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‘My Hijab Has Nothing To Do With Oppression. It’s A Feminist Statement’

Not all Muslim women cover their bodies. Not all Muslim women who do are forced to do so. Like freelance writer Hanna Yusuf, who chooses to wear a hijab in a daily act of feminism. In a new video for The Guardian, Yusuf challenges stereotypes by setting out to reclaim the choice to wear a hijab as “a feminist statement.”

For more on on how the hijab helps women reclaim their bodies watch the full video here.

Signs that someone has no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to religion:

  • Refers to “Catholics” and “Christians” as if the former isn’t part of the latter
  • Thinks the Council of Nicaea decided what books are in the Bible
  • Says anything about “bronze age fairy tales”
  • Thinks that there are “tens of thousands” of denominations of Christianity
  • Refers unspecifically to all Orthodox Jews as “Hasidic Jews”
  • Thinks Jews use “loopholes” in the Torah to “trick” God
  • Thinks that Salafism/Wahhabism is an “ancient” or “undiluted” form of Islam that’s “stuck in the seventh century”
  • Says Buddhism is “just a philosophy”
  • Thinks that they can practice Buddhism while unthinkingly discarding the religion’s entire metaphysical/cosmological system
  • Thinks that Hindus “worship cows”
  • Thinks that all religions teach that unbelievers will be damned/punished/sent to hell

My episode “Faith & Sexuality” discussing being an unapologetic Black queer religious Muslimah with Miles McKenna of Hella Gay is now officially up on Fullscreen! Go check it out.

Ramadan Goals

1) 5 fard prayers, every day, no excuses.
2) No social media (other than Tumblr)
3) Hijabbbbbbb✨✨
4) Donate my immodest clothes
5) Keep water bottles and granola bars in my car at all times to give to the homeless.
6) Keep a dua notebook
7) Attend taraweeh as often as possible
8) Get through the Qu'ran again
9) Spread kindness
10) Smile

Why do anti sjw ex muslims exist?

I think the answer is simply because “sjw’s” and “tumblr feminism” have failed ex muslims. When you have this ‘protect all muslims at all costs not matter what’ mentality where you can’t acknowledge the fact that muslims can infact oppress, abuse, disown and kill people for leaving islam, and just continue to ignore this and be ignorant and worry more about appearing like you are a worldly and caring person who cares about women and the world, but you refuse to acknowledge the struggles of people who actually are oppressed and who’s lives are ruined because of religion, you have failed them.

That’s why people become angry and bitter, because you’re implying they don’t matter and the people and religion that are hurting them and ruining their lives and causing them to live in fear and secrecy are worth more and need to be protected and aren’t doing anything wrong and you’re failing to protect people that really need to be protected too. 

This isn’t the oppression Olympics. Yes muslims suffer from a lot of prejudice. But you know what? Ex muslims get treated the exact same way, some of us still dress like muslims, we still have to pretend to be muslims in order to be safe and ontop of that deal with the shitshorm that comes with being an ex muslim, living a life where you can’t be yourself, worrying about your family finding out, disowning you and all the abuse and how badly muslims treat you. I don’t know why muslims think it’s some kind of oppression competition. It’s not hard to open your eyes and admit the way you treat ex muslims is disgusting and treat us like human beings.