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For this reason the Lord is ready to show you mercy; He sits on His throne, ready to have compassion on you. Indeed, the Lord is a just God; all who wait for Him in faith will be blessed. (Isaiah 30:18 NET)

No longer delight in rebellion, doing things your way against God. Admit it as sin to yourself and to God. God can and will forgive - He redeems us out of that forgiveness. The Lord Jesus came that we may have life against sin and be born again for His glory - life in the purpose and eternity of His grace. All who wait on God will be blessed as He promised then and now. Place your faith in the Lord Jesus.

You can pray for Christ Jesus to have the throne of your life, in your heart, as Savior and Lord.

You can pray for His grace today, loved one. God listens and He responds to our hope in Him.

As the year continues, choose your guide well. One is provided for us with great love.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105 ESV)

Continue to count on God’s Word, loved ones.

Raul Esparza Appreciation Week

Hello Everybody,

This is our official Raul Esparza Appreciation Week post!! In light of other fandoms doing these, I decided Raul need his own week of appreciation. 

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Appreciation week will take place the last week of April to commemorate the opening of Leap of Faith at St. James Theatre in New York.
  • Each day will highlight a different Character 
  • You contribute anything you want from fics to videos to graphics to photos to art. 
  • Everyone is invited to participate.
  • Everything should be tagged appropriately. #raulesparzaappreciationweek #characterappreciationday 
  • I’ll gather everything up at the end of the day and do a masterpost for them. If anyone would like to help me with that let me know. 
  • I had to double up our lesser knowns so we could fit them all in the week. 
  • Let me know if you wish to be tagged in updates. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Alright here is our schedule: 

  1. April 24th Our wonderful Frederick Chilton will start us off. 
  2. April 25th Our Favorite Trashcan Nevada Ramirez
  3.  April 26th Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Opening of Leap of Faith with the King of Sin himself,  Jonas Nightingale 
  4. April 27th Bobby from Company 
  5. April 28th Continue our Fluffy Rafi Fridays with Rafael Barba
  6. Lets Dance with Master of Ceremonies and Riff Raff 
  7. Alfredo from Pushing Daisies, Johnny from Tick, Tick Boom, and Iachamo from Cymbeline

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The sweetest moments we can ever have in this life on earth are the ones that trade sorrow for joy, lift up shame for redemption, and let go worry for peace in surrender to the Lord Jesus.

He will return to complete His glory. Have you welcomed His gift of grace to you?

Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. (Revelation 3:20 NASB)

No matter how late it seems, while there is the now, trusting the Lord Jesus is your sweet hope :) His unfailing love will never leave you where you were found.

What’s the matter?

The matters of the heart :)

No matter how presentable and well you look or how your life seems to others (and yourself), if you’re harboring bitterness, insecurity, and deceit, you’re a prisoner locked up by your own evil. The heart is desperately wicked so give it to One who can bring it to life. Trust the Lord Jesus, let go of your choice of prison and let God guide you with your heart.

“Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. (Ezekiel 36:26 NASB)