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Buffy. Slightly lower on the list is Angel. On the list of really random crap, Fred.

Smirking slightly, she nodded, “I like you.” Faith could picture all three of these ships, each of them able to give what she had longed for.

Even Fred, who she had only met briefly, but the girl was so innocent, pure and sweet…Everything Faith wasn’t. Or so she thought.

NEEDED AND WANTED: Angel, the vampire with a soul. We have a Faith that would love to play some Fangel friendship or romance out! We’re a fledgling, literate, highly-active Buffy the Vampire Slayer roleplay with a fresh plot. Our rp takes place after season 7, without ATS. Please message us any questions! :)

Angel’s backstory:

Reports were circulating all around the supernatural counterculture—increased vampire activity in the midwest, people and Slayers disappearing without a trace. After two successive phone calls— one from Andrew explaining some new findings, and another from Buffy giving the bat signal—Angel thought he could be more helpful if he relocated to Cleveland.

He was not prepared for what he’d find when he arrived. Buffy’s army of Slayers slipping out from under her thumb, girls being picked off one at a time. And that was just the beginning. Others were vanishing too, people could openly talk about the occult without being labeled as tinhats—and those same individuals were usually the ones who went missing. Willow’s magic getting weaker by the day. All of the pieces were starting to come together, and they formed one massive jigsaw of death, scandal, and monsters. He was definitely needed here.

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