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Okay but Colin O'Donoghue (Captain Hook, OUAT ❤️) and Danny O'Donoghue (lead singer of the Script ❤️) are COUSINS!!!

I’ve always wondered if they related because they’re both Irish, gorgeous, are musically inclined, and have the same last name. I finally got around to Googling just now and THEY ARE! It’s a small world after all.

My life is complete. This makes me happy.

I need to remember that, no matter what, there are six season of hardcore canon Captain Swan moments that can never be taken away from us. No matter what they do from here on out with the story, they can’t erase what exists on film as part of the show narrative. They can retcon, yes. But as of 6.20, Captain Swan are a married couple and not a damn thing can undo that. It exists in the fandom world as actual official content to the narrative. Sealed deal. 

I’m pretty positive they aren’t changing that in the finale. And I have stated many times that I’m of the mind that they won’t be dismantling the six years of canon content and the legacy of Captain Swan in the coming season (or more). But it’s still a possibility and try as I might, I can’t always ignore the what ifs and the anxiety does get to me. Has been all week.

So yeah. Nothing erases the canon content that has already come. It’ll suck to lose the canon support we’ve always had if it happens (again, I’m fairly certain it won’t), but that’s the nature of things and doesn’t change Captain Swan as it is for me - the greatest OTP I’ve ever had the pleasure to fangirl over.

I’m NOT gonna let these new additions to the cast or other people’s worries/rumors/speculations ruin for me the beautiful love story cs developed in 5 seasons, you all chill, IT’S GONNA BE FINE.

Oneshot: Somewhere To Begin

AU of the fight between Regina and the Queen. Regina gets injured and the Queen is surprised to learn she cares. She calls the one person they both trust to look after her. Split Queen angst and some Swan Queen feels. Hope you all enjoy :)

The noise makes her jump.

It shouldn’t. After all, all powerful and feared Evil Queens don’t jump at loud noises. Not anymore.

Regina does. Did. Loud noises meant mother or worse and so jumping was inevitable. She tamped it down over time but every now and then the instinct would kick in, just a flinch here and there but those who paid attention would see it.

The Queen knows who pays attention. She knows she should have been paying attention too. This fight was with herself after all, which means she knew how and where to hit, but in her anger she forgot about past injuries. She forgot about warnings to try and avoid further head injuries.

She let her rage kick in and now…well now…Regina isn’t moving at all.

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I’m trying not to let that sneak peak bug me, because I remember reading a quote from JMO and I can’t remember where I read it, but she’s talking about this episode and how she’s hurt Killian left, but at the same time her superpower does kick in and she feels that something isn’t right.  If anyone knows where I read that, maybe add a link, but I KNOW I read it.  

My feeling is that at the beginning of the episode, the shock of Killian being gone is overpowering her common sense.  All she knows is that someone left her yet again and so her putting his things away is her putting those walls right back up.   

But then, once the shock wears off a bit, I can see her stepping back and just letting her superpower take over.  Her realizing that something isn’t right…her Killian would never just leave her like that and that’s when she starts to fight back.  I just hope she finds her faith that Killian hasn’t left her BEFORE Killian actually comes back!  Killian deserves that kind of faith.

therealdolewhip  asked:

Could you write a fic of Killian getting drunk one night and coming home with an "Emma" tattoo? (maybe similar to his "Milah" one?)

Tweaking this one just a little :)

It’s not until Camelot that Emma notices it.

In her defense, she and Killian had only slept together once before the whole Queens of the Night People thing. She’d been much more interested in finding out if the good captain could put his money where his mouth was than a slow exploration of each other’s bodies. After things went haywire, they’d been reduced to quickies in a dark corner to take the edge off, always promising to take it slow, take their time later, later, later.

They’d thought there would be more time.

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Hey people,

So, I don’t know many people on here and would like to meet people within the fandoms I enjoy so I can talk to someone about them. So reblog if you are part of these fandoms and wouldn’t mind having awesome conversations about them:

• Root/ Shaw a.k.a. Shoot from Person of Interest
•Cophine / Tatiana Maslany with anyone from Orphan Black
•Regina/Emma from Once Upon A Time
•Clexa from The 100
•Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer (I am just hoping this ship sets off tomorrow)
•Kate Kane/Renee Montoya
• Any Sarah Waters book ( Tipping the Velvet, Night Watch, etc.) •Gail/Holly from Rookie Blue •Tara/Willow from Buffy •Faith/Buffy from Buffy •Xena/Gabrielle from Xena


“Your parents are monsters, Emma! They banished me and threw you in a wardrobe. And now here you are, ready to die for them … because you’re so perfect. The Savior. Well, they deserve to be punished, and there’s only one way to stop me, and you know it.” - Lily (4x19)