faith in war

Yeah, very peaceful years indeed.


Let us not forget, Anakin, that you rescued me from the buzz droids. And you killed Count Dooku, and you rescued the chancellor… carrying me unconscious on your back.

ad a s t r a per a s p e r a // from hardships to the stars


When they come for you, I will shield your name
I will field their questions, I will feel your pain
No one can judge
They don’t, they don’t know
They don’t know

Father, this prayer is for everyone that feels they’re not good enough
This prayer’s for everybody that feels like they’re too messed up
For everyone that feels they’ve said “I’m sorry” too many times
You can never go too far when you can’t come back home again
That’s why I need…
Faith, more, safe, war

For the anon who wanted to see Duchess Satine of Mandalore with long hair.

(I actually really love Satine’s shoulder length hair as contrast to our other space royals like Padme and Leia with their very long hair and because it helps keep me from making her look too Galadriel when I draw her, but there’s no reason to think she didn’t have longer hair at some point)

I have never been more confused and frankly disgusted by a human being more than I have just been. I saw a comment on YouTube where someone thought it would be a terrific idea if Kylo ren got his hair cut in the next film. A human being looked at the perfection which is Kylo’s hair and thought “yeah, that should be cut, that would improve things”. I’m going to need some time to process things but perhaps it’s best just to accept that every YouTube comment is more ludicrous than the last.