faith without actions

1 Do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. You deserve to experience that.
2 You’re infinitely stronger than your problems.
3 Never be distracted by other people. Focus on your own problems.
4 Don’t confuse the present with the past; those are different time frames.
5 Faith is nothing without actions and efforts.
6 Don’t try too hard and just be fucking you.
7 You need time for yourself, yes, but don’t forget about your friends.
8 Time is moving on; you’re growing up.
9 Simplicity is always the best.
10 Never take anything for granted.
11 Karma’s a bitch so try to avoid that.
12 Things fall apart and it gets messy but you still have to keep going.
13 When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.
14 Grab the opportunity and don’t be choosy.
15 People are inconsiderate. Be cautious.
—  Simple Reminders for Everyday Life