So… Darren, the music nerd Darren, definitely didn’t make a mistake in choosing his song for the karaoke. He knew exactly what he was choosing when he sang George Michael’s Faith (x). A song written and performed by a man who had not come out as gay when the song was released. A song written and performed by a man who didn’t get to come out in his own terms and who was dragged through the mud when he did (the story involves a scandal in LA). Yup. Definitely not a song choice mistake.

Well I guess it would be nice

If I could touch your body
I know not everybody
Has got a body like you

But I’ve got to think twice
Before I give my heart away
And I know all the games you play
Because I play them too

Oh but I
Need some time off from that emotion

Time to pick my heart up off the floor
Oh and when that love comes down
Without devotion
Well it takes a strong man baby
But I’m showing you the door

‘Cause I gotta have faith
I gotta have faith
‘Cause I gotta have faith, faith
‘Cause I gotta have faith, faith, faith

I know you’re asking me to stay
Say please, please, please don’t go away
You say I’m giving you the blues

You mean every word you say
Can’t help but think of yesterday
And another who tied me down to loverboy rules

Before this river
Becomes an ocean

Before you throw my heart back on the floor
Oh oh baby I reconsider
My foolish notion
Well I need someone to hold me
But I’ll wait for something more

Kakayanin. :)

Kamusta naman ung mga nakapilang gagawin. Unahin na ung Psychology na nagpapagawa ng Self-Analysis na sasamahan pa ng Theory and Approaches at ngset pa ng bilang ng pages. >.< Tapos ung PROGRAMMING, magaayos pa kami ng code at syempre iintindihin ng group namin para kung sakaling mgdefense eh makasagot kami, ito nalang magsasalba ng grade namin, sunod sunod ba naman ung hands on activity na puro all or nothing eh. At syempre ung pinaka matindi sa lahat ung COMP ORG. Waa. Ang hirap niyang icode. Gagamitan pa ng graphics ang sarap mg conceptualize ng design kaso pag icocode mo na nakakapanghina na. Haha. Tapos may quiz pa at di lang basta bastang quiz mgcocode ng hand written(Shit, ganon ba kadali na walang error ung magagawa namin) at activity gamit ung breadboard. Combine force ang coding at hardware. Lord, tulungan mo kami. Sana wala kaming isummer. :“> God is Good All the time. Haha.