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One day you are going to find someone who loves you more than you love life itself. And this person will make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. 

One day, you will see all the cities you fell in love with through photographs and meet people who resemble the characters in your favorite novels. 

One day, your dreams will come true.

I am the one before the one.

It’s a role I’ve learned to accept.

I am the one who will overload your senses, I am far too much of everything, but you will try to encompass all that I am. I will be the one who teaches you exactly what you want from “the one.” With me you will see things as though the lights were turned too high on the dimmer so that you could only see me and the music too loud that you couldn’t quite hear anybody else. With the next girl you end up with she will shine just brightly enough that you will be able to see everything you couldn’t see with me and the volume of her music will not leave you deaf when the song ends.
I will help you grow by pushing you to the extent of your limit, I will call you out when you’re wrong, I will ask you to do a little better than last time, and I will love you with a love you didn’t even know could exist.
It will feel as though one hand I’ve given you to hold holds all the love in the world and the other holds the words my tongue lashes out with no filter. But with those hands you will learn both the love you deserve and how to finally not hold back how you truly feel. These hands will teach you to speak freely without fear of condemnation and condescending judgements. They will teach you to love and touch everything that you find beautiful as you pull your hands through her hair or frolic through a patch of flowers and pull the petals to your face to smell their fragrance.
You see after me, you’ll learn not only how to love yourself, but love her. She will tell you that she’s never experienced a love quite like yours and you’ll never tell the secret that you learned it from me.

You see, I am the one before the one.

But like that scar you got from scraping your knee on the climb up your favorite mountain, you won’t forget me.
When pieces of her emanate me, I will be present in the breath you hold in just a second too long at the memory of me, the sharp feeling on your tongue as you bite down as my name starts to slip through your mouth, the butterflies in your stomach as you remember the way my eyes lit up at your presence. Her smooth edges that represent who she is will often remind you of my jagged edges, the ones that cut you but you still loved to climb. And for all those moments you’re reminded of me, you’ll touch your knee and realize you hadn’t climbed your favorite mountain to your favorite view in a while. You’ll wonder if instead of the common smooth edged rock you’d found on the ground, the one you could buy for five dollars at your local farmers market, you could’ve had a fine cut diamond with jagged edges.
And as you look into her eyes and see your reflection you’ll wonder if the pressure of my love could’ve made you a diamond as well.

—  I am the one before the one

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Oh God, give me a heart and a mind that knows You are in control. You have the future resting in Your hands. You are the author of time. You are the breather and creator of life. Fear has no place in Your truth. Help me to remember this when I can’t sleep because the future is daunting. Help me to remember this when my lungs are strapped down by the anchor of this world, and I can’t seem to see two feet ahead of me. You are in control.
—  a.k.
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1. Growing up doesn’t happen all at once. Being persistent in trying is half the battle won.

2. Loneliness can feel a lot like love in the middle of the night. Any text intended to be sent past 2AM can wait until the next day. If your feelings were true, they would still be valid in the morning.

3. Treat people kindly no matter what you’re going through. You will want to be remembered for being that person.

4. You don’t have to change who you are in order to fit in, but it is important to accommodate other’s differences and comfort in your presence. What you think is a small gesture may mean the world to another person.

5. Love on your family, near and far. You never know which hug may be the last.

6. Friends and family may be your support system, but only you can pick up your broken pieces. Accept that you are all that you have.

7. People change. Most times without prior notice, often with no explanation. Wish them well on their way, and move on with your life.

8. Holding onto the things not meant for you will only kill you. Letting them go will set you free.

9. Starting from the bottom does not mean that you’re losing out. It means that your journey forward can only be an uphill one.

10. Thy will be done. Some days you are going to question God’s ways, but you know that His will is ultimately what’s best.

11. It is more important to live your life looking forward than it ever is looking back.

12. You will never forget the people who were kind to you, especially when they didn’t have a reason to be. You will carry a piece of them with you wherever you go.

13. Appreciate everything that you have, even the little things. You don’t get to keep it all forever.

14. When God closes a door, He opens a window. Keep your eyes open to see the silver linings.

15. Not everybody will understand you. But those that do, never forsake them. Never leave them.

16. Sometimes you’ll need to lose yourself in order to be found, then reformed, to be much better than you ever were.

17. Block out the noise that surround you, and focus on yourself. You will move mountains, you will fight. It is you that will bring you places.

18. Peace and contentment comes from living your life from the inside out rather than the outside in. Human recognition may come as one part of the journey, but it should never be the goal.

19. Go out for that 8AM breakfast with your parents. It might be the time you got the most laughs out of the week.

20. Trust your instincts. There’s a reason why it screams louder than the voice in your head.

21. With heartbreaks, come new beginnings.

—  Lessons Learnt In 2016, @rosycheeks-crimsonsmiles

- listening to sad songs
- reading old letters
- reading old chats
- stalking their social media
- writing about them
- meeting mutual friends to talk about them
- telling the new people you meet about them. That’s like extending their life in your story.
- thinking up scenarios of crossing paths with them years later

How does it get better?

1. Force yourself to get up, even if that means rolling off the bed and onto the floor (yes, I’ve done it). Trust me, some of the best days are the ones that feel impossible in the morning.

2. Put on your favourite outfit. Wear something you feel confident in, something that makes you feel good.

3. Put on some make-up. Cover up those dark circles you hate because they are constant reminders. Do what you gotta do to feel pretty, even if you don’t believe you are yet (you will one day).

4. Practice smiling in the mirror. Practice your “I’m fines” until you surprise yourself with its authenticity. One day you’ll find yourself smiling and you’ll realize that you’re not pretending anymore.

The key to it getting better is faking it til it is. You can’t find your place in the world when you lock yourself away from it. So go out there and show them what you have to offer. Watch new horizons expand before you and new opportunities arise. The life you want isn’t just going to fall into your lap so go out there and fight for it. You’ve got all the strength, courage and faith that you need inside of you…now you just need to find it.

it has been three years and i am still picking gravel from the skin of my knees where i knelt too long by altars that only ever burned down. i am godforsaken and forsaking god, a church of disappearing deities. heaven is receding and i am retreating and i am sick of pretending things have changed. i didn’t want to be this burning person, this bloody body with a bible between my teeth but here we are anyway. god’s gone and i’m leaving. what is the use of abandoning something that is already vacant? what is the use of being there at all?
—  GOD, FORSAKEN || s.o.