no hunger, no pain, no fear.  He told her it would all go away.  He was comforting a dying woman.  Not telling us what he saw.  This is not a suggestion of blind faith.

Originally posted by super-sootica

3.   ‘Castiel would never boop the Winchesters’.  Yes he would.  Castiel has repeatedly worked on his own and created distance between himself and the Winchesters when he thought it was needed.  He didn’t harm them.  He merely tried to get away.

4.  The grace colour issue.  This could be due to lighting (we have seen this before) or residual grace.  It does not mean that Cas isn’t driving.

Please also see @tinkdw‘s post on Castiel’s agency here

Moreover the reason why I brought Connor, Dawn and Chris into this is because there were also ‘this kid is brainwashing our main cast’ arguments in the fandom and meta of it’s time.  Some characters also believed it at first.  All of which were proven to be incorrect.  Setting up the newbie as more powerful or with more motive than actually exists is a trope.

I believe Castiel has his full agency, I believe he did a complete 180 based on what he saw or felt and I don’t believe that it was paradise.  He would be far from the first character to make this kind of swing in the face of new evidence or emotion

Back to your point 

And uh under the cut because this will go on and people have dashes to worry about

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